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In the midst of a dense forest existed a limpid pond with white mist being emitted gently from it. This was a naturally created pond, and quite an impressive sight to behold.

A group of figures descended from the skies, all of them females.

However, their bodies were filled with bloodstains from head to toe. From the looks on their faces, they seemed to be in a hurry.

"Senior sister, what should we do now?" A dainty little girl asked while checking her surroundings warily.

"There’s a natural waterhole right here. All of you head into wash away the bloodstains first. There’s definitely something wrong with the powder those guys from Jiuxiao Sect tossed at us." The Senior sister who was leading them looked extraordinarily confident and exquisite.


Lin Fan and Chicky had made up since then. Back when Chicky heard of Lin Fan’s suggestion to fuse the Eternal Donger with him, he was scared out of his wits. For Chicky, the original was the best. Who would want to merge with that black and slick Eternal Donger?

So, Lin Fan decided not to pressurize him any further as well. Looking at the Eternal Donger in his bag, he let out a sigh. Even Chicky would look down on it, let alone him.

Right now, Lin Fan was headed in the direction of Jiuxiao Sect. Even though he had quite a few locations left to explore for the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’, the important task at hand was to check on the situation of Jiuxiao Sect.

According to Lin Fan’s thoughts, with two sets of his bones destroyed, the only G.o.dly consciousness of that Seven Saint left was in the black dog in his storage. He must not have been to the other locations just yet.

At first, Lin Fan was filled with curiosity and interest towards the ‘Seven Saint Treasure Map’. But right now, all he wanted to do was loot everything clean before grooming this Seven Saint black dog.

Lin Fan was a man who bore grudges. To think that this Seven Saint would try to do him in. If Yours Truly didn’t teach him a good lesson, he’d think that Yours Truly was a pushover.

As for Yao Wuxie, Lin Fan could only feel apologetic towards that guy. Based on the timeline, he should have been chased out of the Dead Demon City by now. But oh well, some training outside would only do Yao Wuxie more good than harm anyways.

And, he had spared no expenses on coming up with this elaborate ploy. Based on his novel reading experiences, Lin Fan had thought up of this ploy just for Yao Wuxie. Even though it would be full of loopholes to the well-trained mind, someone like Yao Wuxie who had a screw loose would definitely not be able to see anything wrong.

Plop. Plop.

Lin Fan heard the sounds of water splashing. Furthermore, he heard the voices of women.


Putting these two things together, Lin Fan realized what was happening and crept forward.

"Chicky, let me show you something good!" Good stuff was meant to be shared. In a situation like this, how could Lin Fan leave Chicky behind?

‘Cuckoo!’ Chicky was about to cry out loudly, but his beak was closed shut by Lin Fan so tightly that he almost choked.

"Cry your mother! If you cry out, we’ll have nothing to see!"’ Lin Fan knocked Chicky on the head.

Chicky’s eyes glimmered as he shirked back his chicken head and nodded.

And just like that, the man and chicken duo crept slowly before lying p.r.o.ne on a big rock beside the lake.

Lin Fan had always viewed himself as a gentleman. But even a gentleman sought out thrills from time to time.

Thrills such as running away after putting up a fabulous show.

And of course, thrills such as engaging in voyeurism… erm no, watching an exciting broadway show.

He did not have this chance before in the past, but Lin Fan could guarantee right now that these were angels dancing in the waters.

Now, Lin Fan was certain that those ladies taking a bath right now were definitely not plump and humungous like elephants. Even though it was his first time at such antics, he could still differentiate the different types of fragrances.

Even though there was a weird scent mixed in, the aroma was still deliciously sweet.

This chicken and man duo laid down p.r.o.ne on the rock, gradually shifting their eyes dodgily.

"Chicky, you’re still young. You’ve got to hold it in." Lin Fan used his hands to cover Chicky’s eyes, who immediately waved his wings frantically in protest.

Those women in the pond were splendid indeed. Lin Fan was right, women who could hold a stand of their own in the Xuanhuang world must definitely be good looking.

Their figures were full and slender at the exact places they should be. Charisma of a queen, docile as a shy girl, pure as a maiden, and devilish like a succubus. All different types of girls one could wish for were present. Those slender and silky smooth arms caused one’s thoughts to go astray. Even though their bodies were hidden beneath the water surface, Lin Fan could not contain his bedazzled gazes.

Their cultivation bases were pretty decent too.

Across the board, all of them were pericelestials, except for one who was even at lesser celestial middle level.

If it were anybody else, they would have long been discovered.

But who was Lin Fan? He was the man who could walk without a single sound and possessed all sorts of sneaky maneuvers.

With both his eyes covered by Lin Fan, Chicky could not see a single thing. In a fit of anger, he leaped out with both claws and jumped to one side.

"Chicky…" Lin Fan was stunned. This chicken had better not expose their position! What happened next had Lin Fan’s jaws dropping down. To think that Chicky would just boldly and righteously walk up front!

"Who…!" Indeed, the moment Chicky hopped out, all the girls in the pond entered a state of alert.

‘Cuckcuckoo!’ Without any fear nor hesitation, Chicky walked down onto the slightly wet floor beside the pond. Pecking up and down, his small little head bobbed while his wings spread slightly. From within the mud, he pecked out a long worm and swallowed it whole.

Those maidens in the pond heaved a sigh of relief, "Oh, it’s just a wild animal, nothing much. Let’s just hurry and bathe."

"Holy s.h.i.t. That worked?" Lin Fan was dumbfounded. How could Chicky be this smart?

Even though Chicky was pecking on the ground, those small little claws inched forward step by step as well. As for those sharp little eyes? Naturally, they gazed fixedly at that beautiful sight in the waters.

Lin Fan was filled with hatred by now. How could Chicky be so sly to come up with something like this!

And something even more shocking happened. Chicky dived right into the pond. Like a duck, he spread his wings and frolicked on the water surface. Suddenly, he dove beneath the waters and after a long time, he finally came up with a fish in his beak.

Even though this was something really normal to the beautiful girls, it was an absolute act of espionage to Lin Fan! Chicky was just going way too far with this!

What a beast…!

What a b*stard…!

Lin Fan turmoiled within his heart. How could his innocent Chicky turn this way?

And finally, Chicky emerged from the pond and just stood there looking at them in a daze.

"Isn’t this chicken a little too teasing…?" One of the beautiful girls asked suspiciously.

"Alright, let’s head off. We can’t stay here for too long." The stern senior sister remarked.

Leaping into the skies, all the girls were in their fullest birthday suit glory. But it wasn’t for long as they quickly retrieved their clothing from their storage rings and put them on.

But the damage had been done.

Chicky collapsed onto the ground with his eyes wide open and two streams of blood spraying out from his tiny nostrils.

Lin Fan was equally stunned. That was a frightening scene indeed. It was so…beautiful yet vulgar. Without a single warning, they were exposed fully as such. How scary!

The moment the group left, Lin Fan hurried forward.

"Chicky, chicky…!’ With both legs strut straight in the skies, Chicky shook his small little head and sobered up. His chest pounded up and down. That scene had evidently caused a large amount of damage to Chicky’s fragile mental self.

Looking at that intoxicated face of Chicky, Lin Fan was filled with contempt as well. This was a chicken with no backbone!

"Alright alright, time to move. Now that you’ve had your fun it’s time for us to leave!" Lin Fan hooked up Chicky and placed him on his back before making his way forward.

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