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"Da Ha, Er Ha, San Ha…this…!" Yao Wuxie was totally flabbergasted. Just what in the world was happening right now? Everything that was unfolding before his eyes were totally unbelievable!

A figure broke through the door.

Yao Shengtian’s face was filled with murderous intent. The longsword in his hand shimmered brightly under the moonlight.

"Big brother, what are you doing?" Yao Wuxie asked in astonishment.

"Hmph, you useless piece of trash! So what if you’ve gotten the recognition of the powerful man! Now that father and Old Master are out of the family and won’t be back for a few more years to come, this is really convenient now. I can easily come up with an excuse to cover up for your death and hide it over. Remember now, the Yao Family has no room for a piece of trash like you to be impertinent!’ Yao Shengtian snorted coldly.

Yao Wuxie finally understood what was happening. His brothers were here to take his life. Even though his eldest brother was the only one appearing right now, Yao Wuxie was sure that the others were hidden in ambush somewhere.

"Big brother, we’re blood brothers…!" Yao Wuxie cried out.

"Hmph, kill him." Yao Shengtian waved his hands. Multiple auras of martial artists shot out from the shadows of the surroundings.

"Er Ha! San Ha! Protect and escort the young master out! I’ll hold them off here! Go now!" Da Ha roared and dashed forward with his longsword, defending against the aggressors.

"Da Ha…!" Looking at Da Ha’s fearless act of valor, Yao Wuxie could not help but feel extremely anxious.

"Young master, we’ve got to go!" Er Ha and San Ha exchanged glances before holding on to Yao Wuxie’s arm on each side. With a single leap, they brought him over the surrounding walls and continued running out.

"This must be a misunderstanding! You guys gotta let me clarify things!" Yao Wuxie exclaimed with his face pale as a sheet.

"What’s there to clarify, young master? How wrong could this be? The eldest young master is definitely out for your life!" Er Ha and San Ha replied hurriedly.


Just then, a tragic cry rang out from the Yao Family residences.

"Da Ha…!" Yao Wuxie’s blood ran cold. He knew that voice. It was Da Ha’s voice!

Yao Wuxie had grown up with the three of them since birth. Even though they were his underlings, he still had deep emotional attachments with all of them.

"Young master, we’ve got to hurry! We can’t let Da Ha sacrifice himself for nothing!" Er Ha shouted.

Yao Family…

Da Ha stood there pretending to scream at the top of his lungs. The scream was so tragic that anyone who heard it would definitely be heartbroken as well.

Da Ha was filled with antic.i.p.ation for his young master, who had disappeared a while ago.

Hopefully, this would help his young master pull himself together as a man.

When the Family Head and the Old Master called for them to take part in this plan, they agreed without a single bit of hesitation. If it were for their young master’s good, then why not?

Even though it might not be fair to trick the young master like this, they were sure that he would understand their efforts in the days to come.

Two pairs of eyes observed the events unfolding within the shadows. They had laid the trap as the powerful man had wished for. Things were going exactly as planned.

On the streets of Dead Demon City…

Night had fallen, and the streets were mostly cleared of residents.

"Young master, lets exit through the Northern gate! Once we get out of there and enter the forest, we can lose their trail and escape from there on!" Er Ha and San Ha have been pulling Yao Wuxie along the way.

Yao Wuxie was still in a state of shock, and his brain had not registered the actual situation right now. Why had things come to this?

Tap tap tap.

The sound of footsteps!

A group of martial artists from the Yao Family were deep in pursuit right behind them!

"KILL YAO WUXIE!" A series of shouts echoed from behind.

Yao Wuxie could clearly make out this voice as well. This was his third Brother’s voice! He was right. All five of them were out for his life!

"Young master, this is perfect! The Northern gate’s not locked, and there’s no one guarding right now! Now’s the time!" Er Ha and San Ha exclaimed in chorus.

Nodding his head nervously, Yao Wuxie dashed towards the direction of the gate.

