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When Yao Wuxie was facing Lin Fan, his expression was fearless and calm. It was as though the man right outside was his closest brother ever. But the moment Yao Wuxie turned around, that look of confidence disappeared entirely as well.

Replacing it was a tragic look. In fact, he was lamenting in his heart, ‘Why did you have to appear right now, brother…’

"Rest well, brother. I’ll be back in a bit after sparring with my elder brother outside." Yao Wuxie turned around and gave a last smile.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. However, he didn’t completely buy Yao Wuxie’s words.


A haughty-looking man stood outside, possessing an aura which felt impure and evil. The man had brought along a chamberlain. From top to toe, the chamberlain gave off an arrogant aura as well, as though he disregarded the world entirely.

"Third Brother…" The moment Yao Wuxie left his house, he greeted with a smile. But within that smile was a hint of awkwardness.

‘Ah, sixth Brother, your third Brother here has just learned a new move recently, and I’d like to try it on, with you." Even though Yao Xingfeng’s mouth was sporting a smile, the look of disdain that was coming off from his brows was evident.

Yao Wuxie had the same father but a different mother from him. In his eyes, he had regarded Yao Wuxie as a lowlife from young. Even though they were brothers in name, Yao Xingfeng has always taken Yao Wuxie as a b*stard child and worthless trash, who was a disgrace to the Yao Family.

But no matter what, with the same father, Yao Xingfeng naturally couldn’t go all the way to harm this guy.

However, for a trash like this who could only disgrace the family name, Yao Xingfeng felt the need to create some value out of him.

"Third Brother, this…erm…it’s not really convenient for me today." Yao Wuxie stammered. If his Third Brother were to strike now, things would definitely get ugly. Also, there was an outsider here right now. What was he to do if he were to throw all his face right now? Furthermore, Yao Wuxie wanted to take in that outsider as one of his lackeys in the future.

"Huh? You’re not giving me, your third Brother, any face now, eh? Oh, somebody’s really tough these days, eh? Could it be that you’ve leveled your cultivation base up? Alright then, then let me test out your new strength as your third Brother, eh?" Yao Xingfeng’s face was evidently displeased as he laughed out coldly.

"Third Brother, I…" Before Yao Wuxie could finish speaking, Yao Xingfeng struck out without any mercy.

Looking at Yao Xingfeng’s palm strike flying towards himself, he could only lament at his own fate. And there was no way he was going to retaliate. After all, the more he fought back, the more he was bound to suffer. So, he was just sent flying with the strike.

Yao Xingfeng laughed coldly as he stepped forward. Without empowering them with any True Energy, he just rained punches and kicks onto Yao Wuxie’s face, venting all the fury in his heart.

As though he was used to it, Yao Wuxie didn’t even dare to imbue his body with True Energy to protect himself, and just laid there enduring his third Brother’s punches and kicks.

Even though Yao Wuxie hated all of this, he didn’t dare to do anything. After all, he was just a piece of trash. But, as long as he remained in the family, even if they didn’t care much about him, nothing much would happen to him as well.

"Hey, fight back eh, trash?" Yao Xingfeng’s eyes burnt with hatred as he continued punching Yao Wuxie’s face one punch at a time. All Yao Wuxie could do was curl himself up into a ball and tremble continuously.



"A b*stard child who was born by a sl*t."

The lackeys of Yao Wuxie hid in the shadows nearby. Looking at their young master being abused, they were infuriated as well. But there was nothing they could do except weep in heartbreak.

They knew of the pains that their young master was going through and had gone through. But so what? The other party was the third young master of the Yao Family, a genius within the family. And all they were, on the other hand, were just slaves.

As for their own sixth young master? He was just a man with ordinary potential. Thus, he had no status or authority to speak of in the family.

They had once tried persuading their sixth young master to escape from the family. But what he said made had them rooted to him loyally from then on.

"It’s easy for me to escape, but you guys? You’ll die for it."

Even though their sixth young master was hedonistic normally, they knew that deep down in his heart, he was a good man. The only reason for his flirtatious and hedonistic behavior out in the city was to release these pent up indignance and frustration he endured for all of them in the family.

Curled up on the floor, Yao Wuxie gripped his fist tightly with his eyes reddened. Back when his mother was still alive, his life was in bliss and happiness. But it all changed after her death.

He would not let anyone insult his mother, but he had to live on. His mum had always told him, ‘The man who puts on a strong front is not a hero. The hero is the man who remains alive.’

No matter how much humiliation and suffering he received within the Yao Family, he must endure all of it and never be rash.

Covering his head with his hands, Yao Wuxie continued facing the rain of punches from his third Brother.


Using his leg, Yao Xingfeng lifted up Yao Wuxie’s entire body and kicked it up into the air before slamming it back down onto the ground once more.

"Hmph. What a b.l.o.o.d.y piece of trash. I had thought that your cultivation base had improved. But in fact, you’ve gotten even more trashy."

The chamberlain beside Yao Xingfeng looked at Yao Wuxie in equal contempt. He was gloating at Yao Wuxie’s plight as well. However, he himself would never have the guts to strike Yao Wuxie in a million years.

No matter how much of a trash Yao Wuxie was, he was still a young master of the Yao Family. And someone of that stature was not a person servants like them could touch.

But looking at his own young master humiliating Yao Wuxie thoroughly was the best enjoyment he could get.

"Alright now, sixth Brother, even though you’re a piece of trash, I guess you’re pretty useful somewhat. After your third Brother, I, has given you a thorough whooping, I feel like my mood’s been lifted! That’s right. This totally proves the fact that trashes can still be useful! Oh, by the way, fourth Brother’s waiting outside the gates, so I’ll take my leave first. Come over, fourth Brother. Sixth Brother here says that he’s all ready to spar with you also!" Yao Xingfeng shouted outside mockingly.

"Alright, 6th Brother! Your fourth Brother, I, have been feeling itchy with my fingers lately too. It’s time to train up!"

Within the house, Lin Fan observed silently through the gaps in the windows. He did not come out to help Yao Wuxie, because he didn’t know what was happening at all. But as he continued watching, he began to make sense of the situation.

Seemed like life was pretty difficult for Yao Wuxie in the Yao Family.

But even so, Lin Fan did not step out to help. After all, this was the Yao Family, and that powerful being with the gigantic hand must reside within here as well.

If he were to step out and help, he might be the one attracting trouble to himself.

No matter what, Yao Wuxie was a member of the Yao Family. Vicious might the beatings be, but he would most probably not be in any life-threatening danger.

Hais…but what a tragic life he had.

And time pa.s.sed with the seconds and the minutes.

Just then, the doors of the house opened from within.

Even though he was beaten to a pulp, Yao Wuxie changed his att.i.tude immediately. Despite his entire face beaten swollen with bruises, he let out a wide smile grinning from ear to ear.

"Brother, that was really good! Ah, seems like my third Brother’s powers have improved once more! To think that I’m no longer a match for him… Hahaha. Seems like my handsome face is in for it now! Alright, brother, you go and continue resting. I’ll go get some medicine, alright?’ Yao Wuxie said to Lin Fan laughingly as though nothing had happened.

"Come over here for a moment…" Lin Fan beckoned to Yao Wuxie.

"What’s up, bro?" Yao Wuxie asked puzzled.

"Nothing much. Just come over for a little."

When Yao Wuxie walked over, Lin Fan placed his hands on Yao Wuxie’s face and caressed it. His face then changed as he looked at Yao Wuxie in disbelief.

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