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Lin Fan continued flying through the skies, his gaze fixated forward.

‘Will of the Sword’ was a Heaven Upper-grade skill. Its powers were 2nd to none. It was practically the ancestry of swords.

Complemented by the Firmament Sword, the powers that could be produced were boundless. And what astonished Lin Fan was the fact that his Firmament Sword was actually giving signs of breaking through to the second state.


The humanoid beast arched back his head and roared to the skies. Those eight tails danced around menacingly, as if it were extremely riled by the appearance of this man.

The sky was filled with long swords packed together densely, shining brightly in the sunlight.


Lin Fan gently waved his finger, as the aura around him reached its explosive climax. The entire sky was buzzing with the vibration of the longswords and his Sword Will aura.


A series of sharp, crisp, clear sounds tore through the sky as though they were bent on ripping apart everything. Like a sword rain, the swords poured down onto the beasts beneath them, covering them like a blanket.

Those soldiers standing on the county walls were just rooted at this scene. This was probably the only chance for them to witness something like this in their lifetime.

This was more extravagant than anything they could have ever dreamt of. This was a world of swords.


‘Ding…congratulations on defeating precelestial upper-level beast.’

‘Ding…congratulations on defeating precelestial full cultivation beast.’

‘Ding…congratulations on defeating pericelestial lower level beast.’

Lin Fan’s mind was about to be torn apart by the furiously ringing notifications from the system. One by one, the beasts fell, and one by one, the essence blood dropped out. The rate at which his experience points were rising was frightening.

Even though the experience points of these beasts did not amount to much individually, with such a large number of them being exterminated, his experience points did take a spike as well.

The Sword Will that filled the air was boundless. Flowing continuously, there was no hint of it coming to a stop anytime soon.

Within the beast stampede, the humanoid beast was howling to the skies at the sight of these sword wills that had materialized into long swords were and raining down on it, letting out the clanging sounds of metal clashing.

As for those beasts with lower cultivation bases, they were turned into beehives in an instant by the sword rain.


The humanoid beast was extremely enraged by now. Its eight tails were waving wildly in the air, slapping away the swords that were flying towards it. It then dug both of its arms deep into the ground, getting on all fours. Pulling up a large piece of the ground, it tossed the entire piece of Earth at Lin Fan.

Looking at the incoming projectile, Lin Fan smiled. Waving his finger, those segmented Sword Will of his merged together into a large force and disintegrated the piece of earth immediately.

The system had stopped giving out notifications. From this, Lin Fan understood that the remaining beasts were not those that he could kill with just his Sword Will.

Xiao Lihai and the rest of the soldiers and residents of Green Ridge County had long lost their sense of reality. This sight before them was not something that belonged in their world.


To Xiao Lihai, that was no longer the strength of a human. Compared to him, even disciples of a sect would look like mere ants.

Lin Fan waved his hands, and the encompa.s.sing aura of Sword Will in the skies dissipated in an instant.

The battle that was happening right now had no room for anyone from Green Ridge County to intervene. At the brink of Green Ridge County’s destruction, it was their great fortune to be able to meet with such a G.o.dly being.

One step.

Two steps.

Lin Fan floated down gently in front of the humanoid beast and stared at it.

He frowned.

Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation.

Based on raw power, there was no way Lin Fan stood a chance against him. But based on physical body state, Lin Fan could probably put up a fight.

Perched on Lin Fan’s shoulders, Chicky cowered slightly at the sight of this gigantic beast. He had quietened down, stopping his usual arrogant cries.

"Chicky, I’ll leave the weaklings behind for you. I’ll take care of this big piece of rockhead." Lin Fan patted Chicky on the head before letting him down from his shoulders. Lin Fan then looked at the humanoid beast straight in the eyes.

"Follow me if you’ve got guts." Lin Fan curled his fingers to beckon at the beast before flying away to a forest nearby.

"RAWR!" The beast flew into the skies with flames exploding around its body, and followed closely behind Lin Fan’s tracks.

"Chief…this…" Xiao Lie’s expression was anxious. Even though the G.o.dly being had brought the humanoid beast along with him and left, the other beasts were still around.

"What’s…that over there?" Xiao Lihai pointed at the distance in puzzlement.

Chicky stood there in the face of these ma.s.sive beasts, trembling non-stop in fear.

‘Cuck…cuck…koo.’ He crowed out softly. The crow no longer had his imposing and domineering aura and seemed rather weak.

It was as though he was saying, ‘Erm…guys, I won’t stop…you if erm…you wanna leave…’

These pericelestial beasts arched their heads towards the air and howled. Looking at one another, they headed for Green Ridge County, disregarding Chicky entirely.

"Chief…this is bad. Those beasts are heading here…!" Xiao Lie was panicking right now. He did not know what was going on. Why did the G.o.dly being leave behind this weird thing?

"Yes. Hmm... Everyone! Enter combat mode once more!" Xiao Lihai rallied through once again. Now that the G.o.dly being had lured away the humanoid beast, they could probably only rely on themselves for facing the rest of the beasts then.

Mighty and fearless, the beasts trod forth one by one. With every single step they took, the earth trembled along with everyone’s hearts.

Even without the humanoid beast, the sight before them was no less scary in any bit.

As the beasts walked by, Chicky straightened up his body nervously, standing extremely still, keeping his wings by his side. Those small beady eyes of his flickered with fear as his beak chattered slightly.

In the face of these gargantuan beasts, Chicky was like a small pebble.

Pa.s.sing by Chicky, one of the gigantic beasts lifted its paws contemptuously. Knocking on Chicky’s tiny head with it, it growled mockingly before continuing forward.

The beasts trod forth slowly and unhurried. Chicky could only lower his head and peek from beneath his featherless wings.

Back on the walls of the county, the soldiers had begun their attacks once more. But in the face of these pericelestial beasts, it was all futile as well.

"Chief…it’s no use…" Looking at the state of affairs, Xiao Lie’s heart sank once more.

Xiao Lihai’s body was trembling nervously as well. Just the aura being emitted from these beasts alone was enough to render these mere mortals helpless.

‘It’s over. It’s all over.’

Even with the a.s.sistance of a G.o.dly being, this was all they could put up a fight up. Was Green Ridge County really doomed for?

Is this the work of the G.o.ds?

At this crucial juncture, the Earth shook.

From the Heavens bellowed a mysterious sound.


The cowardly Chicky, who was standing in the midst of these beasts, had changed his att.i.tude entirely. In a single leap, he jumped up into the skies and spread his featherless wings. Stretching out his claws, he arched his head towards the skies and cried out.

What a domineering pose he was putting up! This stance was too beautiful, as Chicky shook his head in circles. A sharp gaze shot out from Chicky’s eyes.

That look was just like…the disdain of a king…

"What’s happening?" Xiao Lihai and everyone else looked in the direction of the sound and then the middle of these beasts.

The skies changed…

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