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Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation.

To think that Chicky’s cultivation base would explode to such an extent after just one Nirvana. Even though he did not change much in terms of looks, that new tail that had spouted must have been the product of the Nirvana.

The tail had feathers on it and looked purple. At the same time, there were red rings coiled around it. Just that it didn’t look too compatible coupled with this weird, featherless frame of Chicky.

"Alright now, don’t worry Chicky… Even though you’re looking more and more ridiculous, Daddy won’t give up on you." Lin Fan patted Chicky on the head. As though he understood everything Lin Fan had just said, Chicky knocked Lin Fan’s neck with his tiny little chicken head to express his displeasure.

Lin Fan laughed, but his gaze was fixated on the little seedling that had sprouted. It was only the height of a thumb.

‘What is this thing?’

Lin Fan looked closely. There was no related doc.u.mentation of something like this in the sect records. But this seedling which was born from the Life Seed gave off gave off a lifeforce strong and vast like a nebula.

Lin Fan looked at this seedling. It was bare without a single leaf. The bark was withered like any other rotten log one would find lying around.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Mythical Parasol Tree.’

‘Mythical Parasol Tree: Seedling.’

‘Possesses infinite lifeforce, innumerable wonderous and magical effects…’

Lin Fan was pretty speechless again, ‘Wonderous and magical effects? Just what sort of effects? Couldn’t you elaborate more on it?!?’

The moment Lin Fan touched the Mythical Parasol Tree, the bottom of the tree shot out numerous roots. Latching themselves onto Lin Fan’s arm. Under Lin Fan’s frightful gaze, the tree disappeared.

‘Eh? Where is it?’

Lin Fan looked around, but this seedling had disappeared silently just like that, as though it had evaporated into thin air.

Just then, Lin Fan let out a grin, ‘Cheeky fellow.’

Akin to using endoscopy, a martial artist’s inner body contained a world of its own. But it was a mix of chaos, without a single fixed object. Only a greater celestial being could create different objects out of his inner body, using his mastery of the energy grid lines.

Lin Fan discovered in shock that a seedling now existed in the middle of all the chaos of his inner body. The roots emanated a green glow. Within all of the surrounding chaos, the green glow was even more illuminating.

When Lin Fan focused harder to feel this seedling, he was even more shocked. What a strong lifeforce it was giving off!

Suddenly, the seedling jerked tremendously. With a large force, it seemed to be ripping apart Heaven and Earth, sucking everything in. Lin Fan could feel all the surrounding True Energy in the vicinity gushing towards him like a torrent.

Even though most of these True Energy was absorbed by the seedling itself, the little bit that leaked out was immediately converted into experience points.

Each time Lin Fan’s pores breathed in, he could gain 10,000 experience points. With the seedling acting as a catalyst, this increased to a terrifying 20,000.


Lin Fan took in a breath of cold air. If this seedling were to continue growing, how terrifying would it become?

What if it were to grow 10 times from here on forth? 100? 1,000? 10,000 times?’

By that time, even if he were to do nothing at all, his experience points would be shooting off the roof as well!

But what Lin Fan did not know was that he was probably the only person in this world who would take this Mythical Parasol Tree as a G.o.dly object. For most people, this would be a death-inducing object.

The human body had its limits. Therefore, the rate at which one were to cultivate True Energy could definitely not match up with the speed at which the Mythical Parasol Tree was absorbing it.

Therefore, before the Mythical Parasol Tree could even have a chance to grow, one would already implode from within due to the excessive True Energy.

But with the system, any excessive True Energy was immediately converted into experience points. Therefore, Lin Fan was in no danger at all.

‘Cuckcuckoo!’ Chicky cried out, expressing displeasure. Evidently, Chicky really did not like this place.

"Alright, no hurry now. We’re getting out of this place right now." Lin Fan fondled Chicky’s head. It was right, this Dead Demon Seas was the most dangerous place ever.

He had come here in search of the treasure of the Seven Saints. To think that he would meet with something like this. In fact, even the Seven Saint’s split body was destroyed by the gigantic black hand.


At this thought, Lin Fan could not help but sigh. Seemed like wisdom did come with experience as well. Even though the Seven Saint had lived for a really long time in this world, it still met its downfall at the hands of this gigantic hand, which had apparently lived even longer.

Lin Fan tossed out the black dog in his storage. With a look of taunt, he asked it, ‘How’s the feeling? Sucks, doesn’t it?’

The moment the black dog came out, Lin Fan could feel the feelings of rage surging through it. Looking at the decomposing set of white bones, the dog was getting angrier by the moment.

"This should be just one of your split bodies, isn’t it? But don’t worry now. You still have quite a few secret chambers hidden here and there, don’t you? Yours Truly will seek them all out one by one." Lin Fan laughed.

"Woof! Woof!" The black dog barked angrily as it ground its four paws against the floor, giving off a piercing sound.

‘Cuckcuckoo!’ Perched on Lin Fan’s shoulders, Chicky raised his wings and cried out at this black dog’s insolence.

Looking at Lin Fan and then at Chicky, the black dog eventually lowered his head. But, his eyes still revealed a look of wrath unbecoming of a dog.

Waving his hands, the black dog returned to Lin Fan’s storage once more.

Seemed like things were going to get more fun from now on.

The Eternal Arm was so d.a.m.n b.l.o.o.d.y strong. So, just who was the G.o.dly being who could have sealed it down here?

And by the looks of it, this Eternal Arm should not be the only one of its kind.

Lin Fan was reminded of Chiyou, the man who was dismembered into different parts with each portion of his body sealed in a different location.

By the looks of what happened, the gigantic arm was intent on breaking out of this place where it was sealed. If not for the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it would probably have succeeded. Not only would Lin Fan have died, but the entire Dongling Continent also might not have anyone who could be its match.

Just a single arm, yet it possessed fighting strength greater than that of a greater celestial full cultivation being. What would happen if all of its parts broke out of their seals and combined together into a whole again?

Of course, these were all Lin Fan’s conjectures at the end of the day.

Lin Fan gazed upwards. The steep black walls had blocked the way out. Raising his hands, he opened his fingers wide.


A tremendous force erupted from the Eternal Arm. Breaking through time and s.p.a.ce, it ripped through the void continuously as those walls broke down one after another, entering the void as part of the energy whirlpool as well.

All the six sects and the Yao Family had suffered tremendous losses.

Each and every sect had sent tens of disciples within it. But for every ten that went in, barely one returned safely. As for the rest, they had no idea what happened to them at all. Perhaps they had all perished within.

The six Elders present were deep in thought. What happened in the Dead Demon Seas was far from their expectations.

They were all misguided by the greed and allure of the treasure from the beginning. Now that they thought clearly about it, the whole thing had never been so simple from the start.

Since when had there been a restriction on entering the Dead Demon Seas?

Allowing only those of cultivation bases below greater celestial to enter, wasn’t it evidently choosing candidates?

But what was the point of regret now? It was all too late.

And just then, the Dead Demon Seas began to rumble once more as the segregated seawaters began to whirl around as well.

Everyone was stunned. Just what was happening?


And just then, a laughter erupted from beneath the forbidden grounds.

"Haha! I’m out…!"

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