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Xue Qing was crippled on the floor spasming with white foam out of his mouth. He was elated when he saw the appearance of Lord Xue Shen, but the sight of Lin Fan running away had him so worked up that he fainted over immediately.

‘Shameless individual.’

Those were the last words Xue Qing could think of as he fainted.

"Lord Xue Shen! The treasure is on that man!"

Other than the man who was pinned down by Lin Fan, the remaining 6 of them knelt down immediately at the sight of Lord Xue Shen. They were trembling at the thought of their incoming punishment for failing this mission.

Xue Shen looked in the direction where Lin Fan had escaped, and then at these bunch of disciples cowering before him. He snorted coldly before turning into a streak of rainbow, chasing after Lin Fan.

Until this day, no one had been capable of escaping from the gaze of Blood Kill Sect.

Blood Kill Sect comprised of twelve levels within the sect. Each of these levels had a level master. The higher one went, the stronger the level master’s strength became. Even though Xue Shen was just the 1st Level Master, his cultivation base was nothing to be scoffed at.

He was just that mere step away from reaching a Greater Celestial cultivation base.

As Lin Fan was running away frantically, he stopped from time to time to look behind him. He didn’t know if this guy could catch up with him. But after a few times of looking back, he couldn’t see any trace of the person.

Lin Fan was getting anxious now as he pretended to shout.

"Help! Somebody’s killing me!" Lin Fan knew that it was silly of him to do so, but this was the only way he could attract the attention of the man who was chasing after him.

But the more Lin Fan ran, the more he felt weird about the whole thing. His running speed wasn’t that fast to begin with, then why the h.e.l.l wasn’t the guy catching up?


Bam! Lin Fan banged into something seemingly hard.

Turning around to look forward, Lin Fan was startled.

"Why…why are you here…!" Pretending to be terrified, Lin Fan stammered and shouted out, revealing a face of disbelief.

He did not know how this Xue Shen, who was clad in red robes, could appear before him in this dense forest. Those feet of his must be really fleeting.

Was it the usual pattern these days for all these pretentiously strong people to appear in such extravagant manners?

Xue Shen looked at Lin Fan with a face of disbelief as well. He had long noticed the running pattern of Lin Fan and was thus waiting far ahead in the distance for his arrival.

The moment Lin Fan appeared, Xue Shen’s grim face revealed a cheeky smile. To Xue Shen, this was all just a game of cat and mouse. He was going to enjoy his time playing in this forest.

Especially the look on this man’s face turning around from time to time as he was escaping, that look made Xue Shen especially excited. He had not savored a feeling like this for a really long time now.

In fact, Xue Shen had long been awaiting this look of disbelief on Lin Fan’s face as he b.u.mped into him. That face of disbelief, of hope draining from his face, that look, that really turned Xue Shen on.

But the moment this guy b.u.mped into Xue Shen, he realized that something was wrong.

Right at the moment this guy touched Xue Shen, he could feel an incredible amount of force rushing at him. But it was too late for him to dodge.

As Xue Shen was flying through the dense forest due to the force, he was filled with incredulity. How the h.e.l.l could this guy have sent him flying? Impossible! This was impossible!

But facts were facts. The fact that he was sent flying was laid bare before him.

The shifting of bones was nothing to Xue Shen. After all, he was a master of the Blood Sea skill. Anyone trained in the Blood Sea skill could control their bones and anything within their bodies with the same fluidity as blood itself.


A crisp sound rang out as Xue Shen rearranged his bones back to their original shape. But the way he looked at Lin Fan was filled with immense wrath.

This man must die…!

But when he saw Lin Fan’s frantic look as though he was at a loss for what to do, Xue Shen was excited once again.

Yes, this was it. This was the feeling he had craved for so badly!

"You have successfully riled me up." Xue Shen lowered his head and glared at Lin Fan, his eyes emitting clouds of blood mist. His thin, long finger scratched along the bark of an ancient tree, letting out a crick, crack sound as though something was rotting and being consumed.

On those long nails of his, bright red blood oozed out continuously, and he looked absolutely frightening.

Lin Fan felt that his acting skills had reached yet another breakthrough level.

Lesser Celestial Upper Level.

