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The was the second time in his life Lin Fan had felt such fury. The first time was when his sect had been destroyed, and he saw the death of his three Senior Brothers before his very eyes.

And this was the second time.

A bunch of b*stards who didn’t deserve to be called humans ma.s.sacring an entire village all for a treasure they had not even an inkling about.

The skies rumbled furiously as the tension in the air grew at an electrifying rate. Even though Lin Fan did not put much effort into cultivating his Sword techniques specifically, his achievements in them were not to be taken lightly either.

‘Will of the Sword’, ‘King of Swords’ and ‘Firmament Sword’, these three different sword techniques allowed Lin Fan to combine their essence into an entirely unique Sword Will belonging to only him.

Without any wind from the surroundings, Lin Fan was already building up a wall of Sword Will around himself.





Everything was vibrating violently against the Earth, as though there was an unknown force attracting and pulling onto them.

The beast Crown Prince Zou Sheng was riding on prostrated on the ground, struggling immensely and crying out terribly. It was so scared that it didn’t dare to budge an inch, and just kept trembling.

"For the sake of riches and power, you ma.s.sacred an entire village of innocent people. There is no place in this world for someone like you." Lin Fan opened his mouth slowly, pointing a finger at the terrified Yan Xiong.

Yan Xiong looked at everything in fright. His legs wouldn’t stop trembling. He wanted to say something so badly to refute this, to explain what was happening, but he was so scared he couldn’t at all.

And when he saw the man pointing a finger at him, he could feel his heart stopping.


Instantly, Yan Xiong was caged in Sword Will, covering his entire body. The razor-sharp Sword Will ripped Yan Xiong’s body. Under the fearful gazes of the ma.s.ses, Yan Xiong’s body began disintegrating slowly and gradually. Eventually, he disappeared entirely into thin air, leaving no trace behind.

Zou Sheng was dumbfounded. The long sword he was holding in his hand began to tremble with his arm. He did not know who this man was, but he knew that this wasn’t someone he could match up against.

"Who…are you!" Even though Zou Sheng’s heart was fl.u.s.tered, he had to put on a tough front. "I am a crown prince of the Qinshen Dynasty!"

Lin Fan glared at him silently.

"Senior…erm, these are just mere country villagers! Their lives are…are worth nothing more than an…ant’s!" Zou Sheng was panicking in his heart, trying to think of the best way to pacify this man who gave off such a dangerous feeling. He had not expected to invoke the wrath of such a powerful man over killing some mere country b.u.mpkins.

Looking at this incensed young man, none of the black soldiers dared to speak either.

Lin Fan caught sight of the young girl who was ravaged by the black soldier earlier on, and her lifeless body now, his eyes burning with boundless fury.

He pointed his finger.

Hei Xiong collapsed onto his knees, wailing while gripping tightly at his crotch area.

Zou Sheng tumbled onto the floor, crawling towards Lin Fan and prostrating himself before him. Stuttering and gulping, he looked at Lin Fan, "Senior…I’m…I’m sorry! This was my…bad! Please give me another chance! Please! I’m sure my Father will reward you handsomely…!"

Even though Zou Sheng was a crown prince of the Qinshen Dynasty, he could not care less about his image right now. The only thing on his mind was to keep his life in the face of this man’s wrath.

Lin Fan looked at Zou Sheng.

Pericelestial Cultivation Base.

In an instant, he recalled back to the times when he was at the Great Yan Dynasty. Back then, the Yan Emperor’s cultivation base was indeed insurmountable to someone like him. But to the current Lin Fan, it was nothing much.

Even though the other party was a crown prince who could look down on others with just status alone, in front of the current Lin Fan, he was nothing much.

A light flashed through, as though the Heavens were split open. After the flash, Zou Sheng and all the black soldiers collapsed onto the ground, gripping their crotches tightly and crying out in pain.

Blood gushed out, staining their crotch areas blood red. In a single move, tens of eunuchs were born.

Lin Fan had no intention of negotiating with these b*stards. He only wanted to torment them. If he killed them in a single strike, that would be way too merciful to these f*ckers.

Lin Fan wanted to let them understand that to seek death in front of him was going to be harder than ascending the Heavens.

Lin Fan’s Sword Will materialized into a ten feet long sword. The sword pierced through the shoulders of Zou Sheng and the others, skewering them together in a row like a barbeque stick. It then flew up into the skies, dragging them along with it.

Lin Fan did not bother with their agonized wails as fresh blood filled the skies.

Lin Fan walked over to the hut of village chief Yan, slamming his hands onto the ground. The earth shuddered as the ground crumbled and collapsed.

Within the newly formed hole, Lin Fan found a wooden box floating gently, giving off a weird glow.

Mystical Wood. This was the same material as the box he had found in the secret room.

When Lin Fan opened the box, he found a white pill with a G.o.dly aura, giving off a mild fragrant scent which invigorated the energy of anyone who breathed it in.

Just like back in the secret room, a note laid beneath the pill. Looking at it, Lin Fan let out a cold laugh.

‘I have allowed the Yan Village to keep watch over this treasure for generations to come. Now that it is stolen, this is within the calculations of this old man as well. This is a pill which revolts against the Heavens and can change the course of nature. Please use it wisely so as to not disgrace the name of the Seven Saints.’

These words flowed like poetry, yet Lin Fan could only laugh at the irony of it all.

Calculated... Indeed, this was all calculated and predicted. After all, which of these powerful beings were simple beings to begin with?

If not for Yours Truly’s system, he might really have been tricked by them as well.

Lin Fan laughed coldly, gripping onto the white pill.

There was no free lunch in this world indeed. Which one of those divine beings was not a crafty, sneaky old fox? How could they just bless the world after they had pa.s.sed on?

It was every man for himself, and these divine beings were no different.

He had premediated this from the ancient times till this day.

‘Woof! Woof!’

Just then, a black dog appeared before Lin Fan, barking while trembling uncontrollably. Lin Fan looked at the dog and smiled coldly. The dog’s limbs were trembling as it slowly floated towards Lin Fan.

"Since you sent Yours Truly this series of premediated ‘natural’ events, let Yours Truly create a new nature for you as well.’ Opening his palms, the white Heaven Revolting Life Changing G.o.dly pill floated into the dog’s mouth.

Lin Fan then placed the dog into his storage sack, no longer speaking about the event.

Using his Sword Will, he lifted the bodies of the villagers one by one, placing them gently into the hole he had created.

"Old man, Yours Truly is a man who repays what he owes, be it grat.i.tude or vengeance. Rest a.s.sured, the Qinshen Dynasty must perish."

Waving his hands, Lin Fan filled up the hole with soil and mud, creating even ground once more.

Approaching Zou Sheng and the others, Lin Fan had nothing more to say. He flew towards the direction of the Qinshen Dynasty.

"LET ME GO! I’M THE CROWN PRINCE OF THE QINSHEN DYNASTY! YOU’LL REGRET THIS!" Zou Sheng howled wildly. The pain was writhing through his entire body. He had not expected to incur the wrath of such a horrifying figure for just killing a bunch of ants.

Flying through the air, Lin Fan’s gaze was stone cold. Behind him was a bunch of b*stards strung up by his sword, following him.

Lin Fan did not like to kill. But if he were angered enough to kill, even he would be afraid of himself.

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