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The temple collapsed entirely as dust clouds filled the underground chamber, not allowing anyone to see what was going on inside.


From within the rubble came a gooseb.u.mp-inducing sound. Lin Fan gripped his Eternal Axe tightly. The battle ahead might just be real tough.


Suddenly, a beam of black light shot out from within the rubble. It pierced through anything in its way, straight up into the skies. Outside the Dead Demon Seas, the six sect Elders, Yao Family’s head and Qin Emperor were waiting patiently.

When they saw the resurgence of the black beam of light, each and every single one of their faces changed.

Even though they did not know what was going on below, they garnered that someone must have gotten the treasure. But the question was: Who was it?

As for those vagrant martial artists, they had already laid down all their traps and sentries. The moment any of them exited the forbidden grounds, these guys would definitely kill them and take everything they had.

They too had come to the Dead Demon Seas back when they were weaker.

Even though it was said that there was an opportunity to gain an extremely rare item, that chance was very slim. Despite their current statuses, the item would still be pretty decent for them.

But now that these series of changes with never before seen events were happening in the Dead Demon Seas, this probably meant that a Heaven Revolting item must have appeared.

The Qin Emperor was fraught with worries as well. He too had a feeling of unease, but he had no way of pinpointing the source of this feeling. All he hoped for was that his son would be safe.

Regarding the Seven Saint’s treasure, he had checked through the records, and there seemed to have been such a great being who had once existed as well. But the gap in their timelines was way too far apart. Therefore, there was a lack of information regarding him. However, it was pretty much confirmed that he had left something behind. Now that his own son had gone down, the Qin Emperor wondered if he had obtained the treasure.

But thinking more about it, he supposed that his son must have gotten it. After all, his son had the secret treasure map.

But what the Qin Emperor did not know was that every single other person who had arrived here had a copy of it as well.

And of course, the reason behind that was all because of his same dear son.


Lin Fan covered his eyes as well. This black beam gave him a really uneasy feeling. It seemed like this was the source of the first black beam that had lasted for an entire day and night.

This time round, the black beam did not last too long before it dissipated.

Within the rubble, Lin Fan caught sight of an old casket erected. The casket looked ancient and mysterious, and was filled with intricate runes and symbols carved on it. The runes were no longer glowing, and had long lost their charm.

On the surface of this casket was coiled a metal chain. But just like the runes, the chain had long lost its effect as well.

Lin Fan’s heart took a jump back. Just what sort of monster was hidden within this that required layers upon layers of seals? Could it be some peerless devil or something?

Facing the possibility of fighting against something so strong had Lin Fan feeling a little fl.u.s.tered as well.

He was used to all the small, casual skirmishes all this while. Now that he had finally b.u.mped his toes on something rough, he was starting to get nervous.

He was praying inside him, ‘Please, don’t let this be something too b.l.o.o.d.y sick, please. You can be a little stronger than usual sure, but please don’t be something too b.l.o.o.d.y G.o.dly…Oh my G.o.d.’


A gutwrenching breathing sound came from within the casket. This sound was like the premonition of an ominous beginning, causing one to feel chills down their spines.




Lin Fan raised his head at the sudden sound. A black cloud vortex had suddenly appeared in the s.p.a.ce above. Spinning continuously, it howled with the sound of a gust of wind, while crackling with lightning. Suddenly, spirits appeared all over the four walls and started howling as well.

The spirits had lived within the walls. But with the appearance of the vortex, all of them were sucked into it one by one.

Lin Fan took a few steps back. Mother t*ts, I’ll smack you hard while you’re down.

What was happening right now was definitely the prelude to the unsealing of the casket. Lin Fan intended to break the casket before it got a chance to get out.

A glow surrounded Lin Fan immediately. Those mischievous eyes of Lin Fan turned extremely serious and firm as well.

‘Nirvana Finger.’

‘Firmament Sword.’

The void vibrated violently. Those two auras mixed with one another vigorously, and spun into a long beam, devastating the entire void.


Lin Fan could not believe his very eyes. The black vortex was fine without a single scratch while continuing to channel its very last energy.

‘Useless?!?’ Lin Fan panicked.


The long channeling black vortex culminated into a single ball suddenly. In the blink of an eye, it all flowed into the casket without a single sound or trace. Everything went silent, without any additional movement.

The erected stone casket was surrounded by a black mist. The mist was like a malicious looking face, swirling around as it willed, as though mocking out at the rest of the world.

And just then, the stone casket burst right open. The inside of the casket was filled with a black smoke.

A gigantic pitch-black arm stretched out from within. Its palm was entirely black as well, but its fingernails were deep green.

The moment the hand appeared, all the black smoke began swirling and shrinking, eventually seeping entirely into the arm.

When Lin Fan finally made clear of what it was, he was dumbfounded as well. To think that it was just a mere arm!

An arm without a body!

The pitch black gigantic arm glistened brightly with a glow that sent shivers down one’s spine. A series of golden little miniscule words coiled around the arm like a chain. Even though Lin Fan could not make out what the words were, he could feel an ancient aura emanating from it.

Suddenly, the hand shook a little. Small little scales began to appear and line the entire arm. As though they had lost their home, the minuscule golden words floated into the air one by one.

Lin Fan gulped down his saliva once more. He would be sh*tting no one if he said that he wasn’t afraid right now. Chicky, who was hiding somewhere while looking at the scene, was also so afraid that he had hid his little chicken head under his wing and was trembling nonstop. Evidently, he was at the peak of his fear.

The five fingers of the arm slowly stretched open before closing again, letting out the sounds of bone cracking continuously.

It was as though the arm was feeling stiff after being locked for so long.

Lin Fan took a look through the system immediately to check the cultivation base of this arm.

These three question marks had Lin Fan stupefied.

There were only two possibilities. Either the system could not verify the cultivation base of the other party, which was the best case, or…the other party’s cultivation base might be so high that even the system could not understand it.

And of course, Lin Fan was praying hard for the first case.

As though it had felt Lin Fan’s presence, the hand’s five fingers suddenly stretched open. Five beams of black light, which were like unblockable blades, flew towards Lin Fan, attempting to slice him up.

‘Firmament Sword.’

In a shock, Lin Fan immediately used his Sword Will and threw it towards the five beams of black light. But under Lin Fan’s frightful gaze, his Sword Will broke apart instantly, unable to withstand their strength at all


The five beams of black light clashed with the Eternal Axe as the powerful resultant force threw Lin Fan backward for a few hundred meters.

Lin Fan could only stare at the gigantic arm with his mouth agape. Even though his physical body state was that of a lesser celestial full cultivation, his hands were trembling right now, even after blocking the attack with the Eternal Axe.


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