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‘Where…am I?’

Lin Fan shook his head around, trying to clear the daze he was in. His surroundings looked foreign; the floor was made of wooden planks while on the wooden rooftop were hung some hunting equipment and beast skin. Looking out of the windows, the scenery and backdrop were entirely different from where he had been.

Checking himself, Lin Fan did not find anything wrong about him. The final scene at the secret room must have been him being teleported out of the place.

But the only thing Lin Fan regretted was losing out on the jade white skeleton. d.a.m.n it!

Lin Fan checked on Chicky as well. It was sleeping peacefully within his storage sack. Well, at least he didn’t return from the expedition empty-handed.

Even without the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’, he had managed to tame a descendant of an Ancient Beast. What a harvest this was!

Lin Fan took out the ‘Seven Saints Glorious Record’. This was the only useful thing he had gotten out of the secret room. By the looks of it, this should be a skill.

‘Ding…Congratulations on discovering ‘Seven Saints Glorious Record’. Volume 1. Learn?’


‘Ding…Congratulations on learning ‘Seven Saint Glorious Record’.’

Lin Fan could feel an energy source surging through his body. Even though this was volume 1 of the ‘Seven Saint Glorious Record’, the power level was already higher than a Heaven Upper-Grade skill. If he could collect all seven volumes of it, the power he would obtain should be impossible to imagine.

Suddenly, the wooden door was pushed open from the outside.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes and saw an old man. He wasn’t big sized, and rather a little hunchbacked. Covered with white hair, he didn’t look like someone with any evil intent.

This old man’s cultivation base was not too high, just at a precelestial middle level. But Lin Fan could tell from a single look that his potential was pretty dismal.

In fact, the fact that he was even able to be a precelestial with this potential level was already pretty much a miracle in itself.

"Sir, you’re awake? Is there anything you require?" The moment the old man saw Lin Fan, he greeted him courteously.

Lin Fan chuckled, "Old man, you know who I am?"

Lin Fan knew that under normal circ.u.mstances, most people his age would refer to him as a young man or young fella. But the moment this old man entered, he addressed Lin Fan as a Sir. This was somewhat unexpected.

The old man laughed as well, "Sir, I did wander about here and there while I was a young man as well. Therefore, I’ve got some knowledge of the outside world. By your aura and demeanor, I could tell that you’re a pretty extraordinary man. Even though I do not know why you had fainted before our village, I garnered that you must have met with something troublesome."

"Haha!" Lin Fan laughed out. Indeed, experience does come with age. But right now, he was quite confused as to where he was.

"Where is this place?"

"Sir, this is the Yan Village, and I’m the village chief, Yan Shanli. A few hundred miles from this place is the Qinshen Dynasty." The village chief explained slowly to Lin Fan.

When Yan Shanli was a young lad, he used to travel around the place adventurously. However, it was a pity that his potential was limited. Even as he got to his middle ages, his cultivation base still remained at precelestial middle level. Realizing that that was the maximum level he could probably get to, he returned to the village with regrets. After the previous village chief pa.s.sed away, he took on the responsibility and had kept watch over the village ever since.

Lin Fan was silent as Yan Shanli was explaining it all. Qinshen Dynasty? What the f*ck? In the blink of an eye, he had teleported more than hundred thousand miles away?!?

Lin Fan had memorized the records within the Glory Sect by heart. All the places within Dongling Continent were recorded within the books, and according to them, the Qin Shengw.a.n.g Dynasty was more than hundred thousand miles away from the Glory Sect.

Even Fiery h.e.l.l was just around ten thousand miles away from Glory Sect. How the h.e.l.l was he teleported to this place in an instant?

But oh well, forget it. Since he was here, it was the same as wherever he would have headed to. The main point was still to get his cultivation base up.

"Sir, if there’s nothing else, I would take my leave." Village chief Yan said politely.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded.

The moment village chief Yan exited the house, he saw a group of curious kids gathered before the house. Waving his hand, he said softly, "Hush, let’s not disturb the honorable sir’s rest."

The group of children then dispersed and headed off.

