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"Powerful man, is it comfortable enough?" A Tongtian Sect disciple asked as he ma.s.saged Lin Fan’s toes tenderly with a smile on his face. Those moves, that strength level... If he had not experienced it for himself, Lin Fan would not have believed that a sect disciple could possess such impressive ma.s.saging skills.

"Not bad, well-practiced moves indeed. Not bad, not bad." Lin Fan praised as he laid down on a beach chair. Lin Fan carried with him all sorts of daily necessities all the time. This feeling right now of being treated like a G.o.d by these disciples was heavenly indeed.

Both of his toes were being cared for tenderly by two disciples. Both legs were being ma.s.saged as well. None of his hands were idle either. As for his shoulders, he was attended to by two female disciples of the Xianling Sect on his right and left.

The female disciples of Xianling Sect had a fragrant scent lingering around them. To Lin Fan, they were fine, very fine indeed. Some of them were dainty and cute, while some had sinfully curvy bodies. Some of them looked pure and innocent while others brought about a devilish charm. They came in all sorts of flavors.

And of course, Lin Fan knew that he had just done a really righteous thing. If he had not fought with his life and taken down the Eternal Donger, none of these people would be alive right now.

"Good moves there." Of course, the view mustn’t be too empty. Right now, a couple of female disciples from Xianling Sect were performing a Sword Dance for Lin Fan.

All of the female disciples from Xianling Sect had unparalleled beauty and talents. They were well versed in musical instruments and painting etc. Some of them did it for the sake of pursuing stronger cultivation bases, while others did it to improve their own portfolios so that one day they could go to some royal empire and be a queen or concubine.

Either way, Lin Fan knew that all of them had their own motives and were not as virtuous as they seemed.

But of course, in front of Lin Fan right now, all of them were obedient and docile.

‘Cuckoo!’ Chicky laid on his back, wings spread out and legs raised in the air. He was intoxicated with pleasure as well.

A pair of tender hands were gently ma.s.saging his featherless belly.

From the inebriated look on Chicky’s face, one could tell that he was doused with delight. He would cry out from time to time, with his little stumpy tail, that was used to being quite lively, covering his crotch area to Lin Fan’s great amus.e.m.e.nt.

It was as though Chicky was being turned on with how good this ma.s.sage was.

"Ha, do you guys in Tongtian Sect pa.s.s down ma.s.sage skills as well? This is really some moves you’ve got there." Lin Fan asked the disciple who was caressing his feet.

The disciple laughed in embarra.s.sment, ‘Powerful man, it’s actually a little shameful, but I was actually a servant back before I entered a sect, and was tasked with ma.s.saging the feet of my masters. But due to a fated meeting, I was brought into a sect by someone, and have traveled the world since then."

"Ah, Senior Brother Gao. To think that you had such a past!" Another Tongtian Sect disciple exclaimed in disbelief.

Within the sect, Senior Brother Gao was a famous genius. While he wasn’t the very best, he was still admired and respected by everyone. To think that he was once a servant!

While conversing with these disciples casually, Lin Fan probed a little as well. The views of these disciples towards Lin Fan gradually changed. This man didn’t seem all that bad after all.

In fact, they were even feeling grateful to have the honor of ma.s.saging this great man.

They looked over smugly at some of the envious disciples by the sides. Those disciples couldn’t even get the chance to ma.s.sage this powerful man.

The void trembled gently as the Yao Family arrived. Looking at the crowd surrounding the powerful man, Yao Tian spoke carefully and warily.

"Sir, the delicacies have been prepared."

"Yes. Arrange the dishes. Let me know when you’re done." Lin Fan yawned. The most important thing post-battle was to relax and let loose.

His next task at hand was to head to Jiuxiao Sect which Liang Yichu mentioned. Whether or not everything was fine would only be determined after he had taken a look personally.

After all, his close friend was there.

