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'Eternal Arm, I’m counting on you!’

Pushing upwards, True Energy began to gather on Lin Fan’s right arm to form the shape of a gigantic palm, as it continued pushing up head-on against the Eternal Donger.


A bright glow shot out in all directions across the sky as the ensuing clash was forceful. None of the disciples of the six sects could withstand against this force, as their bodies were pushed to the ground and sent rolling.

The gigantic shockwave spread out and sent the seawater raging. Far in the distance, Dead Demon City could feel the force of it and was vibrating as well.

Residents scurried out of their houses in shock, wondering what had happened. Countless martial artists looked in the direction of the Dead Demon Seas with palpitating hearts.

Just where did this shockwave come from?

Just what had happened there?

With dust on their faces, the disciples of the six sects laid on the ground while shivering. Their inner hearts seemed to have been ravaged entirely by the events of the day.

The powerful man who was standing before them calmly with only his robes swaying seemed to be so radiant and dependable right now…

"He caught the attack…!"

A disciple called out in tears. His little life was saved!

Just what was going on right now? Just what the h.e.l.l was that gigantic thing? How could it be so horrifying? All of them only had one thought in their minds right now, to return to their sects, those safe, safe havens of theirs.

This was not a place where humans should be present!

One after another, the things that were happening only got more and more outrageous.

Had ANYONE seen a gigantic and fearsome Donger? Perhaps no one else in this world had. But today, these men were witnesses to this thing.

With a swing of the Donger, the Heavens shook, and the Earth shattered. Based on the power level of what they had witnessed today, even if their sect’s Grandmasters were present, they themselves might have to lay down their lives here.

Slowly, the dust clouds dissipated.

Lin Fan stared at the Eternal Donger. If not for the fact that he had fused with the Eternal Arm, there was no way he would be leaving this place alive right now.

Ever since he had received the Eternal Arm, he had mowed down any and everything along his way… everything. No one had been able to withstand a direct blow from him so far. But at this moment, things changed.

Indeed, the Eternal Donger definitely came from the same source, incredibly strong as well.

Right now, the Eternal Donger was swaying in the air. Both b.a.l.l.s bounced against each other violently as well, evidently angry.

With one swing of the Donger, every single thing before it should have been destroyed on sight. But how could this man be able to stand up against it?!? How could it not be furious over that fact?

Noticing the shocked faces of everyone present, Lin Fan chuckled. Holding up his right hand, he pointed at the Eternal Donger and said proudly.

"Don’t be insolent, little Donger!"

The skies grew silent.

Every single disciple present could not hold in their stunned expressions at the words of this powerful man.

Don’t. Be. Insolent…

Little. Donger…

These words were so powerful... so domineering. Even if their own Grandmasters were here, they might not even dare to spout out such bold words.

Everyone’s view of Lin Fan changed entirely. They were filled with reverence and awe towards this man.

This was truly the way one should live life!

But they understood that this powerful man was like the moon in the skies, while they were like mere fireflies. In this lifetime, the best they could do was only to admire and respect him, as they could never hope to be able to surpa.s.s someone like this.

Looking at the changing faces of these disciples, Lin Fan let out a smirk. Even though this Eternal Donger might be gigantic, Lin Fan was no pushover with his Eternal Arm as well.

"Powerful man, look out! Something’s happening to the Donger!"

Just as Lin Fan was bathing in his ego and grandeur, a disciple suddenly shouted out in alarm.

Lin Fan looked over quickly. Indeed, the floating Eternal Donger was undergoing some changes.

Those pitch-black b.a.l.l.s were emitting a black glow from them.


The b.a.l.l.s were enlarging rapidly. They were getting so huge and bloated that they seemed like tires about to explode.

At the same time, the shaft of the Eternal Donger seemed to be growing as well. It was getting bigger and tougher. Curves appeared on the shaft like thick veins popping out.

‘Just what is it up to?’ Lin Fan was puzzled. He did not know what the Eternal Donger’s intentions were.

But this was when Lin Fan’s body started to shudder. Bean like beads of sweat began to drip down from his forehead.

Like a black hole, the Eternal Donger was sucking up all the True Energy in the surrounding. Those rapidly enlarging b.a.l.l.s seemed to be taking in a boundless amount of True Energy from the Heavens and Earth.

And just then, the void ripped apart. Within the ripped void, energy flowed like a current within the Eternal Donger from the entrance.

‘F*ck! It’s preparing for its big move!’ Lin Fan was daunted at this sight as well.

The Heavens shook and the Earth trembled. All the True Energy in the surroundings were being sucked up mercilessly by the Eternal Donger.

Within the void, a whirlpool of energy formed, and all the energy of the whirlpool was being redirected to the Eternal Donger.

Lin Fan was starting to panic. By the looks of it, this attack was going to be huge, and he did not know if he could withstand it. By the rate this Eternal Donger was sucking in, if it were to shoot it all out at one go, wouldn’t everything be destroyed instantaneously!?

"Powerful man…!" The disciples were starting to get anxious as well. They could feel the surge of energy towards the Donger. It was so strong that it was enough to make them give up hope on defending against it.

Lin Fan thought about it for a moment before he took out the Eternal Axe silently. But holding it in his hands, he felt something off. Even though the Eternal Axe was a legendary weapon as well, it might not be enough to deal with it.

He took out the Nine Five Legendary Brick. But after thinking for a while more, he kept it back silently as well.

Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with battle intent as he looked up into the skies.

"Even though you’re just a little Donger, you could do enough to force my hand. You ought to be proud of yourself for that."

"Fine, since things had come to this, we’ll see then if the little Donger is stronger or my Eternal Arm!" Lin Fan was ready to give it his all.

Tidal Push.


Tidal Push had been trained by Lin Fan up till Level 18.

And now, the power of the Tidal Push was sealed by Lin Fan within his right arm.

Nirvana Finger.

Deflowering Finger.

Black Tiger Steals Heart.

Twisting Heaven and Earth.

One by one, Lin Fan imprinted his strongest skills into his right arm.

Lin Fan’s power level was rising so rapidly that if he were to clash with the Eternal Donger right now, the void would definitely be torn apart repeatedly right before their very eyes.

"Come on, little Donger! Let Yours Truly teach you the meaning of being a true c*ck today!" Lin Fan snorted coldly.

This Eternal Donger was so overbearing, to think that Lin Fan was an easy pushover…

The Eternal Donger started moving, pointing its mushroom head towards Lin Fan. The entrance of that elephant snout began to open up more and more, as a black glow appeared on it. The black glow then formed a ring and coiled around the shaft of the Eternal Donger.

Black mist shot out little by little, gradually painting the skies black as well.

The two gigantic b.a.l.l.s gave off a devilish glow. Something seemed to be swirling and moving within them.

That was the True Energy of the Heavens and Earth, containing energy grid lines within them as well.


The skies turned pitch black.

The Eternal Donger had unleased its ultimate move.

A white beam shot out from the mushroom head of the Eternal Donger. It brought with it boundless powers. Spraying down from the Heavens, it was bent on covering the entire face of the Earth…

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