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Lin Fan’s face changed. This aura was pretty strong, in fact, just feeling it was almost choking up his airways.

To think that such a BOSS would be hidden within the Qinshen dynasty. This was not something Lin Fan had expected. Furthermore, the purple thunderbolt earlier brought with it an ominous feeling as though someone had broken through something.

Was this guy secretly training up within the palace all this while, and the trauma from this onslaught had awakened him to break through to another level?


Lin Fan arched his head facing the skies and laughed wildly.

"Die? Do you think that someone like you who has been hiding inside all this while can kill Yours Truly? What a joke! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Yours Truly has sought out vengeance for the 108 lives of the Yan Village. I don’t wish to kill any more innocents. Thus, I shall spare your lowly life. Cherish this chance." Lin Fan flicked his robes, hands behind his back, evidently disregarding the presence of this person within.

Under the frightful gaze of the disciples from both sects, Lin Fan disappeared.

The disciples of both sects were fearful beyond measure. Now that their elders had their fates hanging in the unknown, they could do nothing against the fearsome strength of this man.

Now that Lin Fan had sought out vengeance, he was feeling much better. The thing that was pushing him forth earlier on was adrenaline. For the sake of the Yan Village, he was totally pumped up. But now that it was all over, Lin Fan regained his composure and returned to his usual self. He needed t make sure he did not forget about his own safety all for the sake of revenge.

The moment Lin Fan entered Stealth mode, he ran off immediately without hesitation.

When one was outside, one lived on one’s image and reputation. If he were to run off in the face of ma.s.ses, where was he to hide his face from there on? Only under the guise of invisibility could he regain his old self back.

‘If you can’t beat ‘em, run from ‘em.’ That was Lin Fan’s way of life.

Especially this mysterious guy from within, Lin Fan did not have anything against him personally. There was no point duking it out with him to death’s door.

As to whether or not the other party hated him, that was not up for Lin Fan to decide.

Lin Fan had this persistent nagging that his luck wasn’t too good. Ever since he had left the sect, his journey had been fraught with misfortunes. Every time he had wiped out a place, a final big BOSS would appear to defeat him cruelly.

This was nothing good for a man like Lin Fan whose only wish was to put on an ultimate act of bullsh*t.

But this was all a matter of strength. If he reached a state of invincibility, who would still dare to act c.o.c.kily in front of him?

Within a secret room in the Qinshen dynasty, a middle-aged man was exploding with a fearsome aura. After the thunderbolt, he was surrounded by energy grid lines around his entire body.

This was a sign of someone breaking through to the Greater Celestial level, being able to comprehend the power of energy grid lines. He could make use of them, reaching the highest state of power being.

The energy grid lines were like agile snakes, coiling themselves onto the body of this man as he raised his fist, grasping at the air.

Two dark figures appeared from the shadows before the man.

One of them was Teng Long who was killed by Lin Fan, while the other was the Qin Emperor who had feigned death earlier.

"My son…Long…" The middle age man looked at the corpse lying silently on the ground as sadness flashed through his heartbroken eyes. He then stared at the Qin Emperor angrily.

Suddenly, the Qin Emperor who had feigned death, knelt onto the ground and kowtowed furiously, "Qin Emperor, please forgive me! Please spare my life! I wasn’t that guy’s match at all!"

The mysterious thing was that both these men looked exactly the same.

"Trash…!" The man who had mastered the energy grid lines struck out with his palms, disintegrating the Qin Emperor, who had feigned death, into dust immediately.

"Mastering the Energy Grid lines of the world, the highest state of being!" The Qin Emperor roared furiously. He grabbed two thick energy grid lines from thin air and tugged, fusing them together with his body with a weird glow.

The Qin Emperor’s aura became ever stronger, fiercer, and forceful. Raising his palms, booming lightning struck and crackled out in all directions furiously.

"You’ve killed my son, so I’ll kill you!" Full of killing intent, the Qin Emperor ripped apart the air before him like a piece of paper, and then walked into the void he had created and disappeared.

The secret room was silent.

Teng Long’s body laid there silently, quietly.

Just then, the air trembled like a water ripple, gently vibrating. A jade white skeleton finger stretched out from within the void.


The cracking sounds of a skeleton came out from within the void.

Soon, the entire jade white skeleton exited from the void. Looking at the body on the ground, it seemed to be smiling as it curled its long skeleton finger, beckoning towards something.

Teng Long’s body began to shudder violently. Suddenly, a skeleton filled with blood emerged from within his body. The jade white skeleton took it and threw Teng Long’s skeleton into the void, making it disappear completely.

As though it was laughing heartily, two flames burned in the holes of its skull where the eyes used to be. Blood started bleeding out from within the jade white skeleton, and finally, it flew into Teng Long’s skeleton-less body.

Just then, Teng Long, who had long pa.s.sed away, opened his eyes abruptly. Within those eyes burned lively flames, which then disappeared after a while.

Teng Long stood up and patted away the dust from his body. He then looked around at his surroundings. That haughty face of his revealed a smile. However, this was a benevolent and compa.s.sionate smile. That arrogance and anger from earlier were gone completely…

Lin Fan had been running all around the city. He could feel the overwhelming aura sweeping the path behind him. But after he continued running for a while, Lin Fan came to a halt.

‘What the h.e.l.l is Yours Truly running for? b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! I’m a man with a system! No one can detect anything from me. It’s not like he can find me out or anything, right?!?’

Once he had come to this realization, Lin Fan let out a chuckle. He then looked for a secluded place and got out of his invisibility. Checking his appearance, he was clean from head to toe with not a single bloodstain. Relieved, he then slid in quietly with the crowds.

As for the mysterious, powerful man, Lin Fan swore that if he could find Yours Truly, then he must be a really capable man.

The Qin Emperor was searching all across the streets, but to no avail. Floating up into the skies and looking down at his gigantic city, his face was grim and solemn.

No aura, not a single trace of it.

Just what sort of concealment technique was this to be able to escape his attention? The Qin Emperor had spread his consciousness throughout the city, searching continuously. But no matter how he tried, he couldn’t find anything strange or weird.

"Boss! Give me a bowl of wonton!" Lin Fan sat at a roadside stall, waving his hand and beckoning.

"Alright, coming right up!"

A steaming piping bowl of wonton was brought to Lin Fan. "Have your fill, sir!"

Lin Fan nodded. Lifting his spoon, he took a bite into one with a look of satisfaction.

"Mmm... Mmm! Delicious!"

Lin Fan gazed up into the skies. The guy must be worried sick trying to seek him out. But Yours Truly was a master at the art of hiding! To find Yours Truly that easily? He must truly be dreaming.

The wonton was extremely delicious, so Lin Fan ordered another bowl.

He then visited a brothel. It was time to observe the daily livelihoods of these girls who had strayed off the right path of life.

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