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Along the way, Yao Wuxie pointed at his surroundings repeatedly, as though all of it was due to his credit. And when he got especially excited at something, he would ignore all the weird gazes of the pa.s.sers-by altogether as he guffawed in laughter.

Lin Fan smiled in helplessness at times, wondering what sort of man Yao Wuxie must be to be able to grow up in this manner.

While strolling, Lin Fan had come across members of not less than five different sects. Puzzled, he asked Yao Wuxie if the Dead Demon City was a place where many different sects gathered.

But Yao Wuxie’s reply had Lin Fan even more suspicious that something must be going on here.

"Brother, let’s go have a seat inside." Yao Wuxie stopped in front of a shophouse.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked at the signboard. ‘Moonview Shop’. But the colorful girls filled with makeup made it all clear to Lin Fan. This was a brothel.

"Aiyo, the Yao young master is here! Please, have a seat please!" The moment the old female brothel keeper saw Yao Wuxie, she dashed forward to greet him immediately.

"Hey keeper, is the lead girl playing anything today?" Yao Wuxie asked.

"Yes of course! She’s waiting for you, Yao young master!" The fat and old brothel keeper waved her handkerchief excitedly while bringing Yao Wuxie inside. As for Lin Fan? He was mistaken as one of Yao Wuxie’s lackeys as well.

Looking at how familiar he was with the place, Lin Fan surmised that Yao Wuxie must be a regular here.

Just then, the sweet sound of a Chinese zither rang through the halls. Lowering his head and sipping his tea, Lin Fan could not help but look up at the beautiful source of music. In the middle of the stage, a woman masked with a veil was plucking on the zither with her delicate hands. Every single sound it made was so emotional that it tugged at one’s heartstrings.

Yao Wuxie rested his chin on his hand with an elbow on the table, evidently enchanted by this beauty. Even though she stopped, the beautiful music lingered within the hollows of the halls.

"With your family’s background and power, I’m sure you can get her easily if you’ve taken a liking to her, can’t you?" Looking at the mesmerized Yao Wuxie, Lin Fan laughed out softly.

Even though she was veiled, Lin Fan could still tell that she had sharp features, although, not that this had anything to do with Lin Fan. After all, the world was filled with beauties, and he would not falter so easily.

Yao Wuxie shook his head with a dark look in his eyes, "A flower is the most beautiful when you observe it. If you pluck it out, you may destroy its perfection. Furthermore, being with someone like me may not bring her happiness"’

"Alright, Da Ha, bring some money forth to tip her. Miss Qian Yu, one more please!" At the viewing area, Yao Wuxie clapped and cheered.

Upon hearing the voice, Qian Yu nodded her head gently towards Yao Wuxie and continued playing her zither.

Actually, Yao Wuxie was not a l.u.s.tful man. However, he made it a point to visit this place every day. After all, listening to this sweet music made him feel as though everything was alright in the world for him, even if it were just momentary.

"Refined, aren’t you, sixth Brother?" Just then, a peculiar voice came from elsewhere.

Yao Wuxie, who was intoxicated in the music, bolted up suddenly with a pale face. He then turned around slowly.

Lin Fan looked over as a man walked over slowly. Just like Yao Wuxie, this man’s clothing had the emblem of the five claws.

"Fifth Brother…" Yao Wuxie had not expected his fifth Brother, Yao Tengfei, to be here.

 "I heard that 3rd and 4th Brother went to look for you just yesterday? To think that you’ve recovered so quickly and are straightaway leading a dissolute life right here… Man, living it up now, aren’t you? Hmm, seems like the girl up there is pretty decent. It’s been some time since I’ve been here. To think that the Moonview Shop would produce such a quality product after all these times and I didn’t even know, huh?" Yao Tengfei laughed out coldly.

Of course, he knew that his sixth Brother had taken a liking to this zither playing girl. But that was exactly the point. He wanted to look at the anguished look on his sixth brother’s face as he s.n.a.t.c.hed away the girl he liked right before his very eyes. It was not as though this trash would dare to fight back anyways.

"Hey keeper, c’mere! Get that zither girl here to accompany me!" Yao Tengfei shouted and beckoned towards the brothel keeper.