This man here was just 2 steps away from being a Greater Celestial. But just these 2 steps alone would take him an extremely long time as well.

Lin Fan’s mind had been tinkering from the very start. His physical body state was also that of a lesser celestial. No matter how hard this man was to rain blows onto him, there was no way he could break Lin Fan’s defense.

However, he was evidently stronger than Lin Fan. It wouldn’t be an easy task to take him down. As such, Lin Fan could only come up with a plan.

If one were to ask anyone to claim the t.i.tle of being the gutsiest person in this world, no one would dare to s.n.a.t.c.h it away from Lin Fan.

"What…are you trying to do?" Lin Fan pointed a finger at Xue Shen, pretending to tremble as though he was filled with fear from head to toe.

Xue Shen looked at the scene with utmost satisfaction.

"The only outcome for anyone offending Blood Kill Sect is death. But fret not, I will slowly torture you. Your blood shall fill your entire brain before slowly erupting from there. I shall let you experience the worst way to die in this world." Xue Shen said grimly.

"No…no, please! Please let me go!" Lin Fan started crying. However, he was still inching step by step towards Xue Shen. He had portrayed the nature of a cowardly man with perfect realism.

Lin Fan was far from a coward. But if there was one thing he believed in, it was that the road to success wasn’t all smooth and straightforward. He couldn’t possibly kill everyone he saw in sight. Everything in this world had to depend on his brains and smarts. A man without smarts was a man bound to fail.

And what was Lin Fan’s aim? That was to stand at the top of this world. He wanted to be a man so powerful that all he had to do was turn an eye to whoever it was he wanted to rob, and that person would hand it over without a second word.

And there was no way Lin Fan was letting this prey before him escape.

In Lin Fan’s mind, he was the hunter with a weapon. Xue Shen was the innocent white rabbit waiting to be hunted. He had to wait for his chance to hit a clean strike. He mustn’t scare off this little rabbit here.

"Hand over the treasure and kneel down before me then. I will turn you into a blood corpse, granting you eternal life." Xue Shen laughed wildly. That thin, fragile body of his looked like a deranged psycho with this laughter.

Lin Fan inched forward with a look of fright in his face, "Thank…thank you for your grace…!"

1 step.

2 steps.

And just like that, the distance between Lin Fan and Xue Shen was getting shorter. Lin Fan’s heart was thumping furiously. This was the excitement of a hunter about to get his kill. To be able to take down someone of a lesser celestial upper level, who else would dare to take him on after that?

Lin Fan finally came face to face with Xue Shen as he lifted his head up in the skies and cried tragically.

"Sir…! So you’re THAT guy whom everyone respects in Blood Kill Sect! Please…take me in as your underling…!" Lin Fan pretended to be so agitated that he was hugging at Xue Shen’s waist area while gently curving his legs.

Xue Shen looked down at Lin Fan’s curved body, revealing a vile smile on his face. His palm was filled with a ball of red mist which seemed to contain spirits within it, howling tragically.

"Very well, you can go and…" Xue Shen laughed grimly. But just as he was about to speak out, his face changed.

‘Twisting Heaven and Earth.’

Once again, Lin Fan had unleashed this ultimate skill. Lin Fan was so used to this skill by now that the reversal of Yin and Yang could be done with just a thought of his.

"AH…!" A torrential pain gushed up Xue Shen’s body. Even if he had mastered the Blood Sea, he couldn’t withstand this incoming pain.

And just then, a red flash streaked by his face as Lin Fan slapped him with the Nine Five Legendary Brick.


The initially mighty and haughty Xue Shen collapsed to the ground lifelessly.

"HAHA!" With one hand on his waist, Lin Fan laughed happily while raising the brick up with his other hand.

"And a fool like you actually thinks he can kill Yours Truly?!? Yours Truly had long thought up of this plan before you had even arrived. To think that you’re so stupid you can still act so proudly in front of Yours Truly! Nagging incessantly nonstop before I even lay my hands on you. What a sh*tstain! Going down before Yours Truly even used anything spectacular on you. Weak…weak!"

Lin Fan shook his head and sighed. What a lonesome feeling it was to stand at the very top of this world alone!

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