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Lin Fan was flying through the skies and rushing towards the Dead Demon Seas. His initial plan was to slay monsters all the way till he reached there so as to level up his Blood Sea. However, what puzzled him was the fact that all the monsters seemed to have vanished altogether, leaving only a measly few here and there.

Lin Fan had thought that perhaps it was due to his overpowering presence that had sent these beasts knowing their places and they had gone into hiding.

But just then, a loud roar rang through the skies, and a red flash shot out from a distance, covering the skies.

Looking over, Lin Fan was stupefied.

It was a beast stampede!

Lin Fan knew what a beast stampede was all about. It was written in the Glory Sect’s records. Since the rise and creation of every single empire and dynasty, there would be a beast stampede once every 10 years. The reason behind it was unknown to everyone.

But the number of empires that had been destroyed by the beast stampedes in the Dongling Continent alone were in the hundreds, and their people had all died miserable deaths. However, compared to the gigantic Dongling Continent, it was still a negligible incident. Thus, n.o.body had bothered about it much.

Looking over, Lin Fan frowned.

When every empire faced a beast stampede, there would be members of different sects lending their a.s.sistances. Why was this county fighting alone?

Strange, this was strange indeed.

And just then, the tragic cries of the residents rang through the skies together into Lin Fan’s ears. Lin Fan was somewhat hesitant. He wasn’t sure if he could deal with such a huge number of beasts.

Especially the eight-tailed humanoid beast who was covered in flames from head to toe, that beast didn’t seem like something easy to handle.

Although an ant bite might be nothing to an elephant, if the elephant was totally surrounded by ants from head to toe, there was no guarantee that it could remain alive.

Even though the essence blood of all these beasts was somewhat useful to Lin Fan, he did not really have to take such a huge risk for it. The beasts were like a tidal wave. Once he stepped in, he would definitely be engulfed within them in seconds.

‘Forget it. Let’s just pretend I hadn’t seen it.’ Lin Fan had prepared to change his course of direction. After all, this small county had nothing to do with him. There was no need for him to risk his life for them.

But after traveling a distance, Lin Fan slowed down.

His ears were still filled with the helpless cries of the residents. Using his G.o.dly vision to pierce through the skies, he caught sight of all the tragic and miserable faces of these residents.

The desolate look of the residents, the resolute looks of the soldiers, Lin Fan took in all of it.

Surrounded by mountains and seas, the tens of millions of residents here would lose their lives once the beasts broke through, without a single person being spared.

Lin Fan couldn’t help but recall that painful memory of back then, the day when Saint Devil Sect had been annihilated. Those Senior and Junior Brothers of his…the moment they heard that Saint Devil Sect was in need, they stood by it without any fear of death. Wasn’t that the same thing that these soldiers were doing right now?

And the dismal looks on those residents, wasn’t that the same as the painful ending of Saint Devil Sect? How futile were their struggles back then? How helpless were they?

‘d.a.m.n it…’

Lin Fan cursed at himself.

He then took out Chicky from his storage.


The moment Chicky came out, he had to perform his cries of happiness as usual. But this time round, before he could even continue on, Lin Fan slapped him on his head.

"Alright, no more messing around, Chicky. I know you’re not stupid. Look at this situation. I would like to save all these people here. Are you in with me?"

Chicky stopped his cries and looked at Lin Fan wide-eyed. He then looked at the county before turning to the beast stampede.

‘Cuckcuck koo!’ Chicky hopped onto Lin Fan’s shoulders and raised a single wing. His eyes were filled with pride as he tilted back his head and called out. It was as though he was saying, ‘Let’s go and take them down!’

"Very good, I like your guts." Lin Fan chuckled and flew over. But even at this point in time, Lin Fan knew that he had to make a grand appearance.

‘Activate ‘Faceless Sky Demon’.’

‘Activate ‘Will of the Sword’.’

‘Activate ‘Firmament Sword’.’

‘Activate ‘Dragon King’s Hegemony’.’

Lin Fan flew towards the rampage with everything he had, the demon behind him giving off a fearsome, black aura. A long sword materialized out of his sword will rotated continuously around Lin Fan in a circle, surrounding him.

Lin Fan’s power had risen, with a golden dragon flying up and down on his body, radiating a golden glow at the same time.

"Look…G.o.d!" The residents of the Green Ridge County had noticed this phenomenon and were pointing at the skies.

Hope. That’s what they saw. Hope.

They moment their route out of the river was destroyed, they had lost every single bit of hope. But there it was once again, hope.

"Sir…what’s that?" The aura of the Heavens was so powerful that it encompa.s.sed the entire skies. Xiao Lie’s body couldn’t stop trembling. But he wasn’t trembling from fear; he was trembling from excitement.

"Is that G.o.d?" Xiao Lihai whispered gently. The figure within was so radiant that he could not make out the features of this person at all.

Just then, a dragon roared as it descended down from the skies under the gazes of these awed residents. Submerging into a void, it disappeared along with all the glows and lights surrounding the figure.

And finally, the man in the skies stepped forth.

"Ah…That’s G.o.d! That truly is G.o.d!" When the mortal residents saw the person who had exited the void, all of them were so touched that they kneeled down to the ground and started kowtowing.

They knew of martial artists, yes. But when else in their lives would they encounter such a G.o.dly being?

The demon was the perfect selling point for Lin Fan. Just the presence of this demon alone was enough to render fear into everyone’s hearts. At the same time, the long sword materialized out of sword will seemed to be able to tear apart and disrupt Heaven and Earth.

Divinely imposing… This was a deity from the Heavens.

Lin Fan was very pleased with his style. Not only one’s cultivation base and skills needed to be strong, one should also possess an extremely wonderful image.

And the way he sold his image, he dared to say that he was number 1 in the entire Dongling Continent.

Xiao Lihai could feel his body trembling as he kneeled down and bowed, crying out loudly, "Oh, honorable sir! Please save us! Please save all the residents in our county!"

Xiao Lihai could tell that this man was a martial artist, and one who was extremely strong at that. Whether Green Ridge County could continue to exist beyond today would depend on the sole will of this man from the skies.

Xiao Lihai expended every single bit of True Energy he had and roared into the skies, screaming out his sincerity.

All the despaired residents did the same, begging out while bowing, "G.o.d…please save us! Please!"

"Save us…!"


The skies changed color. A sharp sound pierced through the hearts of everybody, as though it was from the nine heavens.

An unbelievable scene appeared before their very eyes. From the void, the imposing long sword started dividing.

1 to 2.

2 to 4.

It divided continuously.

Eventually, the clear blue skies were filled with an uncountable number of long swords, covering the skies like a blanket. They were just floating around silently, peacefully.

Everyone who was looking at this scene could only watch with their jaws agape.

This was…a world of swords.

Those soldiers standing guard atop the walls suddenly realized that their long swords in their hands were vibrating tremendously. Eventually, the swords broke out of their hands and flew towards the skies as well.

"Sir! This…this…!" Xiao Lie was so stunned he did not know what else he could say.


Suddenly, the entire Green Ridge County started vibrating.

Down to every single last corner of the county, any long sword which was laying down silently or kept in storage all swung out and flew into the skies. At this moment, Green Ridge County had truly turned into the world of swords.

Everyone could only stare in amazement…

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