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'Ding… discovered craftable material "fine iron" produced from the Great Yan Dynasty.'

Lin Fan weighed it in his hand. The weight was quite heavy, but this amount of metal alone wouldn't be enough to forge a weapon for a normal blacksmith. But this wasn't a problem for Lin Fan, who possessed a system, so this one piece alone was enough to forge a middle-grade weapon.

According to common sense, no matter how skilled the blacksmith was, it would still be impossible to forge a middle graded weapon from mere fine iron. But for Lin Fan, his blacksmith profession obviously had a sort of buff on it that enabled it to raise the grade of a weapon.

Lin Fan threw a piece of fine iron into the furnace.

'Ding… congratulations on crafting a low graded sword, advanced blacksmith experience + 100.'

'Ding… congratulations on crafting a low graded dagger, advanced blacksmith experience + 100.'

At the moment, middle graded weapons had no use for him, but in the outer sect, lower graded weapons had the most use. If he could just exchange them for enough circulation pills, he would be able to level up and then enter the inner sect to wreak havoc.

'Ding… congratulations on leveling up professions, advanced blacksmith level two.'

As Lin Fan was repeating this action, he heard a notification coincidentally when the fine iron was completely exhausted. Now, within his bag, there were a total of forty lower graded weapons. As long as nothing untoward happened and he sold all these weapons, he would definitely level up.

Knock, knock…

At this time a knock sounded on the door.

"Senior brother Yin, what's wrong?" Lin Fan smiled and asked. In the outer sect, those he was somewhat familiar with were only senior brother Yin and senior brother Ni.

"Junior brother Lin, today the inner sect disciples are holding a compet.i.tion in the outer sect. Do you want to go watch?" Yin Mo Chen said a bit excitedly. "Compet.i.tion?" Lin Fan froze, "Senior brother Yin, why are the inner sect disciples holding their compet.i.tion in the outer sect instead of the inner sect?"

"This is a long-held tradition of the sect. The point of having the inner sect disciples hold their compet.i.tion here is to give us outer sect disciples some motivation, and secondly, allow us outer sect disciples to consult the inner sect disciples for any problems we encounter during training after the compet.i.tion is over." Yin Mo Chen said.

Lin Fan nodded, it seemed this was similar to schools inviting uppercla.s.smen who were admitted into Tsinghua back to encourage undercla.s.smen and motivate them to also aim for entering Tsinghua University.

However, although Lin Fan wasn't really interested, he wanted to go and see the cultivation base of the inner sect disciples.

"Okay, senior brother let's go then," Lin Fan said.

"Alright, let's hurry then. Otherwise, there won't be any room left to even stand." Yin Mo Chen quickly said.

Every year, the outer sect disciples would be most excited around this time because their troubles could then be resolved by the inner sect disciples. By the time Lin Fan and senior brother Yin arrived, the place was already packed with people. In the front was a square-shaped fighting stage made of neatly stacked lightly colored bricks, and dragon pillars were placed at each corner of the stage, making it seem quite mighty.

"Junior brother, let's go over there. There are fewer people." "Yin Mo Chen looked left and right and finally saw an area on the other side with fewer people. If they continued to stand here, they wouldn't be able to see the stage. This was a once in a year occasion where they could witness the matches between the inner sect disciples. If they were to miss it, they could only wait till next year.

Just when Lin Fan and Yin Mo Chen found their spot, people finally came onto the stage. A group of brightly robed men and women came soaring from the sky as if they were celestials. When these inner sect disciples landed, the cheers of the surrounding outer sect disciples became more intense.

The group of inner sect disciples attracted the eyes of thousands like popular celebrities and indulged in the cheers of others. Lin Fan glanced at the group of inner sect disciples on stage and carefully compared them.

Fifth level postcelestial.

Fourth level postcelestial.

Eighth level postcelestial.

Ninth level postcelestial.

Among the group of inner sect disciples, the one with the highest cultivation base was only at a second level pericelestial. Compared to Meng Yangquan, they were still far off. The second level pericelestial inner sect disciple was likely the one in charge for this event. After saying a few words to the others around him, he then led them forward to the high podium. Lin Fan observed the second level pericelestial inner sect disciple and could feel a strong convergence of energy around his body.

"Start the compet.i.tion…" At this time, someone sitting on the upper stone seats spoke out. Though the voice wasn't loud, it was like thunder and shocked the surrounding outer sect disciples, causing them to pale.

"So strong…" Lin Fan was surprised, it seemed he couldn't underestimate any of them. Precelestial and postcelestial were already on two entirely different planes so the difference between postcelestial and pericelestial would be like heaven and earth.

Then two inner sect disciples drifted onto the stage, faced each other and placed their hands over their fist. These two inner sect disciples were both seventh level postcelestials, and though their energy wasn't as strong as the second level pericelestial, they still gave Lin Fan a sense of danger.

"Begin." The one inner sect disciple sitting on top spoke out as if he was an emperor controlling his subordinates, his each word full of dignity making everyone unable to resist.


At this moment a thunderous sound traveled through the heaven and earth. The two disciples quickly brought forth the swords on their backs, the swords shining brightly as they glimmered with light.

"Strong, they are too strong." Yin Mo Chen's eyes shone brightly as he looked at the two disciples on stage. "So this is postcelestial."

Lin Fan watched the two inner sect disciples competing fiercely on stage, his heart pounding away, 'Badas*, this is completely badas*. So this is martial arts. It seems I will need to go to the hidden library and borrow a few manuals and carefully research them. It's just so elegant, so glamorous.'

"Junior brother, do you see this? This is what the inner sect disciples are, so strong! I don't know when I can become like them." Yin Mo Chen watched enviously, not knowing what to say.

"Soon, soon…" Lin Fan watched unwaveringly, his heart also a bit excited. "Hah, junior brother, I know that it's probably impossible for me to reach the inner sect in this life." Yin Mo Chen said regretfully.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, he wanted to tell his senior brother that he was actually talking about himself. But upon seeing senior brother Yin lacking such confidence, Lin Fan felt he needed to properly enlighten him. When the two inner sect disciples finished their match, the surrounding outer sect disciples cheered loudly with even more vigor than before.

"Next is the guidance segment. Is there anyone willingly to spar a bit with these two seniors? Of course there will be no casualties." "The seated second level pericelestial inner sect disciple said.

At this time, the surrounding disciples began whispering amongst each other. This segment was very interesting, and many outer sect disciples wanted to partic.i.p.ate but were too embarra.s.sed. They were afraid their cultivation bases were too low and wouldn't catch the eyes of their seniors, and hence would be evaluated poorly by them.

This had actually happened before in the past. There was one disciple who decided to partic.i.p.ate in the guidance segment but was then evaluated as worthless by the senior brother he was sparring against. After that, because his mind wasn't strong enough, he was unable to rise and wasted away.

Currently, Lin Fan, who was amongst the audience, became gleeful. Going up to spar and no casualties! Furthermore, if he were to successfully steal a peach, then he would have gained big time.

"I…I will do it…" At this time, Lin Fan raised his hand up without even thinking.

"Junior brother…" Yin Mo Chen froze and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

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