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A black-robed man, a bloodstained stone coffin. Just like that, the shadows of both the things traversed through the air slowly. The skies continued rumbling, as though it was preparing to build a net to smite these evil beings.

"What’s that? What a sinister aura!" The elder of Freedom Sect frowned. Looking at the skies, two beams of golden light shot out from both his eyes. But suddenly, a tragic cry could be heard.

As he covered both eyes, two visible streams of blood could be seen pouring from his eyes. "My eyes…!"

Everyone looked at Elder He of Freedom Sect in shock. That was Freedom Sect’s skill, ‘Heavenly Piercing Eyes!’ With it, one could see through all illusions and evils. But to think that he would be the one blinded instead. This…!

Everyone was in a state of shock. Everything that had happened thus far had gone way beyond their expectations.

"That’s an evil being…!" Elder He roared, apparently in a frenzied state. He had never experienced such a thing. At the moment his Heavenly Piercing Eyes were looking through, a mysterious, abysmal aura penetrated back at him without any room for reaction. This was way too scary.

Lin Fan stood there with a stern face. He patted Chicky to head back into his storage. Things might just get ugly.

Then, something shocking ensued.

Both the man and the coffin stood still in the middle of the skies. The man was still hunching his back and gripping the chains tightly. The stone coffin was like an ancient object, infecting the surroundings with a vile aura.

The skies turned black, and suddenly, a bolt of purple lightning struck down. Turning purple, the lightning encircled both of them and revolved.

The void around them started distorting, and a vortex was formed. It was pitch-black, and no one could make out what was within.

"Just what is that?!" The ma.s.ses were shocked. Looking at the man and the coffin, all their emotions were riled up. As elders of ma.s.sive sects, they had naturally seen more things than others in this world. But this was still a first for all of them.

Lin Fan was distressed as well looking at this scene before him. That stone coffin…wasn’t it the same as the one in Dead Demon Seas earlier?!?

Could it be?

Lin Fan’s right hand started shaking and rubbing against his pants, as though it had found something familiar.

"Just who is that black-robed man! What’s inside that stone coffin?" Yao Tian exclaimed as he retreated a few steps back.

From that vortex came a sense of uneasiness, causing all of them to feel unnerved.

"Leave…!" The elder of Xuanxian Sect shouted. Even though he was curious towards this mysterious object, but the feeling was way too ominous. All the other elders broke out of their stupor as well, and started retreating. They shouted out to their disciples to escape on their own.

This thing was way too nefarious, too sinister!

Especially that black-robed man, they couldn’t even tell what cultivation base he was at!

All five elders ripped open a hole in the void. Before they left, they took one last look at the stone coffin. Without any hesitation, they then stepped in and left. Seemed like the fates of their disciples could only depend on the Heavens.

After all, ripping through the void and warping distances through teleportation was a power only accessible to those greater celestial masters and above. But even then, none of them had reached the state where they could manipulate this warping to a higher degree. Hence, they could only open up a warp temporarily. However, while they could safely escape thousands of miles away from this place with ease, they could only do it for themselves.

As the elders exited the warps, they were finally at ease. At least they themselves had left unscathed. As for their disciples…

But as they looked around the surroundings, their faces turned pale in disbelief.

How could this be…!

They had clearly manipulated the void to warp away from this place. But to think that…!

The place where the five elders had warped out was right at the boundaries of the circular vortex of the man and the coffin.

All five elders started shuddering. They had a foreboding feeling.


Turning tail, all the five elders ran off away from the vortex. However, as though there was a strong gravitational pull, all of them were sucked above the stone coffin.

"ARGH…HELP…!" They wailed out in terror. But in an instant, the five elders had turned into dried up corpses with their blood sucked completely dry. Everything had happened so quickly that everyone’s brains had not even registered the horrors of it all.

"Elder...!" The disciples of the sects started to scream out in fear. They had intended to escape from this place as well. But looking at what happened to their elders, their blood froze cold.

Lin Fan had a really bad feeling about this as well. After fusing with the Eternal Arm, he had already understood that the arm was not on its own.

