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In front of the jade white skeleton laid a praying mat.

This scene looked so familiar to Lin Fan’s eyes, as though he’d seen it a thousand times. Just then, Lin Fan spotted some tiny words inscribed beside the skeleton on the stone bed.

These words were no trouble to Lin Fan.

‘Whoever reads this has an affinity with me. Using the praying mat, kowtow for 18,800 times. You will then receive my legacy.’

Reading these words, Lin Fan looked at the skeleton again and laughed.

"HAHA! No wonder Yours Truly found this so b.l.o.o.d.y familiar! Isn’t this the exact storyline from ‘Demi-G.o.ds and Semi-devils’? Frankly, if not for that manhood on your skeleton, Yours Truly would have thought that you’re Li Qiushui’s sister!"

Lin Fan was extremely used to a development like this. Man, to kowtow 18,800 times, wouldn’t that smash someone’s head right open or destroy this praying mat entirely? But c’mon, wasn’t the treasure just hidden under the praying mat? What was so difficult about this?

Instantly, Lin Fan ripped a hole in the praying mat. Indeed, a golden book laid beneath it.

Looking at the material used, this must be the same material from the King Golden Silkworm, to be able to resist corrosion till now. Beside the book, Lin Fan caught sight of another piece of paper. The contents of the paper left Lin Fan in disbelief as he gaped at the skeleton with open jaws.

‘The world has never lacked in talented individuals. After kowtowing your due kowtows, the skeleton which contains this old man’s lifelong powers will turn into a current and be transfused to you. If you had broken through forcefully, your thoughts and intents are not pure enough. However, as an appreciation for your effort in making this long journey, this is a ‘Seven Saints Glorious Records’ book for you.’

Reading it entirely, Lin Fan could only stand there and blink his eyes dumbly. The only thought that came into his mind right now was to pray to the Heavens for another chance.

This tricky thing was not trickier than Lin Fan! If he were to pray hard enough, he was sure that his sincerity could break him out of this unfortunate situation right now instead of getting the lesser reward!

"Your Highness, please give me another chance!" Lin Fan howled tragically. The pain he was feeling now over this loss could only be understood by him.

He was so close... SO CLOSE to getting it!


Just then, the secret room began vibrating violently.

Behind the jade white skeleton, a void opened up in thin air. Right under Lin Fan’s nose, the skeleton was sucked deep within, disappearing entirely.

‘Your Highness, please don’t do this…!’

But it was all too late. Lin Fan realized that even the secret room itself was starting to distort and contort. The stone table and stone bed twisted into a ball and disappeared.

‘Cuckookoo!’ Chicky started crying out on Lin Fan’s shoulders.

"Cuck your head!" Lin Fan threw Chicky along with the ‘Seven Saints Glorious Records’ into his storage sack and ran towards the entrance.

But the suction from the black void was way too strong. Lin Fan could barely move forward.

‘F*ck me…!’

Lin Fan’s vision turned black as he drifted into darkness once more.

The base of the mountain of Glory Sect’s Entrance…

A series of carriages rushed over as though they had been through countless hardships along the journey, stopping only at the entrance of Glory Sect.

"Mistress, we’re here." As the chief housekeeper of the Gong Family, it was w.a.n.g Hu’s responsibility to ensure his mistress’s safety.

He didn’t approve of his mistress’s decision to head over to Glory Sect. After all, they could not afford to offend Glory Sect no matter what. But seeing his mistress’s resolute face, w.a.n.g Hu could only sigh exasperatedly and follow her orders.

From the Mo City to Glory Sect was a shortcut. If one were to rush through it, they could arrive within a matter of days. However, the shortcut was treacherous and filled with beasts.

In the end, they could only use the safer alternative. Even though this road was safer, the journey was extremely long, and the road was very mountainous and rocky.

After more than a month, they had finally arrived at their destination.

A jade-like smooth hand reached out from within the carriage and out stepped a peerless beauty. On the face of this beautiful woman was a look of sorrow as well as signs of hesitation.

Gong Bingye had a beauty that was unparalleled in this world. However, as a woman, she only had 2 choices. She would either belong to a powerful man, or she had to possess absolute strength.

