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From Chicky’s beady wide opened eyes shot a look of disdain from a king towards the peasants. This gaze alone was enough to have the beasts clench their b.u.t.ts as they slowly sniffed in the air of superiority being emitted.

Chick,y who had leaped into the skies, began crying out loudly. With his body as the core, a ma.s.sive red beam erupted from within him.

In this typhoon of red light, lightning crackled as though a phoenix had just swept through the entire place.

These bloodthirsty beasts who had set their sights on the destruction of Green Ridge County were now just looking at this typhoon of light in fright.

The beasts wanted to run. But at this instant, the red light seemed to have crossed time and s.p.a.ce and pierced the bodies of every single beast present.

Xiao Lihai and the other soldiers on the wall could only watch in awe at this sight. Just what in the world was happening right now?

This was the third shock of the day. Were their fragile little hearts ever going to get any rest?


The red light disappeared as a shadow leaped down from the skies. It was a figure so imposing, so flirtatious… A featherless figure. To Xiao Lihai and the other soldiers, this figure was so grand and tall.

Chicky lowered his head as he continued walking forth, patting the dust off of his wings. Time seemed to have stopped as the countless bodies of the beasts laid lifelessly on the ground.

In the midst of the bodies, Chicky stood waving his wings, looking glamourous and prideful.

‘History shall tell his glory on this day.’

In the eyes of Xiao Lihai and the other soldiers, this tiny little chicken had never seemed bigger and greater. And just like that, with the simple action of spreading his wings, countless beasts fell in an instant.

Slowly and steadily, Chicky’s two claws strutted towards Green Ridge County.

"We’re…safe…!" Xiao Lihai let out all his pent-up emotions and shouted towards the county. Soon, the news began spreading to the other edge of the county within minutes.

Suddenly, loud cheers erupted from the center of Green Ridge County. The residents were filled with tears. This was a feeling of rebirth…!

‘Cuckcuckkoo!’ Chicky arched his head towards Green Ridge County and looked at the locked gates in dissatisfaction.

"Hurry up and open the gates!" Xiao Lihai shouted out and hurried down to greet their savior. The moment the gates were open, Xiao Lihai and everyone else gushed out to welcome Chicky.

When Xiao Lihai saw the creature for the first time, his face was stunned, but he recovered almost immediately.

Featherless and shaped like a chicken, these were Xiao Lihai’s first thoughts. But then again, this was something the G.o.dly being had left behind. At the thought of this, Xiao Lihai resumed the pa.s.sionate welcoming.

Even though it might look like a chicken, how could a mere chicken be this strong?

‘Cuckcuckkoo!’ Raising his head and one wing, Chicky patted his chest proudly and strutted in.

Placing his claw on the entrance of the county, Chicky stopped for a moment. He turned to look at the dense forest. Crying out, he tossed Lin Fan to the back of his head and continued into the county.

And there it was, under the grateful gaze and accompaniment of Xiao Lihai and the soldiers, Chicky entered Green Ridge County.

Just then, an elegant and gracious hen pa.s.sed by Chicky. He couldn’t help but turn his eyes to gaze at her beautiful b.u.m, revealing a glimmer in his eyes. But instantly, the glimmer died off as his stomach growled. Realizing his hunger, he then continued forth.

"Xiao Lie, go and prepare the best dishes we have available and welcome this...erm, entertain this…erm." Xiao Lihai did not know how to describe Chicky.


Within the forest…

Lin Fan was engaging in a staring battle with the humanoid beast. A notification rang through the system, and he chuckled. Chicky did not let him down indeed.

But the important thing was dealing with the matter at hand.

Now that there was no one else around, Lin Fan returned to his usual self.

"Come at me if you’ve got guts." Lin Fan pointed at the beast and curled his finger.


As though it was enraged, the flames hidden within the body of the humanoid beast reignited once more as it hollered angrily and sent that ma.s.sive fist flying towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe, ready to fight with the beast. However, he was clearer than anyone else about the fact that this beast’s fighting strength was above his.

Lin Fan sidestepped and dodged the fist of the beast. Making use of the dodge, Lin Fan cleaved towards the beast.

Suddenly, a huge force slammed towards Lin Fan. The tail of the humanoid beast had slapped itself onto Lin Fan, as though it had broken through the void.


Like a rocket, Lin Fan’s body flew off towards the distance.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +500,000.’

Lin Fan stood up and wiped the blood off the side of his mouth. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, that was aggressive! Indeed, a lesser celestial full cultivation beast wasn’t just for show.

Even though his physical body state was that of a lesser celestial, he was knocked bleeding nevertheless. But if that was all, then the beast was far from taking down Lin Fan.

With the power dealt by that blow just now, even someone with the same cultivation state as the beast would have to suffer huge damage after bleeding out blood. But for someone like Lin Fan who was all rounded, that was far from enough.

Even though martial artists would have to train up their Blood Energy, for most people, the best they could achieve was to maximise the potential of the human body. With that, they could probably withstand mere sword and knife blows. If they wanted to train up further than that, they would probably have to undergo specialized training.

However, that was an extremely difficult task. Even for martial artists who were at Greater Celestial Full Cultivation state, only a handful of them would have a physical body state which was that of a lesser celestial.

"Again…!" Lin Fan bellowed angrily. Pointing out his finger, the void began to rip apart.

Lin Fan knew that an attack of that level would definitely not be enough to take down this beast. But since this was such a good chance at target practicing and sparring, Lin Fan could definitely not let this chance pa.s.s by.

The humanoid beast howled, and all eight tails started whipping around wildly, deflecting the changes of the ripped void.


‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +500,000.’

‘So…b.l.o.o.d.y strong!’ Lin Fan spat out a cough. He then took out a pill and popped it in. This pill turned into a warm stream of energy and began rejuvenating his wounds.

If he had just let things be, he might really die in this process of squeezing out experience points.

The humanoid beast opened its mouth, and a destructive fireball flew towards Lin Fan furiously.

"Yours Truly wants your punches, not weak a*s flames like these!" Lin Fan screamed angrily and cut the fireball with his axe.

‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +10,000.’

This flame burning on Lin Fan’s body did not injure him in the least bit. At the same time, the mediocre experience gain p.i.s.sed Lin Fan off.

The humanoid beast stood slightly shocked. It could not believe that this man could withstand his flame without a single bit of concern at all. It yelled angrily and pulled a punch towards Lin Fan once more. This fist was so strong that a tornado began to whirl around his first as the air around started vibrating violently.


‘Ding…’Eternal Demon Body’ experience points +700,000.’

"Yes! So f.u.c.king pleasurable!" Lin Fan was buried feet below the ground as he spat out blood. This punch was way stronger than the previous one.

"Again…" Lin Fan shook his head a couple of times and popped a few more pills.


The humanoid beast was extremely riled up by now. To think that the measly human before it would dare to challenge its authority!

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