The six young masters of the Yao Family tiptoed to try to sneak a peek at this powerful man. But all they saw was a big crowd, and couldn’t make out his features at all.

"All of you stay sharp and arrange the dishes properly!" Yao Tian whispered for his sons to be tactful and wisen up.

But of course, the main addressee of this sentence was Yao Wuxie. After all, Yao Tian was confident of his other five sons. This was the only child he was worried about.

Yao Wuxie looked at the surrounded powerful man with envy. This was definitely a man who knew how to relax and let loose. Yao Wuxie was determined to try this out once he got back to the Dead Demon City.

He had yet to experience a service as such.

"Trash, hurry up!" Third Brother Yao Xingfeng hushed to Yao Wuxie as he walked by.

Yao Wuxie shrugged his shoulders. He did not expect that he was brought here just to be manual labor. But in the face of his father and Grandpa Yao, there was no way he could slack off anyways.

Yao Tian and Grandpa Yao stood where they were and exchanged glances with one another, not sure what else to say. They did not come here expecting the powerful man to take a liking to anyone from their bloodline. But they had to give this gamble a shot and try their luck anyway.


Just then, a crashing sound rang out loudly. Yao Wuxie had fallen down. The wine in his hand crashed onto the floor and spilled out as well.

Looking at the clumsy Yao Wuxie, the five other young masters smirked coldly. To think that he would still commit such a mistake even after being a pericelestial. What a pighead, seriously!

Yao Tian and Grandpa Yao’s expression changed as well. They wanted to lecture him. But noticing no reaction from the powerful man, they just shot him a stern glare and motioned for him to clean up the mess.

"I told you, Old Master. There’s no way he’s going to cut it." Yao Tian said in exasperation. To think that he could still screw up at such an important moment. It was just fortunate that the powerful man did not take offense.

Grandpa Yao sighed and gently shook his head as well, feeling somewhat helpless. He then waved his hand and beckoned for Yao Wuxie to come over.

This was a serious matter right now. As much as he wanted to give Yao Wuxie a chance, now that things had come to this, he was worried that things might really screw up.

Yao Wuxie lowered his head in shame. He had not expected himself to be so useless that he couldn’t even prop up a single wine bottle properly. Dejected, he walked towards his Grandpa.

At this scene, all five young masters laughed out in jeers. This was what they wanted to see most: Yao Wuxie at his worst.

This guy really thought he was worthy of any help? What a joke!

As time pa.s.sed, the five other young masters set everything up on a table. They then came before their father silently. Yao Tian nodded his head and said, "Old Master, it’s done."

Old Master Yao nodded his head as well. He then came before Lin Fan. With disciples of the six sects surrounding Lin Fan, he did not dare to raise his voice too much and just whispered, "Senior here, everything has been prepared."

If an outsider could see this greater celestial full cultivation old master bowing down respectfully and speaking so politely to someone, they would be shocked out of their pants. That was how shocking this whole thing was.

Lin Fan coughed in reply and then rose up. In the near distance, a table filled with gourmet dishes was set up. Smelling the fragrant aroma, Lin Fan was filled with a deep hunger.

Once he was done with the meal, he would make his leave. He didn’t think that this was an unreasonable request for his great deed in saving their lives.

Lin Fan was like the emperor of Earth as he sat there alone, raising his chopsticks.

Time to eat!

"Eh…It’s you!" Sitting at the back dejectedly, Yao Wuxie suddenly exclaimed loudly as he saw who it was. Yao Tian and Grandpa Yao’s face changed immediately. Sh*t! This was not good.

Other than the fifth Brother, every single other young master in the family gloated in glee.

This stupid sixth Brother has gotten himself into trouble once more.

"Senior, this…!" Yao Tian was panicking frantically. He shot a death stare at Yao Wuxie, warning the latter to stop his nonsense.

Grandpa Yao sighed deeply. It was over for them.

But the powerful man’s words had them all dropping their jaws…

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