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At an uninhabited region…

A streak of rainbow appeared and landed on the ground.

‘Cuckcuckkoo!’ Chicky leaped down to the ground and opened up his wings, raised his round belly and put out his claws. It was as though he was stretching after having a full meal.

A shifty grin appeared on Lin Fan’s face. He was very pleased with his performance just now. That suave style of him fluttering in the wind, the dominant aura he gave off, that sense of mysteriousness…He wondered how many people he had captivated in that instance.

Defeating the beast stampede and saving tens of millions of people? Those were not the things that bothered Lin Fan.

After all, now that the matter was done with, there was no need for him to flaunt his reputation and name.

For someone as low profile as himself, there was no need to be so extravagantly flamboyant. The high key domineering aura mixed with his low key profile, that was the mark of a true man. Lin Fan was basking in the memories of what had just happened. He wondered what sort of impression he left behind in their minds. If time could reverse, he would probably love to see the look on their faces.

But at this moment, Chicky’s actions were making him somewhat unhappy.

"Chicky…" Lin Fan said with a tinge of displeasure.

‘Cuckoo?’ Chicky stopped whatever he was doing and turned to look at Lin Fan with wide innocent eyes, wondering what was happening.

"Your stomach looks round eh? Looks like you’ve been REALLY enjoying yourself, eh?" Lin Fan asked in a strange tone.

‘Cuckoo!’ Chicky danced with his wings open and rubbed his stomach, as though saying, ‘That’s right! Those were good people there! They brought me tons of food!’

"Oh, I see. I see. So, when Yours Truly was busy fending off the beast, you were busy living it up eh? Eating well… Drinking well. Being treated like a king while Yours Truly was suffering. That makes me feel bittersweet, you know?" Lin Fan’s tone was even weirder now.

Lin Fan was wondering why Chicky had not returned after defeating those beasts. So now he knew! This guy was too busy enjoying the loving care of the residents to even remember about his own master, Lin Fan!

Chicky could sense that something was amiss. A strong killing intent was being emitted from Lin Fan. This intent was thick and powerful, so strong that Chicky was getting gooseb.u.mps on his featherless body.

Immediately, the Chicky who was still so lively moments before shrunk into the smallest frame he could, standing upright with wings by his side, bowing down, as though he was acknowledging his mistake.

Lin Fan looked at Chicky in contempt. If this was in the past, Lin Fan might have believed that Chicky was truly apologetic. But not today, darling!

Chicky was a smart fighting c.o.c.k. If he were in danger, he would scurry and hide. If he knew he had the advantage, he would give off that look of invincibility.

"What a lovely pet!"

Suddenly, in this uninhabited region, a female voice rang over. The voice was crisp and sweet, like a girl next door.

A white figure appeared from the distance heading, over slowly.

"Chicky, come here."

Lin Fan looked at the person warily. This was an extremely desolated place. To think that someone would pop out of nowhere in this place… This person must definitely be up to no good.

Even if the other party was a beauty, she was no exception.

Lin Fan could not deny the fact that she was a beauty. But this was no reason to let down his guard. In fact, the prettier a woman was, the more dangerous she probably was.

In Dongling Continent, all the useless but pretty women were already taken in as concubines of the big bosses and figures from all over the place. Therefore, any pretty women out in the open must definitely be far from ordinary or useless.

"‘Who are you?" Lin Fan asked warily while taking a peek through his system immediately.

Lesser Celestial Lower Level.

Hmm… her cultivation base was something that he could deal with. But still, he couldn’t just underestimate her.

By her features, Lin Fan could tell that she was just a young girl. To think that a girl her age would already have a lesser celestial cultivation base. Even popping pills immensely wouldn’t produce such crazy results.

"Don’t worry, I mean no harm. Just pa.s.sing by. Catching sight of this cute little pet, I couldn’t help but laugh out." The white-robed girl let out a smile. Her smile was radiant and warm like the sun, melting the hearts and nourishing nature alike.

Even the firm Lin Fan was starting to get a little unnerved. But in an instant, Lin Fan shook out of his stupor and was even more cautious. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l. This b.i.t.c.h is crazy attractive. He was nearly charmed just like that.

"Oh." Lin Fan replied coldly. He did not want anything to do with this woman.

People were usually baited into dangerous situations step by step. If he interacted too much, it might be dangerous for him. Furthermore, this woman possessed an immense amount of charm. Peasants may not be able to tell, but for Lin Fan? He could tell extremely easily. This woman’s true strength was definitely far greater than the lesser celestial cultivation base shown.

Within every single motion of her arm, there were signs of energy grid lines hidden.

Even though his reply was so cold, the other party did not leave. In fact, she seemed intent on carrying on this conversation.

"I’m Ye Han. I come from one of the small islands on the Southern Seas. How should I address you, sir?" The white-robed girl, Ye Han, asked gently. Her voice was gentle and soft, singing into one’s heart making it hard to resist her question.

Lin Fan took a deep breath. He knew clearly now. This b*tch was not gonna be easy to handle.

"Lin Feng."

"Oh! Sir Lin, could I hug that pet of yours?" Ye Han asked excitedly. Her eyes beamed with a look of fondness towards Chicky.

"He’s afraid of strangers, I’m sorry." Lin Fan threw Chicky, who was struggling against Lin Fan to get into the embrace of a beauty, into his storage sack.

Lin Fan finally understood what this b*ch was up to.

"Farewell.’ Lin Fan did not say anything much but hastened his footsteps to get out of this place. Ye Han looked at Lin Fan leaving, and did not say anything much. A smile formed on her cheeks as she continued forward as well.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l. Just who was that b*tch? Was she from the Blood Kill Sect? But that wasn’t right either. Even though he couldn’t just eliminate the possibility, there should be no way Blood Kill Sect would just send a single lesser celestial martial artist after him. Furthermore, a b*tch who enjoyed speaking nonsense so much.

If someone was sent from Blood Kill Sect, wouldn’t they just duke it out with him the moment they saw him rather than all the incessant chatting?

Two days later…

When Lin Fan looked at the sight in front of him, he could not help but marvel at it.

A city stood in the middle of the raging seas. With a single path that was only a few feet wide towards the entrance, the city stood in the midst of the ocean, barely discernible.

‘Dead Demon City.’

This was the city closest to the forbidden grounds. Even though it was close to the forbidden grounds, the city itself was pretty prosperous.

That was because countless martial artists chose to stay at this place. Also, when the various sects brought their disciples out for expeditions at the forbidden grounds, they would reside here as well.

Within the city, there were not many mortals. Most of the people were martial artists. Some of them had come to the forbidden grounds to try their luck, but as time went by, they decided to reside within the city as a permanent resident.

Just as Lin Fan was taking in the sights, a group of people hurried past him.

Lin Fan shook his head and trod towards the Dead Demon City as well.

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