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"d.a.m.n it…!" Qing Huo cursed under his breath as he waved away his hand and all the aura disappeared instantly. d.a.m.n these vagrant martial artists!

"Disciples, gather! All of you are to enter the forbidden grounds! If you b.u.mp into any vagrant martial artists, kill all of them!" Qing Huo said with a harsh expression. The only thing he was afraid of was of any of them being lucky enough to get away with any precious treasure or anything. To prevent that from happening, all he could do was to give the kill order to his disciples.

"Yes, elder!" All the Fiery Flame Sect disciples nodded their heads.

The other sects let all of their disciples within the forbidden grounds as well along with the Yao Family.

The Qin Emperor stood there, looking at the gap, trying to peer within it. However, there was a strange force that seemed to be veiling the gap. When he tried to touch the gap himself, he found himself being repelled by the same force.

Truly, this forbidden ground was strictly for anyone with a cultivation base below that of a greater celestial.

The moment Lin Fan leaped through the gap, he kept himself in Stealth mode. He did not know what to expect below. Thus, it was safer to remain in Stealth after all.

But the moment Lin Fan landed, he was shocked by the sight before him.


A series of growls and roars filled the forbidden grounds. All around him were beasts that moved around continuously like ghosts. It was a chilling sight to behold.

None of these beasts had any physical body. They were all beast spirits.


A series of tragic cries rang over. Lin Fan looked over and found out that when those vagrant martial artists dropped down from the gap above, they landed in the middle of the beast spirits. The eyes of the beast spirits were bloodshot as they rushed to tear the vagrant martial artists apart like wolves.

Their deaths were extremely violent and horrible.

F*ck man…wasn’t this just a trap?!?

Lin Fan realized that the gap which had just appeared was just a death-inducing trap!

It was a good thing that he remained in Stealth mode. Even though his physical body state might be able to endure the attacks of these beast spirits, but who knew if there might be any exceptionally strong ones which could have killed him.

"Ahhh!!! Help…!!!"

A vagrant martial artist had landed near Lin Fan and was being chewed on by multiple beast spirits. Eventually, he was torn into pieces. His blood slowly seeped into the ground as well, and eventually, any remaining traces of him disappeared entirely.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and looked around. This place was like h.e.l.l itself, s.p.a.cious and wide, without any end. A series of pathways meandered down from the top, swirling and turning around the whole place.

When Lin Fan raised his head, all he saw were steep walls. There was no sign of the gap they came down from.

Apparently, those who entered from the main entrance would enter from a different place than where they were right now.

Lin Fan surveyed the beast spirits. All of them were around pericelestial level.

If he were to kill this dense pack of spirits, the experience points would probably be quite substantial as well. But he ought to start searching for the secret hidden within the Dead Demon Seas. After all, that was the most important thing. Anything else would be a waste of time.

Lin Fan tried to fly into the air to travel, but he couldn’t as if a force were dragging him down. Seemed like flying was restricted in this place, and he could only depend on walking.

These were the types of places which Lin Fan hated the most. Not only were they ugly, but they were full of restrictive rules.

Lin Fan dodged left and right, stepping carefully so as to not b.u.mp into any beast spirits. On the pathway spiraling downwards, Lin Fan noticed that there were a lot of holes. Some of the vagrant martial artists who were more powerful and had managed to escape the grasp of the beast spirits ended up having to escape in a sorry state using these holes.


Lin Fan sighed. This Dead Demon Seas was practically a forbidden ground which demanded one’s life.

After a while, Lin Fan managed to dodge the beast spirits and reach a hole. It was then that he realized that there was a commotion happening amongst the spirits.

Looking over, he found a person hunting down these beast spirits like a madman. Shouting and roaring, it was as though he was an ancient roman gladiator, fearless and fierce.

But to Lin Fan, this was just another idiot. Instead of searching for the treasure, he was wasting his time on all these spirits. There were so many of them that it’d probably take him forever to clear them out.

