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After Lin Fan’s love filled whipping session, he had successfully tamed the chicken. From now on, he was going to hold an irreplaceable position in Chicky’s heart.

Even though Chicky looked kinda worse for wear right now, Lin Fan believed that it would not let him down.

"Cmere, Chicky." Lin Fan beckoned to the haggard Chicky. Chicky looked as though he had just been g.a.n.g.b.a.n.ged by numerous ferocious male beasts. Struggling to stand up, it hobbled claw by claw over to Lin Fan.

The side profession of being a Trainer was strong. Indeed, no living being in this world could escape from being tamed by the Trainer.

So what if it was the descendant of an Ancient Beast? Under the loving whip, it was still tamed without a single bit of resistance.

Lin Fan then barbequed the domestic fowl and rested for a bit after consuming it. After that, he continued exploring the place with Chicky perched on his shoulders.

Chicky was only a surprise gift. The real treasure of the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ was yet to be found.

The entire Fiery h.e.l.l was so big to begin with. Lin Fan wasn’t even sure if the treasure indicated within the map was in this lava river. But compared to everything else in Fiery h.e.l.l, this lava river should be the most dangerous place of all.

And based on the thinking of normal people, treasures would usually be hidden in the most dangerous spots.

And just like that, the man and chicken duo continued walking beneath the lava river. This was really like another world. If not for the glow above from the lava river itself, he would have thought that this was the ground level.

Just then, Lin Fan realized that his surroundings were starting to change. The charred black ground and walls were changing as they went further.

A few ancient trees appeared before Lin Fan’s eyes. Some birds were even perched on some of them.


Just then, a wild beast leaped out from within the darkness. It roared at Lin Fan with a vicious look on its face, startling him.

To think that there would even be beasts living in this place. Incredible indeed!

Chicky, who was on Lin Fan’s shoulders, leaped down and faced the beast, crying out with outstretched wings.

‘Cuck cuck cuck!’

Even though the cry was weird, Chicky was the descendant of an Ancient Beast after all. Therefore, there was some sort of authority within its bloodline that made other beasts quiver in submission at its sight and presence.

The beast’s expression changed as it retreated slightly, as though ready to make a run for it.

"Chicky, ask it if there’s any weird place around here." Lin Fan was starting to get worried. After all, he had been exploring for quite a while with Chicky, but had yet to come across anything.

Chicky’s intellect was pretty high, so it could understand Lin Fan’s words. It nodded its small little head and turned to the beast, "Cuck koo koo?"

Even though Lin Fan could not understand what Chicky was talking about, he supposed that this was just beast talk.

Just then, Chicky flapped its wings repeatedly and with a single leap, jumped onto the beast’s head. Chicky then called out to Lin Fan, as though implying for him to follow them.

Lin Fan broke into a smile. Seemed like he was in luck.

Lin Fan really had to give it to this Fiery h.e.l.l. It was so b.l.o.o.d.y big that searching for anything within it was just like searching for a needle in a haystack. He did not know if the place he was headed to now was the location indicated by the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’.

Lin Fan just followed behind the beast all the way. He didn’t not know how long he had walked for, but all he knew was that the scenery was changing all the way. By his estimation, he must have walked for two entire days at least.

After G.o.d knew how long, the beast finally stopped. After exchanging a few more words with Chicky, it fled immediately.

Lin Fan was puzzled. He did not know what the beast was talking about. But when he turned his gaze forward, he was stunned by the sight before him.

This was the base of a waterfall before him. However, what flowed was not water, but the lava river as it gushed continuously down from above.

Was this the weird place?

By the looks of it, it didn’t look too weird. What was so special about this?

But just then, Chicky was alerted as it spread out its wings, crying out loudly at the waterfall. It was as if something was causing Chicky to be like this.

Lin Fan focused his eyes and gazed at the waterfall. It seemed like there was a pair of eyes staring at them from within.

"Come back, Chicky." Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe and stared at the waterfall cautiously.


A roar erupted from within the waterfall like a shockwave, causing Lin Fan’s clothes to flutter with the force. A gigantic paw appeared from within the waterfall, stretching out with its blood-red claws. Slamming down on the ground, it seemed to be stopping the flow of the waterfall.

Lin Fan squinted. What a strong aura! At the same time, the beast was like a gargantuan rock. Just a single paw alone was like a small mountain of its own.

Following the paw, a mammoth head stretched out from within the waterfall. It cut off the waterfall’s flow entirely, as the lava now landed on its head, gently splashing about.

That colossal head was filled with black scales, as raging fire burnt in both of its eyes. The moment it stretched out its head, it stared at Lin Fan and roared once more.

The series of roars were like sharp blades, shaking Lin Fan nonstop.

When it’s entire body was revealed, Lin Fan could not help but raise his head, stupefied.

This. Was. Huge.

The aura it gave off was repressively suffocating.

Strong. Really…strong!

Lin Fan could feel it now. There must be some sort of treasure behind the waterfall. Why else would there be such a fearsome creature guarding this place?

From just the aura alone, Lin Fan knew that this beast was definitely at least at Greater Celestial Full Cultivation.

Lin Fan retreated a few steps back. He had no affinity with this treasure after all. This beast was not something he could deal with.

That gigantic beast revealed a row of sharp teeth, growling at Lin Fan with murderous intent. But what Lin Fan could not get was why this beast had yet to strike against him. Why was it still biding its time by the waterfall for so long?

Could it be that his cultivation base was too low to even attract this beast’s attention?

Lin Fan felt a strong sense of shame, as though he was being looked down at by this beast.

"Fine. I’ll give it to you. I’ll spare your miserable life this time round. Once Yours Truly gets stronger, I will come back here and take it away!" Lin Fan pointed a middle finger at the beast, threatening it before he prepared to leave.

Right before he left, he checked it out with the system.

‘Lesser Celestial Lower Level.’

Lin Fan rubbed his eyes. Could he have seen wrongly? How was it only at Lesser Celestial cultivation base?

That aura that it erupted with was definitely one of a Greater Celestial Full Cultivation!

Could it be that…! The only thought that crossed Lin Fan’s mind was that…this beast was acting it out! It was just a sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Patting Chicky, Lin Fan smiled, "Time to f.u.c.k it up."


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