But to Gong Bingye, the first path was the most suited for her.

Even though the Gong Family was pretty well to do, they weren’t strong enough to provide her with indefinite amounts of supplies required for cultivation. Furthermore, she knew herself well. She wasn’t born with an extremely talented potential to be groomed into a skilled martial artist.

For her to even enter precelesital cultivation base had already expended too many resources of the Gong Family. Even if she were to continue pushing in this direction, the future was pretty bleak.

"Mistress, would you consider this? A sect isn’t all perfect and wonderful as we outsiders would think it to be." Even though w.a.n.g Hu knew that his mistress’s heart was firm, he couldn’t help himself from cautioning her once more.

Gong Bingye smiled gently like a blossoming flower, "I’ve thought it through. The Gong Family isn’t something a mere maiden like me can shoulder entirely."

w.a.n.g Hu gripped his fists tightly, lamenting at his helplessness in this situation. He reared his head at those soaring peaks of Glory Sect. This was it, THE Glory Sect that everyone could only dream of entering.

"Let us head forth." Gong Bingye said.

"Yes." w.a.n.g Hu nodded.

For this journey, the Gong Family only brought along the guards that had served them for many years.

"Who are you guys?" When Gong Bingye arrived at the main entrance, she was halted by Glory Sect disciples who were keeping watch.

"Kind sirs, my name is Gong Bingye. Head of the Gong Family of Mo City. My purpose for this journey is to look for Lin Fan." Gong Bingye said calmly.

The 2 disciples who were keeping guard were stunned. "Why are you looking for Junior Master Lin? Junior Master Lin had left the sect for 2 months and have yet to return."

Gong Bingye once had her doubts about Lin Fan’s ident.i.ty. But upon seeing the reactions of these disciples, she let loose a sigh of relief in her heart.

"I am Lin Fan’s wife, here to look for him. He had told me that I could come by anytime."

The two disciples gaped at Gong Bingye. They looked at one another in disbelief. Junior Master Lin’s wife? How was this possible? But then, they took another look at Gong Bingye.

They couldn’t deny that even the female disciples of Jialan Peak might not be a match for her. Other than the big disciple of Jialan Peak, Mu Bingyan, no one else could truly measure up to her beauty.

Even though l.u.s.t should not be present in men of cultivation, which man could truly let go of such mortal emotions?

Thinking back, Junior Master Lin was also a man. It wouldn’t be surprising if he had let loose a little after he left the sect.

"Wait a moment. We’ll report on this."

"My grat.i.tude."

These disciples immediately made haste to inform Senior Elder Wuya of this matter. Ever since Junior Master Lin had left the sect, Senior Elder Wuya had gone down the sect in search of him multiple times in a row, but to no avail. And now that this woman who proclaimed to be Lin Fan’s wife was here, this was strange indeed.

Wuya could barely eat or sleep much these past 2 months, as he was worried where this kid could have run off to.

He had searched 10,000 miles around Glory Sect, but he could not find a single trace of Lin Fan. Especially since this kid could hide his aura entirely without a single trace, Wuya could only give up on his search helplessly.

"Elder! There’s a woman at the entrance claiming to be Lin Fan’s wife!"

The moment Wuya heard these words, he appeared in front of the sect’s entrance in a flash, leaving only a rainbow streak behind him.

The moment Wuya appeared, he took a close inspection of this woman. Even though Wuya was already 100+ years old and had long grown weary of these mortal affairs, he could not deny that this woman was captivating indeed. Pity her potential wasn’t as satisfactory.

Whether or not this was that kid’s wife, he could not say for certain. After all, if he were as young as Lin Fan, he may have fallen for someone like her as well.

Especially someone like that kid, even though he did not mess around in the sect, Wuya could tell that he wasn’t simple or pure. Who knew whether he might have flirted around casually after leaving the sect and left these traces behind. That wasn’t impossible as well.

After all, even someone like the Grand Master had his fair share of love affairs back when he was younger. But for someone to turn up at the doorsteps just like this was a first for them as well.

He must definitely have a good talk with that kid once he got back.

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