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The flaming giant roamed freely in this creepy and dark underworld. Those ignorant vagrant martial artists and sect disciples viewed him as a walking treasure chest.

Lugged under the gigantic left hand of his was a treasure chest. The chest gave off a unique aura, baiting everyone to think that something precious was hidden within it.

In fact, even Lin Fan was nearly baited by his ploy and lured in by the greed.

Along the way, Lin Fan had witnessed the flaming giant exterminating off waves of vagrant martial artists. All of their deaths were chilling to the bones.

On the bodies of those vagrant martial artists, Lin Fan found a single item.

‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’. It wasn’t full, but it indicated the Dead Demon Seas with a single sentence.

‘Ancient Almighty Treasure…’

Lin Fan sighed. This was all the work of greed. But wasn’t this place seriously way too evil? The Fiery h.e.l.l did not even seem like it was 1% as evil as this place.

But this should not be the work of the Seven Saints.

The flaming giant walked along a path, pacing back and forth as though it was waiting for more prey.

Even though the cultivation base of this flaming giant was that of a lesser celestial middle level, based on Lin Fan’s observation, his fighting strength was definitely way higher than that.

Not wanting to alarm it or anything, Lin Fan looked for a separate path and headed down another way. No matter what, he had to get to the bottom of this mysterious place.

Searching continuously, Lin Fan could sense a strong aura coming from the depths of this place. The aura was familiar yet foreign at the same time.


Just then, a series of tragic cries rang out from that murky darkness.

While frowning, Lin Fan hastened his steps forward.

A temple existed underneath this place. It wasn’t big, but it was floating gently in midair. The temple was hoisted by chains latched onto the nearby walls. Every single coil of these chains had a series of mysterious emblems and symbols glowing on it, as though it was suppressing some sort of evil being.

As for the temple that was being hoisted, it seemed like it was bathed in a pool of blood. Filled with bloodstains, there were many runic symbols and marks which had lost their G.o.dly glow due to wear and tear.

In front of the temple was a raised platform with 4 spiked pillars on each corner. A human figure was pinned there on one of the pillars.

Hidden in the darkness, Lin Fan squinted his eyes and look over. Little did he expect that the person who was pinned on the pillar was none other than Teng Long.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you! Return me my body!" Teng Long who was pinned onto one of the pillars howled malevolently. However, in that savage look was a hint of fear within.

Teng Long had descended into the Dead Demon Seas to complete his grand plan of revival.

Even though this sh.e.l.l that he was using right now was pretty decent, it was probably only about medium grade to him at best. If he wanted to return to his peak form, he needed a way stronger vessel.

After much pains and trials, he had finally managed to find the legendary abode where he had once fallen. But when he arrived, he was shocked speechless by the sight before him.

The Jade White Bones he had left behind had disappeared. And the place which the bones were placed in was sealed in by a series of chains.

Within the dark temple came the sound of a slow, deep emanating breathing. It was like a heart beating, solemn yet ghastly.

A black light shone and on the platform appeared a decomposing skeleton.

Teng Long was dumbfounded. This was one of his Jade White Skeletons. But it was now blackened and charred like a piece of trash. Teng Long’s sinister face gradually turned grimmer as the flames dancing in his eyes snuffed out.

Across Teng Long’s chest ripped a wide cut, with fresh blood spraying out. A Jade White Skeleton forced itself out of Teng Long’s body in that instant.

"I will never let you off!" The half floating Jade White Skeleton’s mouth did not move, but the voice resonated within the empty walls.

Behind the Jade White Skeleton, the void rippled like a pebble dropping onto the water surface. A gap then opened up, as the Jade White Skeleton stepped in to leave this place.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt a strong opposing force from within the void separating them. The gap opened by the Jade White Skeleton closed shut immediately.

The Jade White Skeleton was extremely shocked. It had not expected things to come down to this. Using all ten of its skeleton fingers, it grasped futilely at the air, trying to open the gap once more, but to no avail.

Within the bloodstained temple, dozens of gigantic hands formed from a black mist shot out in the direction of the Jade White Skeleton.

"Sun’s Blaze!"

The Jade White Skeleton clasped all ten fingers together and suddenly, seven rotations of an extremely bright light appeared.

‘Seven Saints Glorious Records’?

Lin Fan was watching with his jaws agape right now. From the moment the Jade White Skeleton had appeared, he knew what was happening.

He had clearly killed Teng Long. Now that Teng Long was alive and running here, it must definitely be the work of the Jade White Skeleton.


Despite the skill, the Jade White Skeleton was caught firmly within the grasp of the gigantic black hands. No matter how much it resisted, it was useless. Eventually, it was dragged into the depths of that dark temple.

The silence that ensued was deafening.

Lin Fan held on to his breath tightly while watching. What the f*ck? That was the end of that seven saint? Wasn’t the ending of this guy way too pitiful?

It had originally planned long and far ahead. But all his plans were destroyed by this mysterious ent.i.ty. Not only that, it would probably be absorbed or used by this ent.i.ty as well.

Lin Fan prepared to leave. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, this was way too scary. No matter what sort of treasure was hidden within this place, Lin Fan no longer wanted any part of it.

Compared to his precious life, this treasure was something he could do without.

Lin Fan’s heart was filled with hatred at the same time. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Plans weren’t supposed to go wrong like these.

Why the h.e.l.l were the forbidden grounds all so cryptic!

The forbidden grounds were supposed to be places where one could easily turn into a rich a*s with just with one fell swoop. But this place was just a G.o.dd.a.m.n death inducing piece of sh*t!

Just as Lin Fan prepared to leave, he sensed a feeling of impending doom right behind him.

Without turning back, Lin Fan dashed forth. But when he realized what was happening, his heart thumped furtively. Could the other party discover Lin Fan even under his Stealth state?!

But that was impossible, wasn’t it? As long as Lin Fan did not move in his Stealth mode, even a greater celestial would not be able to sense his presence.

Just then, within the bloodstained temple, numerous black hands shot out and flew in the direction of Lin Fan.

He barely managed to dodge them.

What the f*ck? What kind of sick sh*t was this?

Lin Fan wanted to leave the hole he came from. But the moment he reached the exit, it was blocked by a dense number of black hands holding onto one another, sealing his only way out.

"Brother! Let’s talk this out!" Lin Fan shouted out in a ditch attempt. He could only hope that this guy hidden within the temple could give him a chance.

But alas, that was wishful thinking on his part as well…

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