Within this stone coffin, there must definitely be another part of the body.

Just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these things, the black-robed man started moving as the vortex cleared slightly. He put down the chains and started moving his hand to create seals, as though he was performing a ritual.

"Oh, Eternal Ancient One, your servant is here to welcome you to your new life! Please unseal everything and come back to us!" Suddenly, from the sleeves of the black-robed man poured out two torrents of blood into the skies. They then poured down onto the ground like a thunderstorm of blood.

The thick stench of the blood had Lin Fan frowning. It reeked of human blood. Just how many innocent beings did it cost to have such a tremendous amount of blood pouring out right now?

Pouring onto the seas, the blood slowly seeped into the grounds of the Dead Demon Seas.

Looking at this, Lin Fan understood as well. The black robed man knew that the Eternal Arm was sealed here. His motives here were to unseal that arm.

But what the other party did not know was that the Eternal Arm had already fused with Lin Fan. There was no longer anything below in the Dead Demon Seas.


As time pa.s.sed, the black-robed man arched his heads into the skies and roared. He had realized that there was nothing below.

It was at this moment that Lin Fan saw it, the face beneath the hood. Lin Fan could not breathe. He could not believe this.

‘Liang…Liang Yichu!’

This black-robed man was Senior Elder Liang Yichu of the Jiuxiao Sect! How could this be?

That rotund, stumpy yet cheery old man with barely any strands of hair on his head. How could he have turned into this?!?

It was just a few months post the Genius Sparring! What happened?!?

"Elder Liang!" Lin Fan shouted over.

Roaring into the skies, Liang Yichu stopped and stared at Lin Fan. Suddenly, he howled out again as black smoke emitted from within his body. The black smoke gathered and culminated, eventually forming a malevolent demon face.

Greater Celestial Full Cultivation.

Liang Yichu dashed. An earthshattering palm strike flew towards Lin Fan with incredible force. It was coiled with countless energy grid line chains, breaking through the voids with immense force and gathering more power as it continued surging towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan raised his right hand and caught Liang Yichu’s palm.

"ELDER LIANG! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" Lin Fan screamed. Elder Liang’s current state reminded Lin Fan of those disciples back at Tuodi Shrine.


A beast like growl came out from Elder Liang’s mouth as he started shapeshifting. Right in front of Lin Fan, Elder Liang took on multiple different forms.

The power of the energy grid lines erupted. It was as though the force of the entire Heaven and Earth’s Will was crashing down onto Lin Fan right now.

This was the power of a greater celestial full cultivation being, the ability to comprehend the energy grids of the Heaven and Earth, to smite their opponents with the Heavens and Earth as their backing.

Lin Fan struggled immensely against the force. He grunted while frowning, "Elder…Liang…! I can’t…hold on anymore…!"


Lin Fan struck out, as a gigantic palm strike crushed down on Liang Yichu from the skies.


Liang Yichu laid lifeless on the ground. The black robes had long been burnt into ashes. At the brink of death, Liang Yichu’s pitch black eyes regained a shimmer of consciousness.

"Go…go to…Jiuxiao…Sect…!"

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being Liang Yichu.’

‘Ding…experience points +2,000,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Ding…pericelestial middle level.’

‘Ding…pericelestial upper level.’

‘Ding…pericelestial full cultivation.’

Even though Lin Fan had leveled up, he did not feel a single drop of joy in his heart.

"He’s…dead!" Escaping death once more, the disciples of the 6 sects cheered out excitedly. They thought they were doomed for sure. To think that this man was this strong!

Even the stunned Yao Tian was glad that he managed to remain alive after all this.

"Shut up." Lin Fan’s heart was heavy.

Hearing him, silence floated through the air as the disciples did not dare to make any sound. Lin Fan did not know what Elder Liang meant by his last words. What happened to Jiuxiao Sect?

The only friend in his lifetime was in Jiuxiao Sect! Could something have happened to Jiuxiao Sect?!?

Lin Fan glared at the stone coffin in rage.


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