Ignoring this man, Lin Fan jumped into a hole as well.

Somewhere else…

Teng Long was checking out his surroundings. On that grim face of his was a look of disbelief.

"Not right…not right! Why has the Dead Demon Seas changed like this?!?" Crushing a beast spirit in his hand, Teng Long stared at this familiar yet foreign place.

"My burial ground! Where the h.e.l.l is it!" Teng Long was fuming right now. This was not how he had expected things to be! This present Teng Long was no longer the Teng Long he used to be. This was a body possessed by the Jade White Bones.

The sole purpose of the Jade White Bones was to find somebody with an extraordinarily incredible potential to act as a vessel. Even though Teng Long’s potential was pretty amazing, it was far from the expectations of the bones.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare he feed the Heaven Revolting Life Changing pill which I had secretly stored a strain of my G.o.dly consciousness into to a b.l.o.o.d.y black dog." Teng Long’s eyes burned with fury as he snorted coldly and continued walking.

As Lin Fan continued further down the place, he was just filled with a feeling of unease. The walls seemed to be especially pressurizing, with a threatening aura coming from the depths of this place.

There was definitely something wrong with this Dead Demon Seas, and Lin Fan was sure that the beam of black light was not the work of the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’. But if that were the case, just what sort of thing was lurking within this place?

Just then, Lin Fan heard the sounds of a scuffle ahead, and he headed forth to check it out.

"Hand over the thing!" A disciple of Fiery Flame Sect, Ceng Hailong, laughed coldly as he looked at the vagrant martial artist in front of him.

Ever since they entered from the main entrance, Ceng Hailong found himself alone. It was as though a mysterious force had separated him and all his other Junior Brothers who had come in with him.

Even though this would most likely pose a greater danger for them to be separated, Ceng Hailong didn’t mind it at all. After all, this meant that it was also easier to kill off others for any treasures.

Along the way, Ceng Hailong found this guy who had been acting shiftily and sneakily, hiding around. His heart then took a leap. This vagrant martial artist must have found something really good.

"Impossible…" The man opposing Ceng Hailong was a random vagrant martial artist. The moment he arrived through the gap, he found a treasure chest containing a single pill. Now that someone was trying to rob him of it, there was no way he would just let it go.

Even though he didn’t know what sort of pill this was, but for it to exist within the forbidden grounds must mean that it must be something incredible.

"Hmph, courting death…" Ceng Hailong was enraged. Transforming into a monster like state, he hit out with both palms, sending a long red beam towards the vagrant martial artist.

Exiting from the hole, Lin Fan hid himself in a corner and observed the fight.

Ceng Hailong’s cultivation base was at pericelestial full cultivation, while the vagrant martial artist was at pericelestial middle level.

Victory was determined in an instant.

"Hmph, know your place." The vagrant martial artist laid on the floor with a gigantic hole in his chest where the red beam had shot through, as Ceng Hailong snorted in disdain and looked for the pill.

Holding onto the pill, he let out a grin.

One could easily tell of the quality of pills by just a simple sniff. This pill’s aroma was fragrant and set one at ease almost immediately.

Opening his mouth, Ceng Hailong gulped the pill immediately. He was a disciple of a big sect. Therefore, he was definitely more knowledgeable and discerning than these average vagrant martial artists. The reason why that guy didn’t dare to consume the pill was because he wasn’t sure of the side effects. But Ceng Hailong could definitely guarantee that this pill would boost his own powers.

Looking at this, Lin Fan who was in Stealth mode wanted to step out to say something. But it was too late.

Something was changing with Ceng Hailong.

Waiting for the wondrous effects of the pill, Ceng Hailong stood still. Suddenly, in that instant, he clutched his chest! It was as though his brain had stopped functioning!

Those confident eyes of his were replaced with looks of fear.

"Argh…!!!" Ceng Hailong collapsed onto the floor, clutching his head as he screamed in pain…

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