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Lin Fan looked at the fainted Xue Shen.

"What an evil man! You reek of the stench of death. Evidently, countless people must have fallen prey to you. Oh well, whatever. Now that you’re in the hands of Yours Truly, then Yours Truly can only exact justice for the Heavens." Lin Fan said righteously. But before he did anything, he first had to scavenge all he could.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Light Upper-grade Blood Vest.’

‘Blood Vest: Made from the core of 99 female fetuses.’

The moment Lin Fan touched the blood vest, he was shocked by the description alone. To think that this Xue Shen could be so cruel. For the sake of creating this vest, he had murdered so many innocents. What a b*stard!

Lin Fan took away every single object from Xue Shen’s body, leaving nothing behind.

"Not bad, not bad. Seems like he’s a somebody indeed. He’s got quite a few decent belongings." Lin Fan looked into the storage ring with satisfaction.

Just as Xue Shen was about to wake up, Lin Fan knocked him on the head once more, sending him into yet another deep slumber.

Dragging one of Xue Shen’s leg, Lin Fan looked around the surroundings for a suitable place. He then found a good spot and dragged Xue Shen over, looking for vines to tie his hands to a tree.

Xue Shen’s body was hung slightly above the ground. This was a good position for Lin Fan to work with.

Slowly, Xue Shen began to wake up from his daze. But the moment his consciousness returned, the pain of Twisting Heaven and Earth surged through his body once more, causing unbearable torment all over his body.

"You…you…!" Xue Shen’s voice was trembling. The pain did not allow him to even have the energy to speak up anymore. His once sober brain was also sent spiraling into a daze with the presence of this pain.

"Hmph, have a good time taking in this feeling below." Lin Fan’s eyes brightened as he lifted his right leg.

‘b.a.l.l.s Kicking.’

The skies changed color and shriek rang through the Heavens.

The pain from Twisting Heaven and Earth earlier coupled with the pain from b.a.l.l.s Kicking was ripping Xue Shen apart from the insides.

‘Ding…b.a.l.l.s Kicking experience points +100,000’

The moment Lin Fan moved his leg, Xue Shen tried to pull up his lower body to dodge. But because of that move, Lin Fan’s leg managed to fully cover all his sensitive nerve areas.

‘b.a.l.l.s Kicking.’

‘b.a.l.l.s Kicking.’

Lin Fan was thoroughly immersed in the frenzy of grinding experience points. Ever since he came to Dongling Continent, he had not really had the chance to grind for experience points.

After all, now that he had upgraded to Twisting Heaven and Earth, how could he leave b.a.l.l.s Kicking behind without an upgrade?

‘Ding…b.a.l.l.s Kicking experience points +100,000.’


The notifications of experience points from the system were m.u.f.fled with Xue Shen’s tragic cries. But Lin Fan was even more excited. This was the 2nd time he had used such a savage and ruthless method on someone, the 1st being the Yan Emperor.

But, what Xue Shen was going through was way worse than the Yan Emperor did back then. This was a pain unimaginable to mere mortals.

Xue Shen’s skinny and fragile body could only tremble continuously under this pain. Those red eyes of his only grew redder with every kick, with his pupils almost lost their color in the face of this bloodshot color.

‘Ding…’b.a.l.l.s Kicking’ level up. Level 16.’

It was only after a long time when b.a.l.l.s Kicking had finally stopped giving experience points that Lin Fan came to a stop as well.

Looking at the man before him who was tormented inhumanely, Lin Fan’s heart took a leap of joy. Taking out his Eternal Axe, he cut down swiftly on Xue Shen’s skull.

That was all he could squeeze out of this man. It was time to take the experience points.

Xue Shen who was cut down by the axe let out a terribly cry and laid there silently.

"Eh?" Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

Now that Xue Shen has been killed by him, why didn’t he receive any notifications from the system?


Lin Fan laughed. What a crafty fella!

For someone like Xue Shen, there must be a secret skill or something he was using to preserve his life. But to someone like Lin Fan, it was all useless.

Lin Fan stretched out his finger.

‘Nirvana Finger.’

Instantaneously, an explosive force erupted from that ordinary looking finger as a large amount of True Energy surged through into Xue Shen’s body.

"ARGH…!" Xue Shen wailed out as he felt the source of his body erupting from every single cell. Those bloodshot eyes stared at Lin Fan with boundless hatred.

It was as though he was cursing for Lin Fan to die terribly in the future. But to Lin Fan, none of this mattered.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing Lesser Celestial Upper-Level Xue Shen.’

‘Ding…experience points +100,000,000’

Lin Fan laughed. Indeed, this was the type of pleasure from killing a high leveled beast.

But to be able to meet someone as dumb as Xue Shen, this should be a once in a lifetime event. Even though he knew that the other party couldn’t defeat him, he still wanted to take down Xue Shen. And the only way he could do this was to resort to trickery.

Looking at the dead hanging Xue Shen, Lin Fan chuckled. He clapped his hands then carved something onto the tree above him.

Good deeds he did should not be spread to the ma.s.ses, that was Lin Fan’s style. But killing someone? Of course", he had to leave his name behind.

‘Xue Shen has sinned gravely in his life. He is vanquished on this day by Yours Truly, Lin Fan.’

Looking at these words, Lin Fan could not help but smile at the face of it all. Not bad, not bad. Flicking his robes, hands behind his back, he headed off calmly into the distance.

Even though he had done the ma.s.ses a favor by killing off vermin, it was a small matter not worth mentioning.

A gust blew by.

The renowned Xue Shen had died just like that. Hanging on the tree bare naked, it was as though he had suffered great humiliation before his death.

"Lord Xue Shen!"

After some time had pa.s.sed, Xue Qing came from the distance on horses with the other disciples.

After receiving Lin Fan’s destructive kick, Xue Qing had finally come to. Even though there was still waves of pain spreading from his crotch area, Xue Qing could still bear with it for now.

But Lord Xue Shen had been gone for so long, which was pretty worrying. Xue Qing thus brought everyone with him for a search. But once they reached the place where Xue Shen was hanging, their faces changed.

He could not believe that Lord Xue Shen had died just like that…!

Xue Qing took in a deep breath, slowly letting down Lord Xue Shen from the trees. He then bit down furiously on his teeth.

"Father. I will seek vengeance for you."

Silently, Xue Qing placed his hand onto Xue Shen’s chest as a red glow shimmered dimly under his palms. Avoiding the notice of everyone else, a few black spots appeared on Xue Shen’s ghastly pale face.

"Senior Brother, there are words here!" One of the disciples standing under the tree shouted. Gripping his fists tightly, Xue Qing looked at the carving on the tree with a frozen death stare.

‘Lin Fan…!’

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