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Black clouds hovered around the skies as the aura grew stronger. Furthermore, it wasn’t just a single aura. It comprised of multiple different aura combined into one, erupting with a strong force that could not be underestimated.

Even though Lin Fan had yet to catch sight of the other party, just from the force of it, he could deduce that the person was at least a pericelestial upper level and above.

In fact, it was definitely sufficient for him to be having such a cultivation base to handle most things. Just what happened to this person to cause such a commotion by emitting off all his aura? Lin Fan was curious.

Even though Lin Fan had just defeated opponents of the Lesser Celestial cultivation base, based on his experience in the past few encounters, he knew that things would never be exactly as he had expected.

There must be a BOSS hidden within all of this.

Lin Fan was nearly done in multiple times just on this journey alone. If not for his Stealth and the fact that he is able to conceal his aura, he would have been chased all around the face of this Earth by now.

Lin Fan moved forward carefully while checking his footsteps at every moment as well. It would be disastrous if he stepped on a tree branch or something and attracted their attention.

"Hand over the stuff." Just then, in the middle of the forest, a young man with a frosty look on his face and hands behind his back was facing a group of people.

The path forward for this group of people had been blocked by a number of martial artists. Even though the aura of these martial artists wasn’t too strong, they weren’t to be underestimated.

"This is a holy object of the Manhuang Tribe! You guys from Blood Kill Sect shouldn’t be too overbearing!" A cute young lady clad in blue robes called out, looking warily at her surroundings.

"Manhuang Tribe? What’s up with that?" Lin Fan, who was hiding nearby, thought to himself while peeping sneakily. He did not have much idea what this tribe was all about. But just then, he had a jolt in his memory! Back in Glory Sect, there were details of these guys doc.u.mented in the records!

Based on his memory, didn’t members of the Manhuang Tribe all bear features of beasts? But no matter how he looked, this cute little girl didn’t seem like a member of the tribe.

But those guys protecting the young girl did seem a bit like members of the tribe. Each of them was bulky and huge like mini giants. The muscles on their bodies were ripped like a dragon’s, and their faces were extremely fierce. Just a single look from them would send one on their nerves.

Lin Fan checked his system.

Of those 7 martial artists surrounding the Manhuang Tribe members, 6 of them were of pericelestial full cultivation state. As for their leader, he was a lesser celestial lower level cultivator. For someone of his tender age to be at a lesser celestial cultivation base was quite an incredible achievement.

He wondered what sect they belonged to.

If these guys were in Glory Sect, they would be famous individuals within the inner sect by now. But, if they were out of their sect to s.n.a.t.c.h items from these guys of the Manhuang Tribe, then the treasure in question would be pretty valuable, wouldn’t it?

Lin Fan felt his heart jump a little as he was filled with excitement and antic.i.p.ation.

‘One was bound to be rich by murdering others for their valuables.’

This saying was right after all. But in Lin Fan’s case, it was more like ‘One was bound to be rich by tricking and fooling others out of their valuables.’

Lin Fan was not much of a killer. To him, no matter what one did, he had to let the other party submit to him convincingly. It must be out of their very wills to concede defeat.

But what Lin Fan was puzzled about was that with the cultivation bases of these people trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the valuables, they could have easily done so by brute force. Why were they still dragging it out wishy washy all the way till now?

But right then, yet another development unfolded.

"Kill…" The young man’s eyes shone brightly as the blood energy around him began to rumble. He was covered from head to toe by a blood mist.

By the looks of it, the other party must have some really strong killer move or something as their trump card. Otherwise, these guys wouldn’t have waited so long to strike. No matter what he did, Lin Fan always made sure to check out the situation and keep it clear from early on. That was a necessary skill in his line of trickery and fooling. He needed to be extremely careful. Otherwise, if he were to die due to a mistake, what a lame ending that would be.

And just then, something amazing happened.

The cute young lady was circled by her 4 bodyguards. In the center of it all, she closed her eyes and began singing. The moment she started singing, a powerful energy surged through the air.

Even Lin Fan was astonished by the source of this energy.

"Just what in the world is that?" Lin Fan’s face changed as his eyes focused on the skies above the young girl. An ancient well with an aura of vicissitude had formed in the air above the girl. From this well, the energy was being emitted like a stream of water flowing down from a waterfall, entering the 4 bodyguards.

But what alarmed Lin Fan was the fact that as he focused on the well to try to understand what it was, he felt his mental state struggling against it. It was as though there was a really powerful force within the well, blocking out anyone from looking through it.

"What an amazing and strong gadget." Lin Fan couldn’t help but sing praises of it. This ancient well was definitely a treasure. But Lin Fan had never seen something like this, nor did he know about its purpose.

Lin Fan looked at the 4 bodyguards who had received the energy from the ancient well. In an instant, their energy levels exploded up like a bullet. It was as though they were practically lesser celestial lower levels right now from the pericelestial full cultivation bases they previously were.

Lin Fan was startled. Wasn’t this thing way too strong?!? Eventually, the cultivation bases of these people stabilized at lesser celestial lower level.

"Form up!" The young man surrounded by the blood mist shouted as he dashed forth, exchanging blows with the 4 bodyguards who had just received a buff.

As for the other pericelestial martial artists, they formed into a formation, holding off 2 of the bodyguards who had just broken through to lesser celestial level with all their might.

"Wow. This is some black magic sorcery!" Lin Fan was watching excitedly. Wasn’t this young lady’s tactics way too overpowered? Goodness, she had completely disregarded the rules of cultivation bases. Leveling up just like that without any bit of hesitation?

And what was even more amazing was the fact that she had forced up the power level of 4 people at one go! What? Were there no limits to this thing?

What a horrifying power. So horrifying!

Meanwhile, Lin Fan was still hiding nearby, waiting to reap the rewards of this encounter. He was thinking about what he should do so that he can get the most out of this.

For both parties to be fighting so fiercely, the treasure must be quite something.

Lin Fan bid his time, waiting for the most crucial moment.

Indeed, being leveled up forcefully was still nothing compared to someone who had trained himself up.

Even though it was a 2v1 battle, the blood mist covered young man was still at an advantage. He struck out with his palm, which was filled with blood energy.

But what amazed Lin Fan were the physical bodies of these people from the Manhuang Tribe. Indeed, they were strong. Other than spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood after receiving the strike, they were still lively and vigorous.

As time pa.s.sed by, Lin Fan was still watching fixedly.

And finally, the battlefield changed. Those people from the Manhuang Tribe could not take it anymore. Or perhaps, there was a time limit to the energy boost provided from the ancient well.

"Hand over the treasure, and you get to keep your lives…" The blood mist covered young man said as he struck out with his palm once more, causing the 2 bodyguards he was dealing with to stumble back while bleeding profusely.

Lin Fan stood up from where he was, smiling. The Faceless Sky Demon with three heads and six arms appeared behind him.

Now, for someone like Lin Fan who bothered about appearances, he couldn’t make do with just any form of lousy entrances.

"Now, fellow Juniors present, just what happened for you guys to be fighting as such? How about accompanying Yours Truly to just admire the beautiful scenery of this place…?"

Lin Fan’s calm voice rang out from the woods. Alarmed, both parties stopped fighting and looked in the direction of the voice.

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