Lin Fan let out Chicky who immediately arched its head and cried out ‘Cuckookookoo!’ continuously.

Lin Fan slapped his head.

"Cuck your head. Shut up."

Chicky turned his head to glare at Lin Fan in disdain. It then twerked its a.s.s and walked towards the wooden door. Kicking it open with one claw, it ran out.

Lin Fan sat there contemplating his next course of action.

He took out the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ and examined it closely before heaving a sigh of relief. There was a forbidden ground close to Qinshen Dynasty. So at least he wasn’t f*cked too bad after all.

Just then, a series of laughter roared from outside. Out of curiosity, Lin Fan headed out. There was a group of children gathered in a circle, pointing and laughing at something.

Taking a closer look, Lin Fan frowned.

There it was, raising its wings up high, the one and only dear Chicky bullying a rooster so badly that it was lying on the ground, trembling. Puffing his chest and arching his head up, Chicky walked away in pride. A group of hens followed behind him, attracted by this imposing little chicken.

Chicky walked towards a hen and circled around her.


Chicky arched his neck and cried out loudly. The hen spread her wings wide open as well, twerking her backside really high.

Just then, Chicky leaped on top of the hen. Using his featherless wings, he covered the hen, as though he was afraid of letting people see what they were up to. Lin Fan was absolutely dumbfounded by this point.

"What a weird rooster! It doesn’t even have a single feather on it!" A dumb looking boy commented, dripping mucus from his nose.

"Ah Da’s daughter in law has been s.n.a.t.c.hed away!" Another kid remarked, pointing at the indignant rooster who was still sprawled on the floor due to Chicky.

Lin Fan wiped away the beads of sweat on his forehead and hauled Chicky up with two fingers, "You disgraceful fella!" Chicky cried out loudly. He was just in the middle of getting to something good!


"CU your head! Get you’re a*s back here!" Lin Fan tossed Chicky into his storage sack helplessly.

Born as a respectable Ancient Beast, yet he was indulging in such sinful activities such as an extramarital affair with another rooster’s daughter in law! Where was his dignity and pride?!

Looking at what Lin Fan just did, all the surrounding children called out excitedly as well.

"Uncle! What happened to that rooster! What did you do to it! How did you make it disappear just like that!"

"Where did it go!"

Looking at these bustling children, Lin Fan could not help but let out a smile. He then gave out sweets to them.

Lin Fan toured the village. It wasn’t a big place with probably only a hundred residents or so. They survived with what they could: hunting, fishing et cetera. It was peaceful and lovely.

Towards this foreigner, all the villagers were polite and kind as well.

After a week here, Lin Fan felt that it was about time for him to move on.

Lin Fan had already planned it all out. His next destination on the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ would be the Dead Demon Seas.

The Dead Demon Seas laid around thousand miles away from the Qinshen Dynasty. He would then slowly conquer the rest of the locations indicated on the treasure map one by one.

Next day…

"Village chief Yan, thank you for your warm accommodation. These are a few pills here. When anyone is injured from hunting beasts or the likes, as long as they were still breathing and alive, these pills can save them for sure." Lin Fan did not have many treasures on hand, but he had quite a number of herbs. Cultivating some pills for these villagers was his way of repaying their kindness.

Village chief Yan was not someone who was ignorant of the ways of the world. When he heard of the effects produced by these pills, he was extremely grateful, thanking Lin Fan profusely.

"Farewell. We’ll meet again if we have the affinity…" After bidding farewell, Lin Fan flew into the air towards the distance.

Ever since he had broken through to pericelestial, he had obtained the ability to connect with the True Energy of the Heavens and Earth, allowing him to traverse through the air itself. In other words, fly.

Even though the speed wasn’t extremely fast, it was still really convenient compared to traveling on foot. Looking at Lin Fan’s back view, village chief Yan felt a wave of nostalgia. This man reminded him of his youth.

Flying above the woods, Lin Fan looked down on the grounds below, heading South.

Just then, he spotted a convoy of people down below. But, Lin Fan did not pay much attention to them, speeding up and heading along his way.

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