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To think that another world existed beneath the lava river, this was absolutely incredible! Who was the powerful being who could have created this place?


Just then, Lin Fan’s gaze stopped at something on the ground. The ground was filled with rocks, giving off a blood-red glow, occasionally letting off a peculiar aura.

"Treasure…! This must be a treasure!" Lin Fan leaped with joy. Since the time he was above the lava river itself, he had caught sight of this occasional red glow. To think that he would actually encounter a treasure.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Nirvana Rocks.’

‘Nirvana Rock: A crystallized product of the phoenix’s fourth Nirvana cycle. Possesses boundless lifeforce.’

Even though Lin Fan did not know what to make of this, he could tell from the description of it that it was a pretty high-quality item.

Boundless lifeforce.

Anything to do with lifeforce was definitely far from trash.

Lin Fan did not say anything and began collecting these rocks. They existed in different sizes; the smallest one was only the size of his fingernails, while the larger ones were around the size of his fist.

Even though Lin Fan did not know what they were exactly used for, he had an idea. There could only be two purposes for them, either for cultivating pills or weapons.

As Lin Fan was collecting these rocks gleefully, he came to a stop upon discovering something else. On a ball of flame floated a single egg. It was the size of a basketball and pure white.

‘Oh ho! This has gotta be big…!’

The surprises came one after another, catching Lin Fan off his feet. After collecting all the rocks into his storage sack, Lin Fan hurried ahead and circled around the egg, observing it carefully.

On this pure white egg, red glow in a vein like imprint would appear from time to time.

‘Could this be a phoenix’s egg?’ Lin Fan mumbled to himself.

Lin Fan suddenly recalled an old saying: ‘Where a phoenix exists, a precious treasure exists as well.’

If this was indeed a phoenix’s egg, then he was definitely going to reap it big this time round!

The descendant of any Ancient Beast was nothing to be scoffed at. But the descendant of a matured and long existing Ancient Beast? That was an existent which could wipe away the very existence of sects!

Looking at that phoenix from before, perhaps no one in Dongling Continent could even be a match for it.

Lin Fan stretched out his hands to touch this phoenix’s egg. From within, he could feel the presence of a strong lifeforce rumbling around.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Ancient Beast Phoenix’s egg.’

‘Phoenix Egg: The product of the Ancient Beast Phoenix. Will hatch after a month.’

The moment Lin Fan touched it, he let out a wide smile. It was a phoenix’s egg like he had guessed. Not only that, it was about to hatch in a month?

Lin Fan’s heart could not stop rumbling. Once the phoenix hatched, wouldn’t Yours Truly have a b.l.o.o.d.y strong sidekick for free?

It was a Greater Celestial beast! And not just any beast, an Ancient Beast! If he could make use of it to give himself a good walloping, wouldn’t he surpa.s.s a greater celestial in no time?

Thinking about it, Lin Fan could not help but wipe his saliva from his mouth. Sitting down, he glared at the egg.

From now on, he was heading nowhere. He was going to sit his a.s.s right here and watch until it hatched. This was an opportunity of a lifetime! Lin Fan did not have the b.a.l.l.s to let the egg just sit here while he went around seeking out other treasures. If someone came around to steal the egg after he left, wouldn’t he cry himself to death?

And just like that, Lin Fan sat down cross-legged and watched it quietly.

Minute by minute, the days pa.s.sed by. After 3 days, the boredom was starting to get to Lin Fan. From Lei Yifeng’s storage sack, he retrieved some provisions to fill his tummy.

If he were to stay like this for an entire month, wouldn’t he go nuts? He needed to find something to occupy his time with.

Lin Fan took out the Eternal Ax. Ever since he had obtained this axe, he hadn’t examined it properly. Since he was so bored now, he might as well take a good look at it.

Glowing gently from time to time, the Eternal Axe gave off a mild Ancient aura.

Lin Fan rubbed his eyes. Had he just seen something?

When the Eternal Axe glowed gently just now, he seemed to have caught sight of an image! But when Lin Fan picked it up and felt it with his hands, it was thoroughly smooth, without any dents or scratches. Was he mistaken?

Puzzled, Lin Fan held up the axe and stared at it with focus. Just then, the axe glowed again.

This time round, Lin Fan had seen it clearly.

The moment it glowed, an image did appear on the axe. And it lasted for a second at max.

Staying underneath this lava river, Lin Fan no longer had any concept of time from the outside world.

Other than waiting for the phoenix egg to hatch, all of Lin Fan’s attention was on the Eternal Axe.

One fine day, Lin Fan finally stood up.

The only thing on his mind was the image imprinted on the Eternal Axe.

The image showed a gigantic man bare naked, holding an axe in one of his arms. Opening his eyes, he cleaved gently towards the thin air in front of him. But that gentle motion ripped apart the void and tore out a torrent within it.

Lin Fan closed his eyes, gently feeling the aura from the Eternal Axe. It was an aura so ancient, so distant.

Lin Fan’s forearms trembled as the Eternal Axe let out a bright glow.


Lin Fan felt like the gigantic man within the image, possessing the power of the Heaven and Earth, ripping through the thin air.


In a split second, a black void appeared before Lin Fan as though s.p.a.cetime was ripped apart. It was like a wormhole with countless currents flowing towards it, rumbling with energy within it.


Lin Fan opened his eyes, startled and shocked, evidently tired as well. That one single strike had used up half of his True Energy!

What frightening strength!

The True Energy that Lin Fan possessed could be comparable to a gigantic ocean. Even though he was only at the pericelestial level, the capacity of True Energy could be said to be even higher than masters of a lesser celestial cultivation base.

And just this one strike alone had expended half of it. Incredible!

‘Ding…congratulations on comprehending ‘Heaven Splitting Three Axe’s first stance: The Firmament.’

‘Firmament: Level 1’

Lin Fan breathed heavily, feeling somewhat helpless at this development. To think that just level 1 was enough to expend half of his True Energy. If he were to continue leveling it up, wouldn’t it suck him dry!

After Lin Fan recovered his True Energy, he gave it another shot and immersed himself within the power of the axe once more.

He was starting to connect with the ancient aura flowing within the Eternal Axe.


Lin Fan’s concentration was at his peak. In an instant, he swung down the axe, concentrating all his energy on it. Once again, a rip appeared in s.p.a.cetime.


Compared to Nirvana Finger, this swing of the axe was way stronger, and the destructive power was way higher.

Lin Fan held up the ax and thought things through once more. The reason why there was only one stance of the Heaven Splitting Three Axes for now was probably because the Eternal Axe was damaged. Perhaps, he could only discover the next two stances after he had repaired the Eternal Axe.

But Lin Fan was not hurried about it. From the looks of it, just this one stance alone was fearsome and domineering enough.

If he didn’t have this chance to sit down and contemplate through things at a place like this, he might not have discovered that the Eternal Axe was carrying such a secret behind it.

Seemed like Yours Truly was indeed a blessed and lucky man. Only someone like him could have discovered a nuance like this.


Just then, a crisp sound crackled. Lin Fan leaped with joy and turned around.

‘It’s coming out…!’

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