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The five Elders and the Yao Family head looked at one another and nodded their heads eventually.

They had decided. Forget about saving these guys, their own lives were the most important things right now.

But what they could not figure out was the ident.i.ty of this guy. With the slap of his palm, he rendered w.a.n.g Haiming dead. Weren’t the only people who were allowed below the Dead Demon Seas weaker than greater celestials?

The disciples of the Roc Sect bore a burning hatred within their hearts right now. This man had just murdered Elder w.a.n.g. This had a great impact on them. They needed to burn this sinful man into their memories right now. From here on forth, the Roc Sect would have a death grudge against this man.

Looking at all these, Lin Fan wanted to express his thoughts, ‘It’s all a misunderstanding.’

But just as he was about to say it out, he swallowed back his words.

Just who in the world was he? He was the only one right now who knew of his own ident.i.ty. No one else knew jacksh*t!

"Yours Truly did not wish to kill anyone. However, this man here has committed grave sins and one too many robberies. Things like bullying the weak and siding with the strong? This is a sinful man right here. Yours Truly was just exacting justice for the Heavens." Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back and kept a straight face. He was working hard at giving off a demeanor of a profound man.

Chicky had long been shocked beyond words. He tossed his head from time to time, looking at the dead man below, and then at Lin Fan, back and forth.

He had not expected his companion to be this strong! To change the tides of the world with a single palm strike!

But to Chicky, the stronger his companion was, the happier he was. After all, this was the best way in ensuring his little chicken life remained safe and sound.

Without any backbone or dignity, Chicky inched a small little step closer to Lin Fan. Just because of this, he was now way more attached to Lin Fan than ever.

"Now, this elder here, do you agree with me?" Lin Fan turned to Elder Qing Huo with curiosity.

The short-tempered Elder Qing Huo’s face was pale as a sheet right now. Anger and indignance filled his head. Eventually, he nodded his head in fear.

"Yes." Qing Huo resonated firmly, not hesitating at all. It was as though the word ‘Yes’ was irresistible to Qing Huo.

n.o.body would take their own lives as a joke. Now that things had come to this, s.n.a.t.c.hing away the treasure and whatnot was basically a big joke for a fool. It was already a great fortune to not be murdered right now.

Lin Fan’s heart heaved a sigh of relief. Now that his right arm had fused with the Eternal Arm, how else was he to play his games from now on? The answer was simple. The only way forward was to be ever more wanton.

Lin Fan looked at these elders. Each and every single one of them must have thought of themselves as mighty and powerful beings. Things like killing others and s.n.a.t.c.hing away their treasures? These people must have done tons of it.

But Lin Fan knew that he shouldn’t be like these guys. Later, he would give these guys a good robbing to exact justice for the ma.s.ses.

Suddenly, Lin Fan caught sight of the Qin Emperor standing all alone. Initially, he wanted to head over and tell him that his son was dead long ago. But when he saw the anxious and worried look on the man’s face, his heart softened, and he couldn’t bear to do it.

Regarding his actions back in the Qinshen dynasty, Lin Fan was conflicted as well. The Qin Emperor’s son was tyrannical and killed dozens of innocents. For the sake of the 108 villagers, Lin Fan’s actions were justifiable.

As for the Qin Emperor, his actions of seeking revenge for his son were righteous as well.

No one could be truly righteous in a situation like this.

Seeing the Qin Emperor once more, Lin Fan finally understood. The Qin Emperor from back then was an imposter. This was the true Qin Emperor.

"Qin Emperor, you need not wait any longer. Your son had unparalleled potential and was chosen by the Seven Saint to be a personal disciple. The Seven Saint had left with him already. However, your son has a strong killing intent. Someone like that is bound to have the Heavens striking him down by karma. If you truly wish for your son to be safe, then go back and treat your residents with love and care to reduce your sins." Lin Fan came up with a lie.

Upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, the Qin Emperor’s anxious face disappeared, and was replaced with a glow of happiness. However, he then looked at Lin Fan warily, evidently doubtful of his words.

