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"Senior Sister, do you think master can hold out until we’re back?" In that dense patch of forest, a junior sister asked worriedly.

"Yes, for sure." The big senior sister nodded her head. But the look of hesitation in her eyes betrayed her thoughts. She was unable to guarantee that their sect could hold out till then as well…

They had come from a happy and peaceful sect which rarely sought out any troubles or duels with any other sects. But one fine day, they were targeted by a strong and powerful sect bent on destroying theirs.

She could not understand why. Jiuxiao Sect was the strongest sect on the western side of the continent! Why were they bent on destroying a tiny sect like that? What sort of benefits would they get from doing so?

And the reason for their escape right now was to seek help from other sects to save them from this predicament. But just as they were running, a long sword shimmered in the light from the skies. It shot down right in front of them, blocking their path forward.

"Dregs of the Moon Palace Sect, we’ll see where you can run!" Multiple figures descended from the skies.

"Those people from Jiuxiao Sect are here!" The faces of the disciples of the Moon Palace Sect changed.

"Big Senior Sister, what should we do?" A female disciple asked, her face pale as a sheet. These disciples of Jiuxiao Sect were vicious and cruel. They had already lost multiple fellow sister disciples at their hands.

But what they did not expect was for these people to catch up with them this quickly. After all, they had already washed off the powder that was tossed at them. How could these guys be this fast?

Were they truly so bent on destroying Moon Palace Sect?

The strongest member of the Moon Palace Sect was only a greater celestial upper level, and she was quite a distance from attaining the peak level. If not for the fact that the Moon Palace Sect had a big group of defenders gathered to hold against the invasion, they would have perished instantly the moment these guys struck.

But, if this small group did not manage to find help in time, the destruction of the Moon Palace Sect was also just a matter of time.

 Take the chance to slaughter all of them!" Mu Han’s face was resolute.

Even though it would probably be tough for them to break out of this ambush, this was their only chance. If they just gave up right here and now, then they would have no hope left.

The disciples of the Moon Palace Sect grasped their weapons tightly in their hands. Secluded from the rest of the world, they rarely had the chance to fight against other people. Now that they were up against a bunch of vicious and cruel enemies, they were filled with nothing but fear.

"HAHA! The rumors had it that disciples of the Moon Palace Sect were as pretty as angels in the skies. Indeed, you guys live up to the legends. Seventeen pericelestials and one lesser celestial middle level? Not bad, not bad. But, it’s a pity it won’t last." A middle-aged man from the Jiuxiao Sect walked out.

The man had an eagle-like hooked nose with pimples all over his face. Those thin slit eyes revealed an evil gaze.

Back in Jiuxiao Sect, he had been imprisoned in the jail for committing a wrongdoing. However, the Grandmaster of Jiuxiao Sect had let him out eventually. But to someone like Li Tianxing, that second chance was something not to be wasted.

Li Tianxing was of a lesser celestial upper-level cultivation base. Back in Jiuxiao Sect, this was pretty impressive. Even the inner sect disciples could not hold up against him. And that wrongdoing he had committed that fateful day?

Drugging a fellow junior sister and raping her.

Now that he was finally released, he could no longer hold back the thirst within his soul. Since these girls were here ripe for the taking, why waste the chance?

"Junior Brothers, your Senior Brother here will give you guys a good show today." Li Tianxing snorted smugly with an impure look on that malevolent face.

Li Tianxing struck. Waving his robes, the skies were filled with a strange green mist. This same mist covered the Moon Palace Sect disciples like a cage.

"Don’t breathe in! The mist must be poisonous!" Mu Han’s face was petrified. The moment the mist started descending, she could sense something wrong with it. The Moon Palace Sect disciples started channeling their True Energy into a protective bubble, protecting them against this corrosive mist.

"HAHA! Give up! These are not something your True Energy barriers can block out!" Li Tianxing laughed grimly. The pet.i.te figures of these female disciples were turning him on.

The fragrant scent being emitted from them in the air was especially t.i.tillating for him.

