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‘Heaven and Earth Smelt!’

Lin Fan growled in wrath, a frenzied look on his face. Those eyes of his no longer had any fear in them.

A gigantic glowing smelt suddenly appeared and spun continuously in the air. The dragon danced and coiled around the smelt as the entire underground was filled with this mysterious aura of vicissitude.

"I’ll make you pay!" Lin Fan’s heart calmed down as he held on firmly to that black hand which had pierced through his body.


The door of the smelt opened up. The dragon swallowed Lin Fan whole into his tummy before flying into the smelt.


The Heaven and Earth Smelt slammed itself shut as they were doused in silence. Those golden miniature words floating in the air moved and surrounded the exterior of the smelt. Glowing brightly, they then imprinted themselves on the smelt.


Lin Fan ripped the gigantic hand out of his body. In its place was a huge hollow hole going through his chest, from where blood gushed out like a waterfall.

Lin Fan’s breathing was getting more and more hurried. He struggled to continue standing. Looking at the gigantic hand, he smirked coldly.

The gigantic hand repeatedly banged against the Heaven and Earth Smelt. It could sense that this was a dangerous place from the feeling of this enclosed place. But it was of no use. The smelt refused to budge open.

Looking at the gigantic hand struggling, Lin Fan let out a laugh of fury as well. Even though he didn’t know what the grade of this smelt was, he knew that it could smelt anything between Heaven and Earth.

A black glow suddenly surrounded the gigantic hand as an ancient power erupted forth. As though it was ripping through the air and bent on breaking the Heavens, the black hand punched at the smelt while bringing along infinite power.


The Heaven and Earth Smelt shook slightly. A ripple appeared where the hand had punched, but it disappeared in an instant.

"HAHA! Don’t waste your efforts. This is your doomsday!" Lin Fan laughed maniacally. Blood Sea was working hard on repairing his wounds. But the area where his wounds were seemed to have been sealed with an ancient power, preventing any sort of regeneration.

"Heaven and Earth Smelt, do it…!"

The peaceful smelt started rumbling as the dragon spat fire within it. The walls let out a series of bright glows as the fire started burning furiously.

Right now, Lin Fan and the black hand were in a world of flames.


Lin Fan knelt down on the floor, grasping at his head and crying out tragically. This fire was smelting away at Lin Fan’s physical and mental self once more.

Everything, every single thing in this world would be smelted down by the smelt.

The future, the present, the past… Memories, consciousness... Every single thing was included.

The black hand was flip-flopping within the smelt as a dazzling light appeared from it. It wanted to withstand the power of the smelt, but the dark glow was dimmed immediately as its scale armor began to peel off repeatedly.


The black hand slammed against the smelt repeatedly. But soon, the black hand was writhing in agony as it dropped down from floating in midair.

"HAHA…!!!" Looking at the tragic state of the hand, Lin Fan laughed out like a psychopath as well. Even if he were to die. This hand must die as well.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +5,000,000.’

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +5,000,000.’

The black hand was still struggling. On the black surface of the hand, an ancient power erupted, trying to block the strength of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Smelt harder…!" Lin Fan was giving it his all.


The energy which was beginning to coil around the black hand was ripped apart and disintegrated. The power of the smelt could even destroy the Heaven and Earth.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +6,000,000.’

‘Ding…Congratulations on leveling ‘Eternal Demon Body’. Level 17.’

By now, Lin Fan’s right leg had disappeared.

Even though the experience points of Eternal Demon Body were rising rapidly, the damage Lin Fan was taking in was tremendous as well. His right leg had been smelted entirely by now.

The Heaven and Earth Smelt was used by Lin Fan for smelting weapons, but the smelt itself did not distinguish between what was inside. Anything that entered it would be smelted.


The gigantic black hand collapsed onto the ground of the smelt as well. Against the almighty powerful smelt, the black hand no longer had any strength to fight. Out of its incredibly strong five fingers, it had lost one of them.

But the black hand did not give up as well. Turning around, it aimed at Lin Fan with the remaining four fingers. Shifting slowly in the smelt, it was determined to kill this guy who had dragged itself in.

Lin Fan’s breathing was getting more and more hurried as his body was disintegrating as well. But he could still tell what the arm was up to as he shot a death stare at the arm.

"You wanna kill me and leave this place? F*ck off!" Lin Fan laughed coldly.

"Strongest smelt."

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +100,000,000’

Outside the Dead Demon Seas…

The ma.s.ses floated above the forbidden grounds looking at the sight before them in disbelief. They had not expected the Dead Demon Seas to collapse in entirely.

The ground was sinking, and the seawater was rumbling violently.

"Just what the h.e.l.l is going on!" Elder Qing Huo’s face was terrible. His sect’s disciples were still within there!

The Yao Family’s head had an ominous feeling. The changes that had happened in the Dead Demon Seas recently were far from his initial expectations. Could something big have happened?

"Son…!" The Qin Emperor was feeling extremely terrible. But the seawater that was covering up the Dead Demon Seas continued gushing in, covering up the forbidden ground beneath.


Just then, a distress call rang out of the pouring seawaters.

"Someone’s out!" Elder Qing Huo’s face changed. He swirled his palm in a cyclical motion. Even though the seawaters were gushing like a torrent, under Elder Qing Huo’s control, it gradually swirled like a whirlpool before dripping in a drop at a time.

This was the power of one who could comprehend the energy grid lines, the ability to turn the impossible into a possibility.

"That’s a disciple of our Fiery Flame Sect!" When the saw who it was, Elder Qing Huo’s heart took a leap.

One by one, disciples of the other sects started coming out as well, allowing the other Elders to heave a sigh of relief.

But the Qin Emperor’s gaze did not move. Where was his precious son?

"Just what is going on below?" Those that had come up were interrogated immediately. There was definitely something off with the Dead Demon Seas. This wasn’t how it was inscribed in their records!

"Elder, it’s way too scary below! My Senior Brothers are all dead!" One of the Fiery Flame Sect disciples who had escaped cried out. They had met with all sorts of beasts below, but the scariest of them all was the flaming giant.

"What about your Senior Brother Ceng?" Elder Qing Huo asked.

"Elder, I’ve got no idea. Ever since we entered the place, all of us were sent to different locations. As for Senior Brother Ceng, I’ve got no idea where he is at all."

"Elder, it’s not a forbidden ground down there. It’s practically h.e.l.l! The beasts within are way too scary!"

"Did you see my son? He’s not too tall, pretty short now." Qin Emperor asked anxiously. He had not seen his son come up and was feeling anxious.

"No idea. We’ve got no idea too." One by one, the disciples shook their heads. They never wanted to enter this place ever again.

To even be able to see the light of day was the greatest fortune in their entire lives.

If not for the fact that the entire Dead Demon Seas had started collapsing, there was no way they could have made it out either…

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