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"Hu…hurry up! Get all the best cooks in the family to prepare the most sumptuous dishes ever!"

Stumbling down from the sky after his flight back to the Dead Demon City, Yao Tian shouted out loudly. His voice permeated through the walls of every single corner in the Yao Family.

For the Dead Demon Seas expedition this time round, Yao Tian had not allowed any of the family’s children to partic.i.p.ate. The moment the weird events started happening around the Dead Demon Seas, Yao Tian had an uneasy feeling about it.

As the sole ruler of the Dead Demon City, the Yao Family had groomed countless of disciples over time. Some of these disciples were even stronger than the family’s own bloodline. Therefore, there was no need for their children to take the risk at all.

"Family Head, what happened…!" The Yao Family’s housekeeper ran over the moment he heard the head’s voice. Looking left and right, he could not find any of the disciples who had left along with the Family Head. Noticing the anxious look on the Family Head’s face, could something have happened?

"Hurry up and pa.s.s down the orders! Get all the best chefs to prepare the best dishes ever! If they are not done within a joss stick’s time, all of them shall die!" Yao Tian ordered.

The housekeeper was stunned. This was the first time he had seen such a fl.u.s.tered look on the Family Head’s face. But after being in the Yao Family for so many years, he knew better than to dilly dally.

Just then, a shadow arrived from the skies and landed beside Yao Tian. The moment the disciples caught sight of who it was, all of them held their breaths. What a suffocating aura.

"Old master…" The moment Yao Tian saw who it was, he greeted fervently as well. However, he could not help but feel a little sore in his heart. Why had the Old Master abandoned him earlier in that dire situation?

But what could he do about it? This man was the Old Master, and his grandfather to boot. No matter how disgruntled he felt, there was nothing he could do about it.

"This is a rare opportunity. Go hand down the orders. All the children from our bloodline will follow me there later on. If we could pull some ties with that person, it would be a great booster for the Yao Family in the future." The Yao Family’s Old Master said in a solemn voice.

He had plans of his own. That frightening existence of a man right there, even though he didn’t seem that old, the Old Master knew that he would definitely be someone significant. If they brought over their own bloodline and he managed to take a liking to any one of them, that would be a great ace up the sleeves for the Yao Family.

Even though the Yao Family was an extremely influential family in the Dongling Continent right now, no one could predict the future. Who knew if the family’s power would carry on for the generations after?

And if there ever came a time of need for the family, perhaps that man might even step forth for them on sentimental grounds.

At that point, that would be the biggest trump card for the Yao Family. Even though it may not be of relevance usually, if the time came for it, it may turn the situations entirely around.

"Yes, Old Master." Yao Tian nodded. Turning into a streak of light, he hurried to get the children.

Soon, the five young masters arrived. Even though they did not know what was happening, they were quickly caught up to speed along the way by their father.

They understood now. Their aim was to pander to that powerful being of a man.

But deep in their hearts, they plotted and devised. They knew that whoever the powerful man took a liking to would very likely be the next Family Head.

Therefore, all five of them were elated with hope.

No matter what, even if they needed to throw away their dignity, they must definitely humor that man.

"Grandpa Yao…" The moment the five of them saw the Old Master, they greeted courteously as well. This man was the strongest trump card of the Yao Family right now; the only greater celestial full cultivation.

The only reason why the Yao Family could maintain their authority this long in the Dead Demon City was all because of Grandpa Yao.

"Hmm." Old Master Yao nodded his head. Suddenly, his eyes glimmered.

"Where’s that child, Wuxie?" He asked.

The five young masters were stumped at the question. Sixth Brother? Why would that trash be here? To them, that piece of sh*t had neither potential nor brains. He was only good at squandering his life away. What use would he be of?

"Old Master, Wuxie that child is only good at idling around lazily without manners. I’m afraid he may offend that powerful man and create trouble."" Yao Tian replied worriedly.

"Go, get him here. He’s a member of the Yao Family. No one shall be left behind." Old Master Yao replied, evidently displeased. He himself had taken quite a liking to that child.

It was just such a pity that he had such a low potential. Within the Dongling Continent, any bloodline members of the big families who had poor potential would basically be labeled as trash for the family.

"Tengfei, go get your younger brother." Yao Tian ordered.

"Yes, father." As the fifth young master, Yao Tengfei was obviously unhappy with this arrangement. But there was no way he could defy a direct order from the Old Master. Hence, he headed towards Yao Wuxie’s residence.

Yao Wuxie’s residence…

Yao Wuxie was busy thinking about the thing in his head.

‘t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body’?

Just what was up with this skill? All he had to do was let people wallop him for this skill to level up? Brother Lin must be messing around with him. Could such a skill truly exist in this world?

But thinking back on Brother Lin’s serious expression, Yao Wuxie rubbed his chin and accepted it for now. Oh well, since he would repeatedly be whacked in the days to come anyways, why not give it a try.

"Sixth Brother!" Just as Yao Wuxie was preparing to head out to the streets, Yao Tengfei’s voice rang through.

Yao Wuxie’s face changed. Goodness. Must his fifth Brother really be this way? Was he truly fated to be walloped by his five brothers, in turn, day and night from now on?

Finally, Yao Wuxie sighed in resignation. Seemed like there was no way to hide from this. Might as well give the t.i.tanium Grade Demon Body a try then.

Taking a deep breath, Yao Wuxie stepped out.

"C’mon, fifth Brother. I’m ready.’ He spread open both hands, preparing to be whacked.

"Trash, follow me. The Old Master calls for you." Looking at Yao Wuxie’s worthless att.i.tude, Yao Tengfei snorted in disdain. He couldn’t figure out why the Old Master would even bother with this trash. From head to toe, Yao Tengfei couldn’t find a single bit of worth in this person.

Yao Wuxie was stunned for a moment. His face was then replaced with joy.

"Grandpa Yao!"

When Yao Tengfei returned with Yao Wuxie, everyone else was filled with a contemptuous look.

But in front of the Old Master, no one could be impertinent.

"Grandpa Yao…!" The moment Yao Wuxie saw the old man, he greeted politely.

He knew deep in his heart that the only reason why he hadn’t been killed by his five brothers was due to Grandpa Yao. Even his own father despised him. Grandpa Yao was the only person in this world who loved him.

Yao Wuxie knew that the day Grandpa Yao pa.s.sed on would be his death day as well.

"Hmm, not bad. Ever since I’ve last seen you, your cultivation state has improved. Old Master Yao rubbed his beard and nodded gently.

"Hehe…" Yao Wuxie’s face flushed red with embarra.s.sment.

The other five young masters were filled with scorn. In the past three years, his cultivation state has only improved THAT bit. What sort of achievement was that?

Time pa.s.sed really quickly.

The housekeeper brought all the servants forth with all sorts of dishes. Each and every one of the dishes were made with extremely rare ingredients and was of top-notch quality.

The Old Master nodded in approval. Waving his robes, he then brought everyone with him through the skies.

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