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Lesser Celestial Lower Level.

This wasn’t a weak cultivation base. If this were the old Lin Fan, he would have revered a beast like this. But the current him no longer had any room in his heart for something like this.

Furthermore, his dear Chicky’s cultivation base was also a Lesser Celestial Lower Level. How could they lose with this 2v1 advantage?

Lin Fan swung his arms with his Eternal Axe, warming himself up to get ready for battle.

Chicky looked at Lin Fan and followed suit, swinging its wings up and down, twisting its little claws. It even wrung that highly arched chicken head of itself in circles, as though it was circulating the blood in its body system, prepping for a serious fight.

The gargantuan beast standing beneath the waterfall suddenly rose on its hind legs, pounding its chest like King Kong. Revealing its razor-sharp teeth, it looked extremely intimidating.

If Lin Fan did not have the system to reveal its true strength, he might very well have been scared off by this stance. But now, the more the beast posed, the more Lin Fan saw it as a guilty conscience of hiding its true strength.

Lin Fan grinned smugly. He appeared instantaneously in front of the beast, leaving a rainbow streak in his path. Raising his head, he taunted, "Just fight if you wanna, stop with the bulls.h.i.t."

"CUCKCUCKCUCKCUCK!!!!" Chicky spread its wings, trying to fly with Lin Fan as well. But it couldn’t, so it could only stand on its original spot and cried out haughtily.

The beast lowered its colossal head slowly and glared at Lin Fan, budging not even a single inch. It then moved its hind leg slowly.

In a swift motion, it leaped far away into the distance.

What the h.e.l.l? Lin Fan did not know what this beast was up to. This behavior by the beast was extremely puzzling.

After the beast leaped far away, it looked at Lin Fan angrily again. Once more, it roared furiously with a look of hatred, as though it was determined to fight Lin Fan to its death.


This roar shook heaven and earth, causing everything around to vibrate. It shot out an explosive aura once more, ready for battle at any moment.

Looking at the beast, Lin Fan grinned again. Against a Lesser Celestial beast, he had utmost confidence of slaying it.

"Even though your experience points may not be too much, you’ll still be a pretty decent thing to spar with." Lin Fan chuckled.

The beast glared at Lin Fan in disdain, as though he was nothing much. Shocked at the beast’s look, Lin Fan was even more surprised when it turned and ran away immediately.

Lin Fan glanced at Chicky. What the f*ck?

That was it? The beast ran just like that?

This was the first time Lin Fan had seen a beast behave like this. Most of the time, even if the beasts were no match for their opponents, they would fight to their deaths. But this beast knew that it was no match for this man and just ran off like that?

Lin Fan laughed exasperatedly while shaking his head, "Hais, impressive, impressive. Seems like the general intellect of beasts these days have risen considerably."

Chicky cried out loudly and haughtily. Hopping up onto Lin Fan’s shoulders once more, the man and chicken duo pa.s.sed through the waterfall and entered within.

Upon entering, Lin Fan surveyed his surroundings. This was a cave with glowing red walls, from which a heatwave was emitting continuously. This place was about the size of two football fields.

The size was just right for the beast which had escaped.

Lin Fan strutted forth continuously, only stopping when he came to a stone door.

The door was around ten feet in both length and width. But what attracted Lin Fan was a drawing above the door. The drawing was extremely lifelike. It depicted seven old men standing around in a circle in weird stances as though they were in the midst of a discussion.

Could it be that the legacy left by the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ belonged to these seven, and not a single person?

Lin Fan had always thought that the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ belonged to a single person. But by the looks of this drawing, there should have been seven of them.

Lin Fan placed his hand on the door, looking to feel around for a way to open it. But the moment Lin Fan’s hand touched the door, it opened upwards with a loud boom.

Lin Fan scratched his head. That was too easy, wasn’t it? How was there no resistance at all? This wasn’t what Lin Fan had expected.

Based on the way things had gone so far, Fiery h.e.l.l was a trial. The lava river was a trial. Even the beast guarding this entrance was a trial of its own. So by right, there should be a trial right here at the entrance as well, shouldn’t it?

How could it be that there was simply no resistance to this door opening? Could it be that when the seven of them had created this cave, they had already exhausted all their ideas for trials earlier on? Thus, they could not think up of what to set up here?

But little did Lin Fan know that…he was right.

Indeed, when the Seven Saints were designing the route over here, they did run out of ideas for any traps at this door.

Entering the door, it wasn’t as dark as Lin Fan had thought. All four walls were emitting a warm glow, illuminating this secret room brightly.

None of this was anything like Lin Fan’s imagination.

The walls of the room were uneven and rough, with nothing exceptionally worth noticing. Within this small room, there was only a stone bed and a round stone table.

Due to the pa.s.sage of time, the stone table was entirely covered in dust. Lin Fan checked it out carefully, and found a wooden box on it. He did not know what it was used for, but with the pa.s.sage of time, there was a rotten stench of decay around it.

Lin Fan lifted the box and blew away the dust. Opening the box, he found a pill lying within quietly. Beneath this pill was a piece of paper. The paper was golden entirely.

Through the system, Lin Fan found out that this wooden box was made of Mystical Wood, and even the paper itself was unique. It was made from the thread of a King Golden Silkworm.

Lin Fan had not heard of either of these two materials, nor had he seen them ever.

Lin Fan read the description on the paper: ‘Potential Origins Pill: After consumption, one would possess boundless potential.’

Lin Fan frowned. He had thought that this would be a G.o.dly pill to buff someone up, but to think that it was a mere pill to just increase one’s potential. This was pretty disappointing! Now that Lin Fan’s potential was unlimited thanks to the system, this pill was of practically no use to him.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Soul Crushing Pill.’

‘Soul Crushing Pill: Consumption would lead to the immediate disintegration of one’s body and death.’

Lin Fan had just intended to take a look at the pill, but the notification by the system gave him a shock.

What the f*ck? The paper had described it as a G.o.dly pill! Why the h.e.l.l was the description given by the system entirely different?


Lin Fan sighed. No wonder no traps was awaiting him at the entrance of this door. This place was fraught with dangers. If he had not been warned by the system, he might very well have been tricked to death by this.

After placing the pill in his storage, Lin Fan realized that there was actually something on the stone bed.

It was a jade white skeleton sitting cross-legged.

Lin Fan rushed forward in astonishment. This jade white skeleton shimmered with light, giving off an ancient aura. This aura was extremely pressurizing. To think that this person would still carry such an intimidating presence even after his death.

Even though there was no trace of flesh or blood after decomposing over time, the skeleton remained pristine with not a slight bit of damage.

This must have been one of the Seven Saints! He must have been incredibly powerful while he was alive. To think that his bones would remain perfect without even a single bit of dust after so long.

Impenetrable, indestructible over the ages…

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