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Grabbing a drumstick in his right hand and about to chomp right onto it, Lin Fan was astonished to hear this voice. Turning around, his heart took a leap.

"Brother Wuxie! To think that you’d be here too!" Lin Fan laughed happily. He had not expected the Yao Family to bring Yao Wuxie along with them.

Lin Fan did not tell the Yao Family about his relationship with Yao Wuxie, because, in his opinion, Yao Wuxie’s rise within the Yao Family was only a matter of time.

Even though the path upwards might be arduous, but which top figures in history had a smooth sailing path to the top? Even for someone such as himself who possessed a heaven-defying system, he too had to experience tons of near-death trials and tribulations.

"Aiyoh, so the powerful man that father and grandpa were talking about is Brother Lin! d.a.m.n it! They should have said so earlier. Then I would have brought along some good stuff from my stash to share here with you!" Yao Wuxie heaved a sigh of relief and patted his chest.

He was almost p.i.s.sing from his pants after the lecture by his father earlier on. If his father decided to cut down on his allowance for having fun outside, then life would have been really miserable for him.

"What are you still rambling on about, Brother Wuxie! Come on over and have a few drinks with me!" Lin Fan beckoned to him. Since things had come to this, Lin Fan did not mind declaring his relationship with Yao Wuxie anyways.

This way, Yao Wuxie could probably enjoy a better status within the family from now on as well.

"Heh heh, I’m feeling pretty hungry as well." Yao Wuxie laughed heartily. For a man like him with a screw loose, he still had not figured out the exact situation right now.

If it were anybody else, they wouldn’t be able to stay so calm right now.

Yao Tian and Grandpa Yao were flabbergasted. Just what was happening right now? How did that child, Wuxie, get acquainted with this powerful man?

Furthermore, by the sounds of their conversation, brother here and brother there, they seemed to be really close!

Yao Tengfei was scared s.h.i.tless as he hid behind everyone else, pale as a sheet. He had not seen the features of this man from the start. Hence, he did not know who it was.

But the moment Lin Fan sat down, Yao Tengfei’s jaws fell apart.

Wasn’t this guy…the guy they had b.u.mped into the other day?!?

After the trashing that day, Yao Tengfei had intended to seek vengeance against this guy. But due to the weird occurrences of the Dead Demon Sea, he forgot all about it.

And the moment he saw the true appearance of this all-powerful man, Yao Tengfei shuddered.

"Old Master, what’s…happening?" Yao Tian’s heart was thumping furiously. This whole series of events had been so confusing that he didn’t even have any mental capacity to process everything anymore.

Old Master Yao did not reply. Right now, a thought was floating within his mind.

Could this man be…?

Lin Fan and Yao Wuxie were in the midst of a hearty conversation over wine. For Lin Fan, it was not easy to find someone who was this interesting.

Even though Yao Wuxie’s cultivation base was nothing much, he possessed a Special Body Type. In fact, he might be the only person in the entire Xuanhuang World who possessed this body type. That alone was pretty spectacular.

Even though Yao Wuxie was like a carp right now, Lin Fan was confident that he would leap over the Dragon’s Gate from waterfall to be a dragon one day.

It was just that Lin Fan had yet to discover the way to activate this Special Body Type. Hence, Yao Wuxie could only depend on himself for now.

The eldest young master of the Yao Family, Yao Shengtian, looked at the whole thing inexplicably. How could this trash be so familiar with the powerful man?

Was he going to lose the rights as the Yao Family’s next head right here?

Yao Shengtian’s eyes glinted. A smile curled on his face as he walked forth.

"Hi there, powerful sir. I am sixth Brother’s elder brother. To think that you would know my younger brother, this is fate indeed. If you don’t mind, may I…" Yao Shengtian needed a way to curry favor with this man. No matter what, he mustn’t let this piece of trash take the advantage.

Otherwise, the Yao Family would belong to that trash!

But before Yao Shengtian could even finish, he was cut off mercilessly.

"I mind. You can just remain standing there." Lin Fan looked at Yao Shengtian with an una.s.suming smile as well.

Lin Fan could not be bothered with the Yao Family.

What Lin Fan liked about Yao Wuxie were his personality and character. But this did not mean that he would then accept just about anyone else from the Yao Family as friends.