The fat old brothel keeper’s face was pale as a sheet. She knew that something was bound to happen now as she looked at Yao Wuxie and then at Yao Tengfei.

Both of these men were not people she could afford to offend.

"What? Did you not hear what I said?" Yao Tengfei hissed coldly.

 "No…no…! Qian Yu…come…come over here! The Yao’s 5th young master is calling for you…!" The brothel keeper stammered trying to please Yao Tengfei.

"Oh? You’ve got a new lackey around you eh, sixth Brother?" Yao Tengfei looked at Lin Fan, who was sitting stilly, and laughed mockingly.

"Fifth Brother, he’s my friend." Yao Wuxie frowned, but he didn’t dare to rebuke too insolently.

"Oh? Ha! Well, anybody a trash like you knows is definitely a trash as well, isn’t it? You there! Stand up! You don’t have the rights to be sitting down here!" Yao Tengfei pointed a finger at Lin Fan and ordered.

In the Dead Demon City, the Yao Family was the biggest. No matter who it was that came to the city, the family didn’t give a s.h.i.t. Furthermore, Yao Wuxie was the trashiest of all trash to him, a b.l.o.o.d.y rotten orange Yao Tengfei could squish instantly.

Yao Wuxie gripped his fists tightly, "Fifth Brother, he’s my friend. Please. Don’t. Insult. My. Friend.’

"My, my. Isn’t your mouth way too big for someone who’s so weak? What now? You’re trying to quibble with your fifth Brother here now, eh?" Yao Tengfei stood up angrily and snorted coldly.

And just then, Qian Yu was approaching slowly. Looking at her arriving, Yao Tengfei let out a cold laugh.

Raising his hand, he slapped Yao Wuxie tightly on the cheek.

"I’m telling you here and now. You’re just a trash in the Yao Family. Better watch your tone from now on." Yao Tengfei spat out coldly.

Qian Yu stood where she was, stunned at what happened. Da Ha and the other lackeys were trembling with rage, but they knew that they had to hold it in. Otherwise, their young master would suffer even further.

Seated there, Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly as well. This was the first time he wanted to punch someone so badly.

On Yao Wuxie’s pale white face, a red mark of five fingers began to appear. But Yao Wuxie bore with it despite the anger in his heart.

"Yes, fifth Brother." He lowered his head in shame. He had just lost all his dignity in front of this newfound friend, and he wondered what Lin Fan would think of him from now on.

Yao Wuxie felt so helpless and small in the world right now. It was as though no place in this world could belong to someone as worthless as himself, as he trembled uncontrollably.

And it was at this moment when he found support in the form of a hand resting on his shoulder.

Lin Fan had stood up. Looking straight at Yao Tengfei, he carried on, "That’s too much."

"Ha? Oh, so now you wanna stand up and seek redressal for this piece of trash now? But then again, I doubt this trash would dare to. Is your fifth Brother speaking the truth huh, sixth Brother?" Yao Tengfei taunted Yao Wuxie. Even if he were to give Yao Wuxie a hundred brand-new pieces of guts, this guy would definitely not have the guts to stand up against him.

Yao Wuxie’s head was still lowered as he didn’t know what to do next.

Qian Yu’s gentle voice floated over, "Young Master Yao…"

Upon hearing this voice, Yao Wuxie’s head bent even lower, and trembled even more. She must have witnessed the entire scene, and yet he could do nothing about being a trash.

Looking at Yao Wuxie, Lin Fan was helpless as well.

This man’s personality was too gentle. Enduring all he could. If things were to not change, how would he be like in the future?

Bending his head as well, Lin Fan whispered in Yao Wuxie’s ears, "If you continue to just endure and give in, you’ll have to watch your so-called 5th Brother ravish this girl that you like. Is that what you want? Even if you know that you’re weaker than him right now, you mustn’t live a life of regrets. Otherwise, even if you do manage to take revenge in the future, that would only be the action of a coward."

"I…" Yao Wuxie looked at Lin Fan, struggling terribly within his heart.

"Here, come over to me. Let me pamper you slowly and lovingly." Yao Tengfei beckoned towards Qian Yu.

Qian Yu was stunned in her tracks, somewhat afraid.

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