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"Chicky, stay in there for a little longer while I organize my thoughts." Knowing that Chicky was fine had Lin Fan let out yet another sigh of relief. As for what happened within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan was extremely puzzled. He had completely no idea about what happened within, yet, his body had changed drastically. Thus, he had to check it out.

Now firstly, he didn’t seem to have changed much in terms of his cultivation base. It was still at pericelestial lower level. This was weird. If his cultivation base did not change, then how could he rip apart the void with just a single lift of his hand.

"Eh…?" Just as Lin Fan was inspecting himself internally, he realized that there was something different about the blood flowing through his body. He could evidently feel that his body was constantly collecting True Energy from the Heaven and Earth pa.s.sively. Furthermore, every single drop of blood seemed to have a world of its own, but they were all blurred, and he was unable to see through it properly.

Suddenly, his pores expanded as a surge of True Energy entered his body.

‘Ding…experience points +10,000.’

Lin Fan stood there, jaws agape. He was so scared he could p.i.s.s himself. What the h.e.l.l was going on? He was gaining experience points without even popping down pills or killing beasts?!?

Even greater celestial beings would have to take in energy and the likes with their conscious efforts. For his experience points to be increasing by the second, wasn’t he just like a computer automated bot? How powerful was that?!?

Lin Fan was thoroughly impressed with this ability. Seemed like his path forward would be extremely smooth sailing.

Looking down at his right hand, he was puzzled as well. Since when did his right hand start looking like a Qilin’s arm?

And just then, his right arm shone brightly red.

‘Holy s.h.i.t. It’s that thing!’ Lin Fan was stunned. This was the same arm he had smelted in the Heaven and Earth Smelt! How did it end up with him!

Anxious, Lin Fan opened up the panel of the system immediately. Finally, he found the source of it.

‘Eternal Arm: Unknown origins. Invincible eternally. Damaged State.’

‘Eternal Arm?’ Lin Fan was just about to rub his chin with his right arm, but he put it down again immediately in shock. He could have blown off his chin with yet another explosion of the void.

Seemed like this gigantic arm was pretty tactful, huh. Knowing that it could not beat Yours Truly, it chose to give up and surrender. Just that Lin Fan had not fully adapted to this preliminary fusion yet, and required more time adjusting to the power level.

And just then, Lin Fan discovered yet another weird issue. He found that his back was starting to itch. Using his hand to touch, he tried to feel if anything was different.

But for a man like Lin Fan who had the system, nothing could escape his knowledge. After a while, he finally found the issue through the system as well.

‘Heaven and Earth Sutra: The first words to appear between Heaven and Earth. Possesses infinite power. Damaged state.’

What the sh*t!? Why was everything in a damaged state? But even though this Heaven and Earth Sutra was damaged, it should at least have some use, right?

‘Cuckcukoo!’ Chicky, who was in Nirvana state, cried out once more.

Towards the fact that Lin Fan had tossed him aside without much care or concern, he was pretty displeased. To think that he had fought with his life to protect Lin Fan just moments earlier after all. How could Lin Fan not place him as a priority?

"Relax, Chicky, relax! Let me get a grasp of the situation first." Lin Fan shouted to the sh.e.l.l before sinking into his thoughts once more.

This Heaven and Earth Sutra must have some really important use to it, just that he had yet to discover it. But the most important thing right now was to control his right hand properly.

If he were to start destroying every single thing with a lift of his hand, how was he to continue surviving out there?

Lin Fan focused his spirit and soul, stabilizing his True Energy. He then lifted his right hand gently.


Lin Fan could not help but frown. He had just barely lifted it, and the void exploded once more. If not for the fact that the Heavens and s.p.a.cetime had the ability to heal itself, Lin Fan would b.l.o.o.d.y bring down the entire skies before long.

Lin Fan then continued experimenting, looking for different ways about it.



As though the void was something really fragile, it ripped apart continuously. But slowly, Lin Fan began to have an understanding. This should only be temporary now that the arm had not adapted to being attached to Lin Fan’s body. As time pa.s.sed, Lin Fan should gradually regain control of its powers.

Upon realizing this fact, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief as well. But what surprised Lin Fan more was the fact that Eternal Demon Body had evolved to be Eternal Immortality.

Lin Fan’s mind rewound back to moment where he had last pa.s.sed out. Could he have survived only because Eternal Demon Body had evolved to Eternal Immortality?

