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Lin Fan’s jaws were trembling in shock. All he felt was dizziness and giddiness in this heaven revolting fart. This was a force no man could withstand.

In Stealth, Lin Fan clutched at his chest while gasping for air. Now that his physical body state was that of a lesser celestial full cultivation, even though his cultivation base wasn’t that high, this fart was not something that could do him in this easily.



"That’s soooo good." Yao Wuxie’s face was extremely pleasured.

"I…can’t stay here anymore…or I’ll…die…!" Lin Fan thought to himself as his face squeezed tightly. He wanted to get out of this place so badly, but Yao Wuxie would have none of that as he didn’t give Lin Fan any chance to do so, letting off a few more smelly farts.

‘F*ck! I can’t take it any longer!’ Lin Fan’s eyes were tearing by now.

Beside Yao Wuxie was another cubicle which was separated by a board and a deep hole. No matter what, Lin Fan could not let himself come out in the open just like that. Struggling for a few torturous steps while clutching the walls, Lin Fan leaped into the hole and vomited.

"Hey brother, you’ve got to stop this."

Yao Wuxie nearly leaped up upon hearing this voice. How could anyone be here? He had clearly checked that the toilet was empty before entering just now! How could he have missed this? Did he see wrongly?

"Who are you! Why are you here!" Yao Wuxie asked in disbelief as he could not figure out how anyone could be in here.

"This is a public place! Anyone can come in. Can you stop it please?" Lin Fan huffed out. What the h.e.l.l was this guy made of? To think that he could even kill with his farts. How b.l.o.o.d.y scary was this?

"Last one. It’s the last one." Yao Wuxie’s voice was trembling, as though he was preparing and channeling some almighty skill.

The moment Lin Fan heard that, his heard hurt ma.s.sively. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l this was all his karma, and he couldn’t do anything about it. It was karma for his bad judgment. If he had not chosen the wrong target, he wouldn’t have to be suffering like he was right now.

"Wait…please let me leave first…!" Lin Fan stuttered while struggling to drag his feet out. There was definitely something wrong with this Yao Wuxie. Just one fart alone and it was enough to render someone weak and feeble. What sort of person was he?!?

But the moment Lin Fan reached the door and was about to open it, it was all too late.

"I…can’t hold it in…anymore…!!!" Yao Wuxie’s hurried voice rang over.



The Earth shattered.

Gra.s.s wilted.

This was the epitome that all farts could ever reach.

The deafening roar of the fart was like the flute of the heavens.

All the lackeys outside who heard the noise looked at one another as well. However, they were used to it. Their young master had loved to fart since he was young. Furthermore, the sounds of his farts were extremely loud.

There was once a man who got too close to the young master when he farted. After that, the man vomited and puked for three days and three nights nonstop. Ever since then, they knew how formidable their young master’s farts were.

And finally, Lin Fan could not take it any longer and fainted. The world was big and filled with wonders indeed. Lin Fan had never ever believed that farts could kill. But now he was certain for sure. In fact, he might even be the first man to faint to death from a fart.

"Bro…brother! Hang in there! You mustn’t die here…!" Yao Wuxie was feeling worried at the sight of this man who had fainted on the ground. Pulling up his pants, he carried Lin Fan in a fireman lift and headed out.

Yao Wuxie was probably the only man in this world who would just pull down his pants and fart all day long.

"All of you come over and help me out…!" Yao Wuxie beckoned to his lackeys waiting outside.

At the same time, Yao Wuxie was feeling reproachful of himself. How had he not checked the toilet properly? It was all his fault. If he weren't so anxious to let out the farts and had discovered the man earlier, this wouldn’t have happened.

He might have just caused yet another innocent man to fall to his farts…

This was a tragic thing for Yao Wuxie.

Not long after that, Lin Fan regained consciousness. The moment he awoke, he opened his eyes widely.

