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Lin Fan wiped beads of sweat from his forehead silently. Wasn’t this world way too dangerous? This forbidden ground was so b.l.o.o.d.y f*cked up, yet why did people still stream in to explore continuously?

Ceng Hailong was snarling maliciously on the ground.


Instantaneously, Ceng Hailong’s body caught fire. Those fiery red flames slowly turned black like the flames of h.e.l.l.

"What the…! Don’t tell me he’s gonna transform into Fireboy!" Lin Fan looked at the sight in shock, unable to believe what was going on.

But this wasn’t the end of everything, not yet. Something seemed to be raring to burst out of Ceng Hailong’s body, as there were thumping sounds coming from within him.

His back arched upwards suddenly.


A pair of bone wings burning with black flames sprouted from the back of his body. Slowly, his scalp began to peel open as a malicious looking skull protruded from it.

Gradually, Lin Fan was stunned in shock.

A flaming giant made up of spikey bones appeared.


The growl of the flaming giant possessed boundless hatred. It was as if a vengeful spirit were dancing in its black flames.

Lesser Celestial middle level.

Just by looking at it, Lin Fan was stunned. Wasn’t the power jump way too serious? From a pericelestial full cultivation to a lesser celestial middle level in the blink of an eye?

At the same time, Lin Fan felt a shred of sympathy for Ceng Hailong, ‘Sigh, why did you have to go and pop the pill for no reason? Look at what happened to you right now? Goodness Christ.’

But Lin Fan had no intentions of killing this Ceng Hailong who had transformed into a flaming giant. He just followed behind intently. He had to see just where this guy was headed to.

With the bulked build of the flaming giant, every single step it took was a few feet wide. Every single footstep it left behind was still burning with the black flames.

Shadowing the flaming giant, Lin Fan had a curiosity to test out just how strong these flames that were still burning on the ground were.

Even though the flaming giant was at a lesser celestial middle level, the flames that it was carrying seemed to be pretty outrageous.

Stretching out his hand to gently touch the flames, the notifications rang out from the system.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +10,000.’

‘Chey. That’s nothing much.’ Lin Fan was evidently disappointed. He thought that the flames would be pretty darn strong. But to think that they only gave 10,000 experience points. What a pity!

Sizzle sizzle…

The flaming giant suddenly stopped in its tracks. Turning that hideous face of him, he looked at the footprints left behind and let out a terrible snarl.

Lin Fan fanned his hands. Goodness! The snarl by the flaming giant had an extremely terrible smell. Although this was probably a baby compared to Yao Wuxie, it was still pretty bad.


The flames in the giant’s eyes danced, as though it had caught sight of something. But no matter how it looked, it couldn’t find the presence of Lin Fan.

After growling a couple more times, it continued on its way.

 Lin Fan continued to trail closely. But this time round, he made sure not to make any contact with the flames on the ground. Perhaps the flames left behind were like the eyes of the flaming giant and he could sense it the moment anyone touched them.

Lin Fan continued following the flaming giant for quite some time, but it just continued heading forth into the distance.

Along the way, Lin Fan did b.u.mp into other people. However, the flaming giant was large with an imposing aura. Hence, n.o.body dared to fight it head on and were all hiding away from it.

Suddenly, the flaming giant stopped. As though it had a consciousness of its own, it dragged out a treasure chest from a hidden corner nearby.

The treasure chest glowed with an unusual aura, evidently seeming exquisite. Lin Fan was stumped. Could it be that the flaming giant intended to lure the disciples of those sects with this treasure chest?

Hidden in the surroundings currently were disciples of three sects: Xianling Sect, Tongtian Sect, and Bodhisattva Sect.

They had already lost several of their own fellow disciples. In fact, they hadn’t even managed to find every single other fellow disciple from their respective sects who had entered. For those not found, their chances of being alive should be pretty slim.

Ever since they headed down, not only did they not find any treasure, they didn’t even find any jacksh*t.

In their perspective, their sects must have probably made a mistake. After all, they had been to forbidden grounds in the past as well. The treasures there were easily obtainable without having to go through such difficulties.

"Senior Brother Yang, take a look at that treasure chest in the flaming giant’s hands!" One of the disciples pointed over in greed.

"There must be a precious treasure within that treasure chest!"

"That’s right. This place is so b.l.o.o.d.y suspicious. To think that we haven’t found anything thus far. Therefore, the treasure must lay within that chest!"

"Lesser celestial middle level. Hmm. If all of us here were to cooperate together, we should be able to deal with him alright."

"Deal. Alright then, we’ll form the front formation to fight it. While it’s distracted, take the chance to a.s.sa.s.sinate it from the sides. Once we get the treasure, we’ll split it evenly."


Just as Lin Fan himself was about to strike, something happened ahead.

"Form up!"


Just then, disciples of the three sects appeared and surrounded the flaming giant.

Lin Fan observed the situation. Even though the flaming giant was a lesser celestial middle level, it should not be able to withstand this attack. After all, there were countless strong disciples within the sects as well.

But something weird happened.

The flaming giant tossed the treasure chest above the heads of the disciples.

The disciples of the three sects immediately dashed up for the treasure chest and opened it greedily.

But the moment they did that, a black light shot out from the treasure chest.


"Senior Brother…!"

"Junior Brother…!"

A series of tragic cries rang out.

Lin Fan looked at the scene stupefied as well. How could this be?

The moment the treasure chest was opened, the black light separated into multiple smaller beams of black lights. Each of them were like razor sharp swords, piercing through all the disciples present in the area.

Some of them were pierced through the head, pinning them to the walls with it. Some were sliced cleanly into halves with their flesh and blood splattered everywhere. The scene was horrifying.

Some of the disciples with a higher cultivation base managed to escape by a hair’s breadth and remain alive.

There seemed to be some unknown force beneath the ground, sucking onto the blood of these victims. Draining, draining, draining... Eventually, the corpses turned into dried skin and bones.

Looking at the state of these corpses, Lin Fan was stunned.

This scene was extremely familiar. Didn’t he see this back in…Tuodi Shrine!??!

"Evil spirits?!?"

Lin Fan started to feel fear and was no longer just here to watch a show. If this were real, then things would get extremely sticky from here on…

Could it be that the black beam that shot out from the Dead Demon Seas was no sign of a precious treasure being born in the first place? Could it have all been a lure to attract people down to this place?

Thinking back the circ.u.mstances earlier. The moment the major sects wanted to block out the vagrant martial artists from entering, a gap opened immediately, giving them the chance to enter.

Was it all really just happenstance? Perhaps this was all premediated…

Those disciples who had barely managed to escape muttered under their breath panickily, "Let’s go…!"

The flaming giant whose motion was not too swift all this while suddenly disappeared into the void. When it next appeared, it pierced the body of one of the escaping disciples with its long and sharp fingernails.


All of the disciples who were trying to escape were murdered one after another by this flaming giant. Standing there, the malicious-looking giant grinned. Lifting up its hand, it swallowed all of the disciples it had caught in its fingernails whole.


Lin Fan’s heart was thumping furiously. The true strength of this flaming giant was definitely more than that of a lesser celestial middle level!

After swallowing the corpses, the flaming giant took up the treasure chest and walked forward in a clumsy manner once more.

Anyone who didn’t know better would have definitely thought that it was a free treasure chest walking about.

But in Lin Fan’s eyes, this was a death G.o.d swaggering about…

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