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Lin Fan was pretty speechless by now. Seriously now? Was he getting weaker or what? To think that he could even deal with an arm right now.

Suddenly, the arm disappeared into the void right in front of Lin Fan’s eyes. Lin Fan surveyed his surroundings warily. Even though it was just an arm he was dealing with, it was a really powerful arm.

He felt the void behind him vibrating. Turning around instantly, Lin Fan swung down his Eternal Axe.

Clink! Clang!

The arm and the Eternal Axe clashed with one another. However, despite being a legendary weapon, the Eternal Axe couldn’t even leave a scratch on the arm.

Scary… This was freaking darn scary.

To think that even Lin Fan’s physical body state could not withstand a cut from the Eternal Axe, but this arm was just here acting as though nothing was wrong at all.

The gigantic hand raised itself high up into the air. Possessing an immense aura, energy started to culminate towards the hand as black mist started to twist and turn in the air as well. The hand was so big that it could cover the skies right now, giving Lin Fan a repressed feeling.

‘Dragon King’s Hegemony!’

Boosting his power with a golden dragon coiled around his body, Lin Fan gripped the Eternal Axe and screamed in rage.


True Energy erupted from within Lin Fan as his body was bathed in a golden light. The Eternal Axe shone brightly as well as he swung it forward.

The void broke into pieces. It was as though the dazzling glow of the Eternal Axe had ripped the void apart entirely, forming a stream of energy between the real world and it. In this stream, energy grid lines flowed freely. Even though these were all images, this was the strongest skill that Lin Fan knew as of now.

Even the powerful ‘Nirvana Finger’ could not hold a finger to this first stance of the Heavens Splitting three stances.

By now, Lin Fan’s concentration was at its peak. He was like that naked man holding on to the Eternal Axe, determined to split this chaos apart.

A tap had opened inside Lin Fan internally as his True Energy gushed out freely.


The axe was extremely dazzling at this point in time. The moment it came into contact with the hand, it was as though the entire skies were barely resisting the blow from being ripped apart.

‘Is it done…?’

Lin Fan huffed heavily. He had expended half of his True Energy with just this one strike. He had confidence that he could even kill off a greater celestial being with this attack, let alone just this hand.


Just then, Lin Fan discovered in shock that the hand was…alright! Other than a slight decrease in power, it was unharmed otherwise.



The entire Dead Demon Seas started to shake violently. The four walls started to collapse as though they were being torn apart by the force of it.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +5,000,000.’


Lin Fan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He could feel his bones being shattered to pieces with that one single strike. If not for the fact that he had Eternal Demon Body and Blood Sea, he would probably have died in an instant.

Blood Sea was working tirelessly to repair his body right now. Struggling to reach into his storage sack, Lin Fan took out a pill and popped into his mouth. These pills which were precious as gems to outsiders were just mere defensive items for Lin Fan.

‘Ding…convert as experience points?’

Hearing the system’s notification, Lin Fan could not help but fly into a rage. ‘Convert your mother! Use as medicine!’

Usually, when Lin Fan consumed pills, he would always use them as experience points. But to think that he had to rely on the medicinal aspect right now.

The moment the pill entered his mouth, a large soothing energy coursed through his body, rejuvenating his wounds bit by bit.

Still huffing heavily, Lin Fan clutched onto the Eternal Axe.

That one slam had turned Lin Fan into a blood-man, with blood gushing out of his skin from head to toe.

Perhaps, he was going to be truly dead this time round.

Turning around, he looked at Chicky, who was still hiding, and nodded his head while mouthing something.

‘Stay there, do not come out.’

Looking at Lin Fan’s state, Chicky was filled with fear. Terror shone in those eyes of Chicky as his featherless body shivered continuously.

The arm which was lined with scale armor just floated in the air gently, as though it was waiting in antic.i.p.ation.

Lin Fan was probably just like an ant to the arm, an ant it could easily squish in an instant. But to think that an ant could produce such powers gave it a spark of curiosity. However, at the end of the day, an ant was an ant; not worth a mention.