Looking at his surroundings, he realized that this should be someone’s room. The soft mattresses and exquisite furniture were tell-tale signs of this family’s fortune.

Thinking back to those farts, Lin Fan frowned once more. That was the worst situation he had ever been in so far. No matter how prepared one was, no one could possibly guard against an attack like that.

Just what was this man’s position in the Yao Family? To think that he would have such a talent despite not having a high cultivation base. This was incredibly impossible.


The wooden doors creaked open from the outside as a man walked in. And he was none other than Yao Wuxie.

"Whew, you’re alright, brother! You gave me quite a shock! I truly thought that I had doomed yet another man!" The moment Yao Wuxie saw Lin Fan awake and conscious, he thumped his chest in relief.

"But aren’t you pretty powerful to be able to stay alive after all that?" Yao Wuxie let out another look of astonishment as he realized this fact. To think that this man would be still alive after sniffing in his powerful farts.

Lin Fan sat on the bed and rolled his eyes. Did this guy have a screw loose?

But what Lin Fan did not know was that Yao Wuxie had been imbued with the innate ability to give off devastating farts since he was a young kid.

From birth, Yao Wuxie possessed an extremely ordinary and fair potential. No matter how hard the elders of the Yao Family tried, expending tons of priceless treasures to create potential changing pills, they could not change anything about him. In the end, the Yao Family gave up any hopes of grooming him to be a somebody. They might as well put the pills to greater use on the others with more potential.

Losing the love and care of his family, Yao Wuxie was extremely lonely and empty. The only companion he had was a small little beast by his side. However, just a few years ago, he watched sorrowfully as his only friend pa.s.sed away in front of his very eyes.

And the reason for it was that on one fateful night, his small little pet beast had entered the room at the wrong time. Yao Wuxie was farting enjoyably in his room. Choked by the smell of it, his small little beast fainted over and died. No matter how many pills Yao Wuxie used, he couldn’t bring it back to life.

Ever since then, Yao Wuxie had been really mindful of the places where he was farting. He did not want the tragedy to repeat itself.

"Where is this?" Lin Fan asked.

"This is the Yao Family, my place." Yao Wuxie laughed and replied. "But aren’t you a tough guy, really? That’s right, can you tell me how you managed to stay alive?"

Lin Fan stared at Yao Wuxie and his brain began to move. "Well, that’s a really long story to come. I don’t think I could finish it in just an hour or two."

Now that Lin Fan had nothing to his name and he wouldn’t be staying too long in the city, he might as well just mix around here for the next few days and scout for some news about the exact conditions of the Dead Demon Seas.

After all, there must be a reason the Dead Demon City was established on the Dead Demon Seas and survived till this day.

"Sure thing then, I’m in no hurry as well. Since it’s because of me, I’m not someone irresponsible as well. You’ll just stay here then. I guarantee that nothing will happen to you. I’ll have you know that I’m quite a somebody in the Yao Family. If you meet with any trouble in the city, just use my name as your backing and n.o.body will dare to bully you anymore." Yao Wuxie said haughtily.

"Sure." Lin Fan chuckled and nodded his head. Seems like this was the perfect arrangement. Even though Yao Wuxie’s cultivation base was nothing much, at least with his status as somebody in the Yao Family, nothing bad should happen.

"Yao Wuxie! I’m here! Get your a.s.s out for me to spar!" A voice commanded from outside.

The moment Lin Fan heard it, he was taken aback. Didn’t this guy just say that he was quite a somebody in the family? Didn’t this just sound totally different from what he had said?

The moment Yao Wuxie heard this voice, his frail little body trembled slightly as well. But remembering Lin Fan’s presence, he waved his hand nonchalantly. "You just have a good rest. That man outside is my elder brother. We’re on extremely close terms, so we spar with one another every once in a while to train… Hahaha."

"Oh…" Lin Fan looked at Yao Wuxie and nodded his head, stunned.

This man was a talent…!

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