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"s.h.i.t! We’re so going to die here today!"

"My wife’s still waiting for me back in the sect!"

"I don’t wanna die too…!"

The moment the Eternal Donger had unleashed its ultimate move, all the disciples had lost any hope for life. That white shot was simply too strong.

Heaven and Earth shuddered. In fact, they were on the brink of simply just breaking down into nothingness. This devastating move was not something anyone could hope to defend against anymore.

"Don’t be insolent, little Donger!"

Lin Fan shouted out forcefully. By now, he had reached the peak of his own powers. A tornado coiled around with Lin Fan as its core, as the ground ripped apart from where Lin Fan shot out his palm strike to go against the crashing shot.

This was the point where Lin Fan unsealed the 18 folds of strength he had kept in his right arm with the Tidal Push. The originally forceful strike was now even more frightening than ever, as the void shredded apart wherever Lin Fan’s palm pa.s.sed by.

At this point in time, the world seemed to contain nothing else but these two opposing forces.

"Oh my G.o.d! This is too intense…!" The disciples were watching with their jaws agape. The scene before them had them questioning themselves if they truly belonged in the same universe as these unearthly beings.

Yao Tian swallowed his saliva as well. That dumbstruck look of his no longer carried the authority that a family head should have.

To think that he had wanted to kill this man and s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure from him… What a joke that must have been!

It was great fortune that he wasn’t killed in a single palm strike by this man. As for w.a.n.g Haiming? He had what was coming to him for sure.


Heaven and Earth shook as these two opposing forces finally met one another, sending forth a blinding light across the sky.

"Indeed, that’s strong." Lin Fan mumbled to himself.

Indeed, the ultimate move of the Eternal Donger was definitely not for just show, as it combined the essence of all of the True Energy between Heaven and Earth into one. If not for the fact that Lin Fan had sealed all of his strongest moves into the palm strike, he might have most certainly been overwhelmed by the force of this shot.

But even now, his palm strike was probably still not enough.

"Suppress it!" Lin Fan roared at the palm strike as he unleashed every single move he had planted in. A repressing aura exploded from his palm at that instant.

The white shot was pushed back continuously by Lin Fan’s palm. Against an absolute power such as this, even the Eternal Donger was helpless.

He had to just wait till he suppressed the Eternal Donger, only then would Lin Fan let the Donger know what true helplessness was.

The Eternal Donger grew brighter and brighter as his white shot came closer and closer back to itself. Feeling this impossibly strong force charging towards itself, this was total provocation to the Eternal Donger.

There was no sound, no roar, just two glowing b.a.l.l.s.

The b.a.l.l.s suddenly glowed extremely brightly as countless white specks of light spread out from them.

These white specks floated into the sky and emitting a weird glow. At the same time, this glow had a feeling of time elapsing from it.

a.s.sured of his victory, Lin Fan was smirking. But when he saw the specks of lights, his expression changed.

He could feel an enormous lifeforce being impregnated rapidly.

In fact, Lin Fan could even see the chains of time revolving behind those white specks.


Lin Fan was stunned. He did not know what this was.

Suddenly, Lin Fan recalled something extremely horrifying.

100s of millions of sperms... Countless impregnations.

The Eternal Donger was reproducing itself into multiple ident.i.ties!

And those chains of time were actually working to speed up the flow of time! In the blink of an eye, the hastened the speed of reproduction!

To Lin Fan’s shock, countless Eternal Dongers started appearing in the skies. Even though these Eternal Dongers were small in comparison, they possessed the same terrifying powers.

Dense and thick, these Dongers covered the entire sky.

And just then, Lin Fan found the very Earth tremoring once more. The True Energy between Heaven and Earth were flowing towards these miniature Eternal Dongers as well like a torrent.


Lin Fan knew that things were going to go South real quick. Gritting his teeth, he roared.


The power of the palm strike soared again as the white shot retreated even faster towards the main Eternal Donger. Victory would come soon.

Pok! Pok!

The miniature Eternal Dongers had finished channeling their own tiny ultimates. The skies trembled as innumerable white shots sprayed out into the main white shot.


This was the sound of the beam getting larger as the main shot of the main Eternal Donger grew even wider.

"Holy f*ck… This is bad."

Lin Fan’s face changed, as the power level of the white shot increased by many folds, and the pressure downwards rose rapidly.

Eternal Arm was being pushed downwards now, and Lin Fan’s beads of sweat turned into a stream. He had not expected this Eternal Donger to be so overbearing!

This was some crazy plug-in booster skill!

The disciples who were filled with hope only to find that same plummeting down once more as they witnessed this scene. They were scared sh*tless. The powerful man was not going to be able to hold it back any longer it seemed!

Just what sort of devious and peerless being was that Donger for it to be so b.l.o.o.d.y tyrannical! Something like that should not exist in Dongling Continent in the first place!

To begin with, that thing didn’t even leave any room for anyone to survive!

Lin Fan was starting to lose out. Seemed like he had truly underestimated this Eternal Donger ever that slightly.

To think that his Eternal Arm could not even deal with a little Donger.

But Lin Fan understood now that it was all his fault. If he had not been so careless and allowed the Eternal Donger the chance to build up to this big shot, things wouldn’t have come to this.

But it was all too late now.

Thinking back about his past life, Lin Fan recalled a famous phrase on the internet. Back then, he just laughed as he glossed over it. But now he understood its true meaning.

‘Whip out your donger and the ma.s.ses shall quiver.’

The earth below started cracking as Lin Fan struggled to hold on. Eternal Arm was trembling nonstop as well, about to crumble under the pressure real soon.


Lin Fan’s entire body was sent digging through the ground against that impossible force.

His Eternal Arm started to shred as well. Was he truly going to die right here and now?

To think that he would be killed by a donger’s shot?

How big of a humiliation was this going to be!

But so what if it were a humiliation! What other trump card did he have up his sleeves?!

He had committed the grave mistake that everyone else in the world would have too, just standing there and waiting for the donger to charge up its ultimate shot.

If he had slapped it tightly earlier on, he was guaranteed to be fine. But now…


All the disciples of the six sects hugged and huddled together, trembling in fear. Lin Fan was pushed so deep into the ground that these disciples could no longer see his body.

This thick white shot sent chills down their spines. If the powerful man died right here, their fates would probably not be any better off.

Dead. They were surely dead meat this time round.

The Eternal Donger jerked a little in the air, as though it was gloating.

Just as everyone was wallowing in their turmoil, a voice rang out from the depths below. To the disciples, this sounds was like the heavenly flutes resonating out.

The powerful man was not dead…!

"DON’T BE INSOLENT, LITTLE DONGER!" The voice howled in wrath as an enormous force erupted once more from beneath.


The ground cracked even further on the surface of the entrance of the Dead Demon Seas. Ripping apart continuously with the shot as the center point, a few thousand feet large pit was formed.

The source of the energy erupted from the bottom of this white shot.


This was the decisive moment of true victory.

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