"Whether or not you believe it is up to you." Lin Fan tossed back his robes and did not wish to continue any further. This was a great white lie to begin with. The more he said, the more loopholes there would be.

The Qin Emperor looked at Lin Fan’s back. After contemplating for a moment, he clasped his fists together, bidding farewell to Lin Fan and left.

Lin Fan did not know if the Qin Emperor truly believed in his words. But he knew that for a man in his state, Lin Fan’s sentence would have definitely given him a great hope.

"Roc Sect disciples, Yours Truly will not kill you. If you truly seek revenge, then train well and improve your cultivation bases. Yours Truly will give you guys a chance." Lin Fan truly did not want to kill them off. However, this was not because of his benevolence. If these guys were to head back and inform the sect about him, he would then have a bunch of powerful people chasing after him. Now THAT would be a bunch of experience points by then.

Based on Lin Fan’s understanding of big sects, he knew that sparing them would surely attract trouble. And that was what Lin Fan was aiming for.

This was the true meaning of setting out a bait for a big fish. By the time these experience points came flying to him like cookies dropping from the skies, there would be no way he could resist those wondrous level ups.

"As for you guys who had been rude to Yours Truly, I shall not stoop to your level. However, while I choose to spare your lives, you can’t avoid your punishments. Leave behind your valuables. Yours Truly will help to spread them across the world to help relieve you of your sins." Lin Fan’s gaze at the five Elders was like that of a G.o.d.

When the five elders heard the first half of Lin Fan’s sentence, they were overwhelmed. To think that they would get away with this scot-free!

But when they heard the next half, they nearly broke down.

Even though what this man was saying made sense, the more they thought about it, the weirder it seemed.

Wasn’t this b.l.o.o.d.y daylight robbery?!? But the only difference was that this man had phrased the robbery as though it was some heavenly good deed. It was so logical and filled with sense, an outsider could not help but be grateful to him instead.

But at the end of the day, the crux of it could be summarised like this.

‘Leave behind your valuables, and you can leave.’

The five Elders and the Yao Family head hesitated for a while. Looking at w.a.n.g Haiming’s lifeless body lying down there, they knew that they could not match up against this man. To give or not to give, that was the question.

They could not gauge Lin Fan’s att.i.tude or thoughts. But if they did not give in, their fates might not end up that well either.

In the end, the five elders and the Yao Family head gritted their teeth and relented.

Lin Fan confiscated the storage rings and valuables of the five elders and the Yao Family head joyfully. Now, he was feeling way cheerier.

Even though his face did not show it, he was secretly judging the quality of these items in his heart. All of them seemed to be of pretty decent quality. ‘Not bad, not bad… Seems like the rewards for this forbidden ground expedition was pretty plentiful as well.’

As for the five elders, they were in quite the dampened mood. Of course, they had once murdered for valuables and the likes in their lives. But never had they been the ones on the robbed end. By the looks of it, this man in front of them was just a b.l.o.o.d.y hooligan! In fact, he was a hooligan who could turn his words all righteous and just!

The disciples of the six sects could only watch helplessly as their elders got robbed. But on the other hand, they were pretty glad that they weren’t the ones who were robbed.

But little did they know that Lin Fan no longer had eyes for weak items such as theirs anymore.

To Lin Fan, this was called grooming, keeping these young little calves alive for them to be able to train up. One day, when they became high-level masters and sought vengeance from him, he’d rob them clean once and for all.

Lin Fan was not a silly man. It was this world that was silly.

And just then, the bright clear skies suddenly rumbled with lightning and dark clouds.

A mysterious aura was permeating from a distance.

When Lin Fan sensed it, his face changed. Why did this aura seem so familiar? Looking in the distance where it came from, he frowned…

In the skies, a dark shadow clad in black robes was walking on the clouds. No one could make out his gender nor facial features. He was walking hunchbacked, gripping two chains tightly in his fists, dragging a stone coffin.

The stone coffin was mysterious and vile, with bloodstains all over it. The mere look of it could send shivers down one’s spine.

At that moment, the skies never seemed more terrifying and malevolent...

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