The other Jiuxiao Sect disciples who had followed along were frowning slightly. What a despicable move Li Tianxing was employing! But even then, none of them would dare to stand up against him.

He was infamous back in the sect for his merciless killings.

"Senior Sister, we…we can’t hold it off anymore…!" One of the disciples cried out in shock. Suddenly, her True Energy barrier shattered. Taking a breath, the green mist entered her body smoothly through her nose.

Instantly, she lost all her strength and sat on the floor, motionless and paralyzed.

Mu Han’s face was horrified as well. Her barrier was slowly getting thinner against this invasive mist as well. And finally, it disintegrated entirely.

"Haha! How’s that? Does my Bone Softening Mixture feel good?" Li Tianxing roared out in laughter. Even though he was a lesser celestial upper-level master, he was still very meticulous in making use of poisons, especially those which could get a woman in his arms immediately.

"You…despicable…!" Mu Han glared at Li Tianxing with hatred. She had not expected a lesser celestial upper level being to resort to such shameless moves.

"Despicable? No, no, no, darling, I just don’t want to even harm a single bit of your perfect bodies. Alright, fellow junior brothers, this one’s mine. You guys can go have your pick amongst the other girls! Take your time ravishing them, abusing them any way you like! HAHA!" A creepy smile formed on Li Tianxing’s pimply face as he viewed these girls with those penetrative eyes.

"Oh, don’t struggle now. I can a.s.sure you that you won’t even have the strength to commit suicide right now. But of course, I’ll send you on your way after I’m done playing with you…" Li Tianxing wiped his mouth as though he couldn’t wait to bite into this delicious dish.

"Senior Brother Li, how about we just kill them straight? I don’t think we should engage in such vulgar acts…" One of the disciples of Jiuxiao Sect commented somewhat awkwardly.

His gleeful face turned frosty as Li Tianxing turned around to glare at that disciple. His gaze was so frightening the other party shuddered.

"Senior Brother…"

"Junior Brother, did you just say that your Senior Brother’s going to commit a vulgar act?" Li Tianxing walked in front of the junior brother. That frosty look was now heating up rapidly as he breathed down the other party’s neck.

"Senior Brother, Jiuxiao Sect is a famous sect after all. It’s a strategic move to destroy other sects, but there’s no need to humiliate their disciples as such, is there? How different would we be from demons then? I don’t agree with this." Taking in a deep breath, the disciple replied.


"Senior brother, you…" The junior brother did not expect Li Tianxing to strike so suddenly. Staring at the dagger dug deep into his chest in disbelief, he breathed his last.

"Hmph… Know your place." Li Tianxing snorted contemptuously and kept the dagger which was laced with poison.

"Do you guys think that your senior brother is a vulgar man?" Li Tianxing swept the crowd with a threatening gaze. He didn’t mind sending whoever dared to nod their heads on their way as well.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples looked at Li Tianxing in fear. Actually, their thoughts were in line with that junior brother there. They shouldn’t trample on these opposing disciple as such. After all, such acts were not befitting of a man.

But under Li Tianxing’s coercing tone, none of them dared to voice out.

"Aiyah, fellow junior brothers. Since senior brother wants us to do this, we can’t let him down now, can we?" One of the junior disciples stood out and said. Li Tianxing was a man who killed without batting an eyelid.

Now was definitely not the time to be opposing him. Perhaps, they could tell on him once they meet with their Elder later on.

They wondered why the Grandmaster would let such a man out of jail.


Even though the other disciples of Jiuxiao Sect was indignant, this seemed to be the only way out. Looking at these helpless female disciples, they could only sigh helplessly.

"Pretty girl, come and service me well then." Li Tianxing laughed and walked forward.

"Don’t…come…near…!" Mu Han’s face was pale as a sheet. But she was paralyzed from head to toe. She couldn’t even move a muscle, let alone fight against this beast.

"How dare you guys disgrace the name of Jiuxiao Sect?" An angry roar echoed from the void.

Li Tianxiang jumped in shock, wondering who it was.

Hope sparkled in the desolate eyes of the Moon Palace Sect disciples as they looked around for the source of the voice.

Who was it…just who was it…?

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