The moment he pa.s.sed the gate, he turned around to find out that Er Ha and San Ha were not with him.

"Hurry up…!" Yao Wuxie called out nervously.

"Young master, please escape! We’ll hold them off here!" Er Ha and San Ha’s acting were unparalleled in this instance. Within those resolute and firm eyes was mixed even a look of unwillingness.

"Hold you’re a*s! Hurry up!" Yao Wuxie roared. He had already lost Da Ha, he must definitely not let Er Ha and San Ha follow down the same path!

"No, young master! If you don’t leave now, none of us will be able to make it out alive! The three of us have spent our lives growing up with you, and that’s more than enough for us. Even though you idle around lazily every day, you’ve never been someone who committed evil deeds. Therefore, we’ve only been filled with nothing but respect for you! Young master, you’ve got to grow stronger and stand up on your own!" Er Ha and San Ha were using their utmost effort to push the doors to close from within the city right now. Even for pericelestial beings, closing that gate should have been an effortless act. But for the sake of the drama, both of them pushed really slowly and painstakingly.


An arrow shot from the skies, piercing through Er Ha’s shoulders.

"Er Ha…!" Looking at the scene before him, Yao Wuxie’s eyes reddened with tears.

"Young master…leave…!" Er Ha and San Ha continued shouting.

"Kill them all…!" The group from behind had finally caught up. Under the third Brother’s command, swords shimmered and glowed while cutting down from all directions.

Yao Wuxie could only stand petrified while he was looking at the final moments of Er Ha and San Ha, those looks of struggle within their hearts.

Blood sprayed out from the backs of Er Ha and San Ha.

"Young…master…! L-leave…!"


And finally, the gates slammed shut. Yao Wuxie could only hear the sorrowful cries coming out from the other end of the gate.

The last thing Yao Wuxie witnessed was Er Ha and San Ha blocking the final gaps of the gate with their bodies to slam the gates shut.

"Young master…take…revenge for us…!" A cry permeated the skies from the other end of the gates.

Still shuddering from the shock, Yao Wuxie’s eyes brimmed with tears. Wiping them, he eventually turned tail and ran towards the forest in the distance.

It was all his fault for being so weak. He had failed to protect even his closest friends.

All you b*stards! Yao Wuxie swore that he would return one day to mince them into dead meat.

‘Da Ha, Er Ha, San Ha. Please rest in peace. I swear that I’ll grow so strong to seek vengeance for you guys.’

‘Yao Shengtian! I’ll discard my humanity if I fail to kill you…!’

Within the city…

Er Ha and San Ha were sweating profusely from their back injuries.

Old Master Yao and Yao Tian appeared from the voids and hurriedly took out some precious medicine to apply on these two.

"Good. All three of you have done well. From now on, your families are no longer servants. For generations to come, your families shall be deemed as an allied family clan to the Yao Family." Yao Tian commended.

"Thank you, Family Head." The three of them nodded their heads, but they were not overly concerned with the reward. They could only look at the gate, hoping for their young master to return soon with some true growth.

Old Master Yao let out a sigh. Even though this was unfair to that child, this was probably the only way to ensure his bright future.

Yao Shengtian stood there with an emotionless look. He did not care a single bit about Yao Wuxie’s future. The only reason why he took part in this plan was because of that promise from his father and Old Master.

The seat of the Family Head would belong to him.

To Yao Tian and the Old Master, even though the seat of the Family Head might seem important to everyone else, they knew otherwise. If Yao Wuxie could really grow to the extent the powerful man had predicted, then his presence would naturally weigh over that of the Family Head for sure.

"Send men after him. Remember to only exert pressure. No one shall dare to take his life." Old Master Yao ordered.


Even though this plan was filled with loopholes, for someone like Yao Wuxie who had a screw loose, it was all completely realistic and believable. The only reason he could escape was the sacrifice of his three friends’ lives…

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