Towards Lin Fan’s unhesitating rejection, Yao Shengtian stood there awkwardly while burning in shame, momentarily at a loss for actions.

"Get the h.e.l.l back! Your sixth Brother is having a chat with the powerful sir. What does it have to do with you?" Yao Tian lectured fiercely.

How could he not know what Yao Shengtian was up to? When he saw his eldest son move out to salvage the situation, he was actually rooting secretly in his heart for him to succeed. But he did not expect things to turn out this way.

Seemed like it wasn’t that easy to get close to this powerful man after all.

Eventually, Yao Shengtian lowered his head with a look of indignation. His face was burning red hot right now, as though this invisible slap by Lin Fan seared through his skin.

Looking at Yao Shengtian’s shriveled look, Yao Wuxie was pretty pleased as well. Finally, after being walloped by Yao Shengtian every so often, it was finally his turn to face some humiliation.

Just then, Yao Wuxie patted Lin Fan in a shy and uncomfortable manner.

"Erm, Brother Lin, you know, erm, your ma.s.sage just now? You know, those shoulder rubs and ma.s.sages…"

Looking at Yao Wuxie’s face, Lin Fan chuckled gently, "And your intentions?"

"Erm, aiyah, Brother Lin, well, I’ve never experienced it before." Yao Wuxie was like a docile and shy girl right now, embarra.s.sed at what he was saying.

"Hahaha!" Lin Fan laughed out. He then looked at some female disciples from Xianling Sect and beckoned over to them, "Come over. Serve some wine and ma.s.sage."

Excited, Yao Wuxie shot upright and sat straight. This was the first time he was going to experience such luxury.

Chicky, who was in the midst of savoring his meal, looked at these two men who were enjoying themselves. He lowered his head and thought for a while. Raising up his head, he glared at a female disciple in the distance fiercely.

Looking at Chicky’s overbearing look, the female disciple shuddered for a moment, then hurried over and ma.s.saged Chicky’s back.

Finally satisfied, Chicky let out a comforted cry and continued to enjoy his meal.

Looking at the scene before them, the entire Yao Family was stumped.

In fact, Yao Tian and Old Master Yao were trembling nonstop. But this was not due to fear. This was due to the excitement. To think that the most looked down upon sixth son of the Yao Family would be ent.i.tled to such treatment.

By the looks of it, these two were way more than just mere friends!

The scene where Yao Wuxie patted the powerful man’s back while happily calling him brother was especially mind-blowing.

That shocking battle earlier was witnessed clearly by the both of them.

The Heavens shook, the Earth shattered, while s.p.a.cetime was distorted and reversed. Every single crazy thing which was inconceivable had happened…

Right now, Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts as well. Since he was unable to activate the Special Body Type for Yao Wuxie, this might have to depend on Yao Wuxie himself then.

"Brother Wuxie, have you considered heading out of the Dead Demon City to train up?" Lin Fan prodded.

"Huh? Train? I’m the worst at enduring hardships y’know… Hahaha." Yao Wuxie munched on his drumstick happily with chicken oil glistening on his lips. The female disciple who was ma.s.saging him helped to wipe off the oil, envious of his current standing in front of this powerful man as well.

"You don’t wish to be strong anymore? To be that man who could stand atop this world?" Lin Fan continued.

"Hahaha, don’t mess with me already, Brother Lin. Me? Top of the world? Someone like me would die before even getting too far from home! The Dead Demon City is comfortable enough as it is, haha. Nope, not going out, nope!" Yao Wuxie shook his head.

With his potential, even the fact that he was at this cultivation base right now was based on pure luck.

Listening to these words, Yao Tian and Old Master Yao were fumbling in their hearts.

‘Top of the world.’

Lin Fan laughed and shook his head. Was this the end of the discussion already? Seemed like he had to pull some tricks for this to play out.

The meal ended quickly.

It was time for Lin Fan to leave. But before he did so, he pulled Yao Tian and Old Master Yao to one side and whispered to them. Both of them nodded profusely without replying much. But at the end of it all, their eyes were filled with a weird look.

Not knowing what was happening, Yao Wuxie could only tell that something was awry, as he met with the weird gazes of his father and grandpa.

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