At times, Lin Fan wondered if he was indeed the main character of this world. As of now, he had met with all sorts of ridiculous situations where one would most likely die under every single circ.u.mstance. But somehow, he managed to get out of them clean and alive. This was akin to a newbie who stepped forth onto the world’s highest peak to challenge the greatest BOSS out there only to have the BOSS die in some sort of funny and ridiculous manner, allowing the newbie to become a powerhouse immediately.

If this Eternal Arm was so d.a.m.n strong, why had it not killed Lin Fan instantly from the start? That alone was worth pondering about.

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. Could it be that he possessed an ability to make one stupid?

The more Lin Fan thought about it, the more possible it seemed.

Thinking of Chicky, the possibility seemed even more real. No matter what, Chicky was the offspring of an Ancient Beast. However, ever since Lin Fan had adopted it, Chicky turned into some sort of a r.e.t.a.r.d without any air of dominance like an Ancient Beast should have.


Lin Fan did not want to think more about whether it was right or wrong. He only believed in what he thought was right.

Looking at his right hand, he couldn’t help but nod in approval. He was going to be so d.a.m.n invincible! Seemed like his life from here on forth could only be described with this phrase.

‘F*ck off against the strong, f*ck up the weak.’

Following this, Lin Fan stood up and patted his backside clean, ready to get Chicky out of his sh.e.l.l.

"Heh, what a different right hand indeed. Even slapping my b.u.t.t is a little painful right now."

Earlier, Lin Fan was filled with a resolution to die along with the gigantic hand. But now, he was joyous beyond anything else.

Phoenix’s Nirvana... Rebirth through fire.

Regarding this fact, Lin Fan knew about it as well. In fact, he was pretty excited to see how Chicky would be like after reincarnation through a bath of fire.

"Don’t worry, Chicky! I’m here to save you now!" Lin Fan took out the Life Seed.

Lin Fan had tried to research using it for a long time, but to no noticeable result. But it didn’t matter to Lin Fan what the purpose of this thing was. His main priority was to get his pet chicken out.

Lin Fan held on to the Life Seed with his right hand, which vibrated gently as if it had a life of its own. It seemed to know what was about to happen.


A crisp sound and this solid Life Seed broke apart into a glowing stream of life, gently transfusing into the sh.e.l.l.

‘Cuckcuckoo!!!’ Within the sh.e.l.l, Chicky cried out elatedly as though it had sniffed something wonderful.


Suddenly, the entire place was engulfed in flames.

‘CUCKOOKOO!’ A series of crows rang through the air.

Within the flames, a shadow was emitting a brilliant glow. It was so radiant that anything within this world would have lost their shine compared to it.

Lin Fan looked at the shadow excitedly.

Phoenix... That was the true phoenix!

Finally, Chicky had turned into a swan from an ugly duckling! Those majestic wings, that slender, curvy body, that tail dancing with flames... So imposing! It was as though every creature in this world was meant to bow down to this marvelous royal creation of a being.

Through the flames, Lin Fan was excited and happy. He had awaited Chicky’s long deserved evolution.

Under the claws of the phoenix shadow, an ancient tree rose from the ground up in the flames as well. It was a tree with a formidable, royal aura.

"Chicky, I knew you wouldn’t let me down!" Lin Fan was so touched he cupped both hands together. Nothing could describe his excitement right now.

‘CUCKCUCKOO!’ Chicky cried out in pride as well.

With a look of antic.i.p.ation, Lin Fan awaited the arrival of his dear Chicky out of the shadows.

The flames disappeared.

And so did the look of excitement on Lin Fan’s face.

‘This…this….!’ Lin Fan was so dumbstruck he could die at this moment.

Chicky was still the Chicky from before, just that his once empty backside now had a short tail on it. But the tail was as good as negligible.

Chicky leaped down from midair. As though he had just woken up from a long slumber, he caressed his body repeatedly. Those almighty claws leaped up into the air onto Lin Fan’s shoulders once more.

The moment he got up, he couldn’t stop rubbing his chicken head against Lin Fan’s cheeks.

‘Cuck! Cuck cuck! Cuck cuck!!!’

Lin Fan’s great expectations were crushed in an instant by Chicky’s appearance.

It was the same featherless chicken, albeit with an extra tail.

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