Lin Fan wiped the blood off of his mouth and motioned to the black hand, ‘Come…’

The hand disappeared into the void and appeared before Lin Fan once more. Even though Lin Fan could sense the movements of the hand, his body could no longer catch up with this speed.


With a single slap, this crushing force sent down from the Heavens had Lin Fan’s bones cracking under the pressure once more.


Lin Fan laid on the ground. He did not even have the energy to hold up the Eternal Axe anymore.

This was really it…was the legacy of Saint Devil Sect going to break right here…?

No, he still had Zhang Ergou and the other disciples of his. Saint Devil Sect would not die right here. But, his blood feud for his Senior Brothers…Ni Mingyang…

Lin Fan laid on the ground as his chest pulsated up and down. Fresh blood continued to gush from Lin Fan’s crushed body non-stop.

In the distance, the pitch black hand raised a finger. A black glow surrounded the finger as though it was preparing to land a final attack on Lin Fan.

Hidden in the distance, Chicky wanted to move so badly, to step forth. But fear had rendered his body frozen still.

‘CUCKCUCKOO!!!’ Chicky shut his eyes and screamed out loudly at the top of his lungs. This furious war cry helped to repress the fear in his heart.

Lin Fan had already given up and was lying on the ground, awaiting the arrival of death. But Chicky’s war cry had him opening his eyes in disbelief.

He saw Chicky standing in between him and the arm, raising his featherless wings up high and crying out angrily.

"No, Chicky, don’t do it…" Lin Fan was worried for Chicky. This wasn’t an opponent Chicky could deal with.

Raging fervently, Chicky turned his head slightly and looked at Lin Fan with a resolute face. Hidden behind that rage was a strand of fear.

‘Cuck cuck koo!’ Chicky called out to Lin Fan. But this call had a hint of sadness within it.


Chicky screamed to give himself some morale boost. Shutting his eyes, he dashed towards the black hand.

He wanted to protect Lin Fan.

Chicky’s body glowed with a boundless red light.

This was Chicky’s only move.


The red light disappeared as the finger sent a black beam of light piercing through Chicky’s body.

"CHICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" Lin Fan saw Chicky’s body dropping from midair and screamed in anguish.

Blood began to seep out from Chicky’s mouth as the beam bore a finger sized hole through Chicky’s body, from where fresh blood was gushing out.

The light in Chicky’s eyes began to dim. But he endured the pain and struggled to stand up once more. To Chicky, this pain was immense, and so was the fear in his heart.

Chicky looked at Lin Fan once more. From those tiny eyes of his, two steams of tears fell down.

Those were tears of fear, pain, reluctance to leave…

‘Cuck…cuckcuck…cukooo!’ Chicky cried once more.

This was a final song, Chicky’s farewell to Lin Fan.

Jumping up, blood spurted everywhere from the hole in Chicky’s chest. Chicky cried even harder due to the pain all, but his eyes were firm and resolute.

Chicky had finally learned how to fly.

Flapping in the air, those featherless wings flew. That sharp beak of his pecked at the black hand relentlessly. But to the strong black hand, this was just tickling.

But even so, Chicky was determined not to let this thing bully Lin Fan.

The hand closed its grip on Chicky.

"CHICKY!!!! CHICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lin Fan screamed out in despair.

Caught in the grasp of the hand, Chicky turned to look at Lin Fan one last time.

‘Cuckoo ‘


The black hand tightened its grip. Chicky cried out in terrible pain and finally, fresh blood sprayed all over the air from Chicky’s crushed body.

The remains of Chicky dropped onto the ground, lifeless and unable to be distinguished from the blood and meat.

"F*CK. YOUR. MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lin Fan shrieked as he stumbled towards the black hand.

Every single step he took had a large amount of blood gushing out of him.


The black hand disappeared into the void once more. The next time it reappeared, Lin Fan’s body had been pierced through entirely.

Lin Fan coughed a mouthful of blood onto the black hand’s arm.

Raising his hands with difficulty, Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with boundless hatred.

"You killed my Chicky…Yours Truly will take your f*cking dog life…!"

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