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"Sir…this matter… Right, it’s all the Qinshen dynasty’s fault. I hope…" The Qin Emperor had realized the error in his ways. This man was simply way too strong. To think that even Elder Huang and Elder Yin would not be his match.

"Hope your mother..." Lin Fan roared furiously. Swinging down his axe, the Qin Emperor’s face changed as he tried to block with everything he had. Despite that, he was slammed backward by the tremendous impact of it all, crashing deeply into the jade limestone fighting ring like a kite which had been cut off.

Lin Fan was like a G.o.d as he descended slowly onto the ring. Below him, all the disciples from both sects did not dare to let out a single sound. Their elders had been defeated right before their very eyes, and even right now, no one knew if they were alive or dead. Everyone was filled with fear.

The royal family disciples were even more fearful. In the dynasty, they were below no one. But the events of this day would forever leave a dark scar within their hearts.

Lin Fan walked in front of Teng Long. Those cold eyes of his had Teng Long in a fl.u.s.ter within his heart. It was as though he was being choked by someone and gasping for air.

"What do you want?" On that mighty and arrogant face of Teng Long slipped out a trace of fear.

"What did you say earlier on?" Lin Fan asked calmly. The Faceless Sky Demon behind Lin Fan snarled continuously with its malevolent face, like a demon from h.e.l.l.

Teng Long swallowed his saliva. Even though he was only 12-13 years old, his intellect was more mature than most. He was a genius in the Qinshen dynasty, and he would be a genius no matter which sect he entered. That fact was undeniable.

Under the adulation from everyone, he had long since abandoned any form of regard for the common ma.s.ses. To Teng Long, even his father or any of the sects he would enter were just a stepping stone. Compared to him, none of them were on the same level.

He had great and lofty ambitions for himself. But to think that he would be viewed with such eyes by this man before him, making him question his worth. This was something that Teng Long could not tolerate.

However, in the face of all this, Teng Long could only grit his teeth harshly. There was no avenue for him to release the indignance he was suffering from.

"Today, you are the ant before my very eyes. What more do you have to say." Lin Fan asked coldly.

Listening to this, Teng Long was totally enraged. Without hesitation, he looked at Lin Fan with his tiny little face, "You’re older than me. Thus, you have a higher cultivation base than me. I acknowledge that. But if you dare to give me a couple of years to grow, I’ll make sure to destroy you with my very hands and wish that you were never born."

Hearing this, Lin Fan let out a smile. Countless scenarios played out in his mind.

In all of the novels he had read, which one of the protagonists weren’t hot-headed and stubborn? At the same time, which one of the villains weren’t morons? No matter how vicious they were, they would still look at the ma.s.ses with disdain, underestimating them and buying into words like these from the protagonists.

‘Few years… Just a few years? I’ll grant it to you then.’

But after those few years, all of the villains without fail would be crushed severely by the sudden leap in power of the protagonist. That was how all the stories played out to be.

Even though Lin Fan refused to see himself as the villain, the scene playing before him did not seem right.

"Are those villagers ants in your eyes?" Lin Fan asked once more.

 Teng Long was silent. He looked as though he was planning something. He then laughed out loudly, "Ants are ants. No matter how you phrase it, they can never turn over a new leaf. As such, a kill is just a mere kill. Are you fearful for your own future right now? You’re scared, right? That in a few years’ time, I’m going to surpa.s.s you and destroy you cruelly."

Teng Long did not just spend his time cultivating his martial arts, he also spent a lot of time delving into the manipulation of the human heart.

This man before him was way too strong, so strong that even his father or the two elders weren’t his match. But that was not what Teng Long thought.

He knew that the stronger one was, the weirder their personalities would be. He knew that for this man to head here seeking vengeance over a few village ants, he must be a kind-hearted soul. In the eyes of everyone else, he was just a 12-13-year-old kid. Just a child.

Based on the other party’s personality, he probably wouldn’t go all the way out against him.

After all, it was something utterly intolerable for someone to kill a child.

Retaining his personality, he said these words without fear or worry. Perhaps the other party might even feel something towards him and take him in as a disciple with the thought of bringing him towards the path of righteousness.

Furthermore, this man seemed ridiculously strong. Especially that demon thing that was floating behind him, if Teng Long could learn it for himself, then he would definitely be extremely strong.

He would endure this moment of humiliation for his chance to strike.

Teng Long understood with a 100% confidence that the man before him would not do anything untoward to him. In fact, he even gauged the chance of himself being taken in as a disciple with his unrelenting att.i.tude at 70%.

Each and every one of these moments were moments of opportunity for Teng Long.

The only reason why he wanted to join a sect was to make himself stronger. He would become so strong one day that he could easily dominate over the weak ma.s.ses.

By the looks of it, this man was way stronger than any of the sects. So why not take the chance to follow him if he could?

Once he had learned everything there was to this man and rendered himself stronger than him, he would then kill this man with his very own skills. Wasn’t that humiliation at its best?

Lin Fan’s mouth twitched as he smiled once more.

Looking at the other party smiling, Teng Long was overwhelmed with joy in his heart.

"Three years, just three years and I’ll seek you out to crush you. Do you dare?" Teng Long stared at Lin Fan without any bit of fear. Within that face was even a look of overbearingness.

He was just waiting for that single sentence from Lin Fan: ‘What is three years to me? Ten years? Hundred years? So be it. Yours Truly will keep you by my side and watch you struggle futilely.’

That was the single sentence Teng Long was waiting for. As long as this man was willing to say it, Teng Long swore to the G.o.ds that his death would not be too far off.

With his own potential, he was sure that he could learn everything there was to this man in those 3 years. Not only that, he would even train up his cultivation base on the sly in the dark and eventually kill this man off.

But what came after was not something Teng Long expected.

A blinding flash.

Lin Fan struck out with his palm. ‘Tidal Push’ was unleashed, as thirteen folds of strength exploded out from within.


Teng Long’s small body flew across the ring and landed on the other end. All his bones and internal organs were ripped apart and broken.

Using his remaining strength, he raised his finger, "You…you…"

And then, he breathed his last.

Lin Fan laughed coldly and looked at him. Three years... How many people would have died in these three years he was alive?

Even though Lin Fan did not enjoy these ma.s.s slaughters, there was no way he would leave these pitfalls behind for himself, especially a pitfall whose potential was pretty decent.

With the system, Lin Fan knew that he was unparalleled. But even then, leaving a bunch of flies buzzing around him to deal with was c.u.mbersome.


The ma.s.ses clamored noisily. Looking at the scene before them, all the royal family disciples fled in all directions as though they had just seen a ghost.

Lin Fan wasn’t bothered by this.

But just then, Lin Fan frowned. Within the depths of the palace, an aura erupted out. Lin Fan could feel the pressure from this aura pressing on him.

"Too much…!" The slow voice penetrated through Lin Fan’s ears calmly.

But this soft and gentle voice was like thunder in Lin Fan’s ears, causing his eardrums to vibrate painfully.

The color of the peaceful skies changed.

A gigantic purple thunderbolt struck down from the Heavens into the depths of the palace.


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