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"Brother Xia, there’s a cave right ahead. We can seek shelter within!" A female voice came from the outside. Following it was the voice of a male. By the sounds of it, they both seemed relatively young.

"Yes, be careful, Yuhan." Xia Youtian said thoughtfully.

"Who’s there?" The moment these two entered the cave, Lin Fan asked, pretending that he had just woken up.

The moment Xia Youtian heard the presence of someone, he looked at the other party warily. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he couldn’t feel any aura from this person. Just a normal anybody.

"Hi, fellow traveler brother. It’s pouring out there, so we’re just trying to seek shelter here for the night." Xia Youtian replied politely.

"Ah, right. No worries. There’s a fire over there which you guys can use to warm up with. It’ll be easy to catch a cold if you guys are drenched." Lin Fan said as he sat up. In this pitch-dark cave, the dim fire was not enough to light up the entire place.

"Yes." Xia Youtian nodded his head. He then sat down with He Yuhan cross-legged, as both of them started channeling their True Energy. A white mist slowly floated around them and their wet clothing dried instantly.

"Oh, so the both of you are martial artists." Lin Fan acted surprised.

"That’s right. How about you, brother? Where are you from?" Xia Youtian laughed, but he was still wary in his heart.

Ever since they had fought his way out of the family, they had since dodged three ambush attempts on their way here. If not for the rain, they wouldn’t have rested here as well.

But now that it was pouring outside, their tracks and scent should be covered by the rain. Those men should not be able to chase them here.

"Just a normal resident of the Qinshen dynasty." Lin Fan laughed.

"Brother Xia, please consume this." He Yuhan took out a pill from her storage sack. The moment she took it out, the cave was filled with a pleasant aroma of the pill.

"It smells good…" Lin Fan was caught by surprise. This pill was good stuff! But he acted coy.

"This is just a normal cold removing pill to keep us warm. Nothing much." Xia Youtian patted He Yuhan’s hand gently, implying for her not to be too extravagant so as to not attract attention.

The only reason why he was able to escape from the family was all thanks to He Yuhan. But at the same time, he had dragged her into trouble along with him.

He Yuhan looked at Lin Fan and smiled gently.

But this smile was more of a warning: ‘No matter who you are, you better not try anything funny.’

"Oh…" Lin Fan did not say anything more. Lying down, "Both of you have a good rest. I’ll be turning in first since I’ve still gotta rush off tomorrow morning."


The night was quiet as Xia Youtian and He Yuhan engaged in a hushed conversation.

They were sabotaged, therefore, there was no way they could remain in that family which they had been staying with for the past 17 years. If not for Sister Yuhan’s help, he would have long fallen prey to them.

Even though he knew that Sister Yuhan wasn’t anyone from an ordinary background, he had known her since he was young. Thus, he trusted her wholeheartedly.

Besides, now that he had a pericelestial cultivation base, Xia Youtian was also clear in his heart that most of his achievements today were all thanks to Sister Yuhan.

For the past few years, Sister Yuhan had always returned with some mysterious pills to share with him. Even though she always insisted that they were ordinary pills, Xia Youtian was no fool. He knew that these were special pills. After consuming them, his cultivation speed would always increase tremendously.

"Let’s take a rest first." Xia Youtian eyed Lin Fan before turning around to tell Yuhan.


Lin Fan was wide awake the whole-time round. His thoughts were on these two people.

Now, there was nothing special about the lad, he was definitely a poor f*ck. Average cultivation base, and there was definitely nothing to be squeezed from him.

But that young lady was different. To think that her cultivation base would be way higher than this lad. In fact, she was more powerful than most people Lin Fan had come across.

Pericelestial full cultivation.

Even though this may not be extremely strong, but it was weird for Lin Fan to see it appear on a girl out of nowhere.

Furthermore, the pill she took out was nothing ordinary. As a master of pill cultivation, Lin Fan could tell its quality just by sniffing it.

The pill was an Earth Upper-grade pill. Even if this were in a sect, it would be considered a pretty decent pill. To be able to take it out just like that, evidently, she must have some secrets to her.

Lin Fan could not help but entertain the idea of robbing these guys.

Gradually, the cave went silent, and the only sounds were those of breathing.

Within that darkness, a pair of bright eyes glimmered.

Lin Fan felt that he had to teach these two young kids an important lesson. How could they fall into such a deep sleep out in the outside world? What if they were to meet with people of impure intentions?

Even though they might lose some valuables from this experience, it was far better than losing their lives due to such a mistake in the future.

Bearing the heart of a savior, Lin Fan slowly stood up. His footing was light as he had trained it all this while. One could even hear the drop of a pin.

Even a pericelestial full cultivation girl like her wouldn’t be the wiser.

Silently, Lin Fan continued his approach. He did not mind giving both of them a gentle knock of his brick.

But, when he came to both of them, Lin Fan let out a smile. Looking at these two still deep in their sleep, he could not help but sigh. What a golden couple they were!

The fact was that it wasn’t Xia Youtian and He Yuhan who were in a deep sleep. It was Lin Fan’s skills of sneaking around that were so immaculate that they couldn’t even sense a single thing, not even a hint.

If they were to just close their eyes normally and Lin Fan was standing in front of them, it’d be as though he was in Stealth mode.

"Hehe." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red to himself and turned his gaze onto the ring on He Yuhan’s finger.

The ring shone in the darkness like a star in the skies, attracting his attention immediately.

"Excuse me then, hehe."

Lin Fan stretched out his evil hands. But just at that moment, he froze. He could suddenly feel an aura being locked on him.

It was as though the other party was ready to kill him the moment he stretched out.

Lin Fan’s brains started tinkering.

This was an extremely strong aura. He was definitely no match for this guy. He wasn’t sure if he could defend against it entirely with ‘Eternal Demon Body’ either.

And this guy was hidden in the shadows, not budging a single inch. He was definitely waiting for Lin Fan to take action.

If this man was not appearing, then he was definitely here to protect these two. For someone that strong to be willing to stand guard for them silently in the shadows, this ring must definitely contain a load of precious stuff.

To be or not to be?

Lin Fan was hesitating. Sh*t! What an unfavorable situation he was in!

Lin Fan was indignant at this point. Why the h.e.l.l had his good luck turned into sh*t luck in the blink of an eye? He had found a wealthy target, yet he was unable to take action.

"It’s so cold out here, how could they not cover themselves as they sleep? What if they fall ill?" Reluctantly, Lin Fan took his mat over and covered the two of them. He then shook his head and returned to his original position, turned over and went to sleep.

The aura which had locked on to him disappeared instantly as well, as though it had never been there in the first place.

Two streams of tears streaked down from Lin Fan’s eyes. What a painful revelation this was!

He Yuhan, who was deep in her sleep, opened her eyes gently and let out a long knowing smile before returning to slumber.

But Lin Fan could not fall back asleep.

This was the first time he had failed after wanting to rob so hard. Lin Fan could not take this. ‘d.a.m.n it! Whoever you are hiding there, better not let Yours Truly catch you. Otherwise, Yours Truly would rob you clean.’

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