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‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Special Body Type: ‘Doomed Poison Body’.’

‘Doomed Poison Body (Unactivated): Doomed to suffer an entire life of misfortune and tragedies.’

‘A rare body type that’s nearly extinct in the Xuanhuang World.’

Holding on to Yao Wuxie tightly, Lin Fan was stumped. To someone like him who had crossed from another world, how would he not be familiar with the existence of special body types? But this situation right now had Lin Fan feeling extremely bewildered. Most of the people who had special body types were gifted and formidable et cetera. Why the h.e.l.l was Yao Wuxie’s case so unlucky?

And what puzzled Lin Fan was the word unactivated. What the h.e.l.l? Did this mean that it had to be activated somehow?

Lin Fan had always placed talented people in high regards. However, this was a sticky situation right now, because even Lin Fan himself did not know what this person had to do to activate it.

"Hey buddy, what’s up? Is there anything wrong? Don’t tell me that I’ve been inflicted with some terminal disease or something, eh?" Yao Wuxie looked at Lin Fan with a surprised face.

From Lin Fan’s weird expression, Yao Wuxie could tell that something was wrong.

"No, not really. I was just thinking about some stuff. Say, when did you begin to start farting?" Lin Fan asked in puzzlement.

Yao Wuxie’s face flushed red as he thought that Lin Fan had still not gotten over what happened earlier. Embarra.s.sed, he continued, "Erm, well, this is not a secret or anything really. I guess I started when I was around five years old… But trust me brother, my farts weren’t really this powerful back then. It’s just in these recent years that when I fart, erm, bad things like what happened to you would happen occasionally."

"And no one has ever diagnosed you for it?"

"They have! All the reputable and famous doctors of the Dongling Continent have looked at me, but they could not find the cause of it. But oh well, I think it’s fine as long as I’m used to it. After all, I haven’t fallen sick even once so far in my life!" Yao Wuxie guffawed.

Lin Fan nodded his head. He had a conjecture, but he could only guess at it. Seemed like it was a good thing for Yao Wuxie that this Doomed Poison Body had yet to be activated.

Even though he was doomed to misfortune, perhaps each and every fart of his was to get rid of all the impurities in his body. After all, everyone’s body contained some of them. Even a greater celestial cultivation base master would not dare to claim that his body contained zero impurities at all.

Everyone was born with impurities. If one wished to get rid of it, there was no other way than to work hard at some skills or some other ways to do so.

But to have them cleared entirely was practically just an impossible dream.

"Alright now, brother. You go and have a good rest. I’ll take you out for a stroll in the city tomorrow. Don’t worry. With me, Yao Wuxie, around, no one would dare to bully you or anything." Yao Wuxie patted on Lin Fan’s shoulders and left.

He then touched his own bruised and swollen face. It hurt indeed. But after all these years of abuse, he had grown used to it.

Looking at Yao Wuxie leave, Lin Fan could not stop thinking about it.

Just how was one supposed to activate a Special Body Type?

And to think that a single fart of his could kill before his body type had even been activated? Then wouldn’t the whole world just die after he activated it?

The moment he thought of this, Lin Fan shuddered for a moment. Whew. If not for the fact that his physical body state was so strong, he might perhaps have died from the fart alone.

Yao Family’s Secret Chamber…

"Old Master…there seems to be quite a number of sects arriving at the Dead Demon City recently. I am afraid that something within the Dead Demon Seas must have attracted their attention…" A middle-aged man was kneeling in front of an old man.

The old man in the secret chamber was draped in green robes and had his eyes closed. His body was surrounded and coiled by an energy grid chain, exuding mysteriousness. Dipping his head into the void, he came out from the other side of it.

At the same time, he was tempering and refining the energy grid chain at every moment.

"The Dead Demon Seas is a place filled with mystery and secrets. That is the very reason why we built the Dead Demon City right here. However, hundreds of years have pa.s.sed, and we have yet to obtain anything good from it. This is good as well. We’ll let all these sects to pave the way forward for us. Pa.s.s down my orders that no one from the family is to create any trouble in this period of time." The old man said as he sat on a stone pedestal cross-legged.

"Yes, old master." The middle-aged man replied.

The moment the middle-aged man left, the old man opened his eyes slightly. It was as though his gaze could pa.s.s through all the layer of voids in the world and take in every single thing that was happening in the Dead Demon City…

A smile appeared on that wrinkled face of his. Waving his hand, a half-finished map floated gently before him.

"Eternal Secret…just what are you?" He sighed with a hint of frustration in his voice. Gradually, the energy grid chains moved like agile snakes and covered the room, immersing the old man within it as well as he continued fiddling with it.

Next day…

Yao Wuxie’s bruised face had returned to normal. Evidently, the medicine he had used to rub on his face must be really effective for it to heal that fast.

"Brother, let’s go. I’ll take you out for sightseeing." Yao Wuxie knocked on Lin Fan’s doors early in the morning.

After pondering for the entire night, Lin Fan gave up on trying to come up with an idea to activate the Special Body Type. After all, his main intention here at the Dead Demon City was to head to the Dead Demon Seas.

As for this Yao Wuxie who had a screw loose, Lin Fan had already made out what sort of a person he was. Other than all the humiliation and shame he was hiding within his heart, he was a good person overall.

"Sure, but I’ve got no money." Lin Fan replied.

Upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, Yao Wuxie laughed awkwardly and patted on his pouch, "It’s just money, right? Your buddy has it, don’t worry."

Lin Fan laughed and followed Yao Wuxie out of the Yao Family.

Lin Fan had already checked out the place where Yao Wuxie stayed. Even though his residences were pretty big, it was quite a distance from the core center of the family.

As for the fact that Yao Wuxie wasn’t really that favored in the family, Lin Fan could tell as well. However, other than the fact that he was bullied, he was still quite well to do. This should probably show how much power the Yao Family had.

Yao Wuxie still had the means to lead a comfortable and luxurious life apart from the discrimination.

After all, for a big family like this, every single descendant represented the family. If Yao Wuxie were to lead a pathetic life, the family would be mocked by outsiders.

As for Yao Wuxie’s lackeys, Lin Fan was familiar with who they were as well.

Da Ha, Er Ha, San Ha.

Even though the three of them had a face full of mockery, they were undoubtedly loyal to Yao Wuxie. Things like that could be seen from a person’s gaze.

Lin Fan also found out that their father was a servant of the Yao Family. Thus, the three of them had grown up playing together with Yao Wuxie, and were on close terms.

But what Lin Fan was astonished about was the fact that the three of them possessed a pericelestial cultivation base!

This fact was pretty startling. Were all of the servants this strong?

"Brother Wuxie, your clothes are pretty outstanding, aren’t they?" Within the city, wherever Yao Wuxie walked, people would dodge from his vicinities.

Peeking at his own clothes, Yao Wuxie chuckled, "It’s alright. This is my proud creation though."

To Yao Wuxie, his clothing was a form of insurance for his life. If he didn’t print his family’s emblem all over it, he wouldn’t dare to walk so mightily out in the streets.

After all, if some fella were to miss out on the emblem on his clothes and give him a good walloping, wouldn’t he be in for it for no reason?

But now that he printed it from top to toe, any potential aggressors would be scared off before even touching him.

But of course, there was no way Yao Wuxie could tell Lin Fan about this truth. If he were to say it out, where was he to keep his face from here on?

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