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A simple sigh, but it carried all the regrets in Lin Fan’s heart. After all, who would feel good watching something good slip off right at his doorstep?

‘Why did you choose not to believe me? All I wanted to do was to say a single sentence to you.’

Lin Fan held up the brick in his left hand and twirled it around before keeping it in his storage sack. Oh well, even though his prey had gotten away, he didn’t make a total loss in the end. After all, his physical body state was finally at a lesser celestial full cultivation level after these few months of hard work. This was his golden ticket to running amok.

Looking at the 10 feet wide gap, Lin Fan hesitated. Should he chase and bring back that fella? But when he looked at the murky black shimmering water-like screen, Lin Fan gave up on the thought.

Who knew what laid below that thing, or what sort of place he’d end up in?

Tossing the leg severed by the beast back into the gap, Lin Fan walked off.

And slowly, the gap closed by itself, as though nothing had ever taken place at all.

Green Ridge County…

Now that Chicky had his fill, he was lying back on a chair in relaxation, wings by his sides. Burping gently, his small little eyes turned back to the memories of that beautiful hen which pa.s.sed by.

Now that Chicky was done with filling his hunger, he had to take care of his emotional being.

"Chief, the chicken sir seems to behave like us humans with thoughts of his own." Standing behind the county chief, Xiao Lie whispered softly.

"That’s for sure. This chicken sir is the pet of that G.o.dly being. Therefore, he must naturally be levels beyond those normal beasts!" Xiao Lihai was taken aback at Chicky’s appet.i.te as well.

The whole table filled with dishes were now completely empty, without even any sc.r.a.ps. One wondered how the stomach of this chicken sir worked.

To think that such a small, pet.i.te being could possess such an enormous appet.i.te.

The residents who had regained a new chance at life were now gathering at the county chief’s place with all their precious belongings and valuables. They had found out that the G.o.dly being had left behind a pet. Even though the G.o.dly being himself had yet to step forth, these earnest residents could only express their thanks to this chicken.

"General Xiao Lie, let us enter to thank the great chicken sir!" The residents were clamoring outside while waving their valuables.

Looking at his fellow residents, Xiao Lie patted their hands and said, "Folks, we appreciate your goodwill. However, the great chicken sir is currently resting. You guys should head back so as to not disturb the rest of the great chicken sir."

Upon hearing this, the residents hushed quietly and put down their valuables on the ground.

"General Xiao Lie, the fact that we’re even alive right now is also thanks to the efforts of you soldiers. We don’t have anything good, so please just take these at least." The residents continued.

The soldiers behind Xiao Lie nodded their heads as well. Even though they had not contributed too much, it was good enough for these residents to remember their efforts.

As for those brothers who had died in the line of duty, this should allow them to rest in peace…

And just then, a voice rang out from the void and boomed into everyone’s ears.

"Chicky, let’s go…"

Everyone was shocked at the voice. Whose voice was this? Was this the G.o.dly being?

Laid back on the chair and dreaming of a good life, Chicky jumped up at the sound of this voice. Immediately, he dashed for the door.

Xiao Lihai followed tightly behind. The residents who were waiting outside were all astonished at the sight of this featherless chicken. Just who had plucked all the feathers out of this chicken?! But looking at the county chief chasing after the chicken, they came to a realization.

Could it be that the great chicken sir…was this featherless chicken?

"Xiao Lie! Ask everyone to ready up and follow me to the county’s entrance to welcome the G.o.dly being!" Xiao Lihai shouted excitedly.


Outside the county…

Along the way, all the essence blood floating in the air from the corpses of the beasts was swept into Lin Fan’s storage.

This essence blood, it should be enough to upgrade Blood Sea to Level 4.

Indeed, Chicky was definitely deserving of being the descendant of an Ancient Beast. No one else could possibly pull off such a domineering feat.

The moment the gates of the county opened up, two claws stepped out of it. Disregarding everyone that was chasing behind him, Chicky dashed towards Lin Fan and with a single leap, perched himself on Lin Fan’s shoulders once more.

‘Cuckcuckoo!’ Chicky called out loudly. He seemed to have eaten too much, and was stumbling sideways. So, he just sat down on Lin Fan’s shoulders altogether.

Standing at the entrance of the county, Xiao Lihai and the residents looked at this figure far in the distance. He seemed too solemn and awe-inspiring.

Those long locks of his were swaying in the wind. Those white robes seemed so plain and ordinary, showing the humility of this man. But Xiao Lihai and everyone could only see the back view of this man.

"Sir, please hold up. You’ve just saved the tens of millions of residents of us Green Ridge County. Please allow us to repay you with our sincerest grat.i.tude…!" Xiao Lihai shouted over hurriedly.

Countless residents and soldiers gathered at the walls and entrance of Green Ridge County, hoping to catch a glimpse of this peerless G.o.dly being who had just saved their lives.

They truly hoped within their hearts that this G.o.dly sir would take a rest at Green Ridge County so that they can express their earnest heartfelt thanks towards him.

"It’s fine. It’s just a pa.s.sing affair on my part." Lin Fan said calmly before turning into a rainbow and disappearing from the face of this earth.

And just like that, he left as quickly as he came without even leaving a memory of his face. Xiao Lihai stood there for a long time, looking at the spot Lin Fan last stood. His memory jogged around Lin Fan’s last words.

Pa.s.sing affair on his part…pa.s.sing affair on his part.

"Chief, we…" Xiao Lie had not expected the G.o.dly being to leave just like that, and was feeling somewhat dejected. All the excited residents were filled with disappointment on their faces as well.

"Xiao Lie, that is the mark of a true man. I, Xiao Lihai, have seen countless disciples from various sects. But I’ve never seen a man that great who does not hanker after fame and fortune. Even after saving tens of millions of residents, all he could say was ‘just a pa.s.sing affair’. Did you see the bloodstain on the right side of his robes?" Xiao Lihai’s solemn eyes were filled with immense respect.

He then continued, "The great sir must have taken damage as well. After the few hundred years of Green Ridge County’s history, we were almost on the cusp of destruction. We were saved by that great man. As such, I’ve decided that we will carve a 100 feet tall statue of the great man in the center of our county to serve as a reminder for our future generations."

"Yes…" Xiao Lie nodded his head in agreement.

The county chief loved his residents and had never ever asked for anything extravagant. Even though this statue might cost the residents money, but Xiao Lie agreed as well that it would all be worth it.

"But sir, we did not even catch a look at his face. What should we do about it?" Xiao Lie asked.

"No, we did. I saw it clear as day. That magnificent back view, those white robes. That is an image that can only belong to this man. I will draw out the sketches myself. Please spread the news and ask for the support of the residents." Xiao Lihai spoke wistfully.

"Yes." Xiao Lie nodded.

And thus, what Lin Fan did not know was that the first statue ever created to commemorate him would be born in Green Ridge County. And perched on his statue’s shoulders would be a featherless chicken, adding on to the magnificence of it all.

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