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The battle which had struck phobia into everyone’s hearts had finally ended. One of the top ten beasts, the phoenix’s presence had disappeared entirely. The flames encompa.s.sing the entire Fiery h.e.l.l vanished instantly as well.

A few rainbows streaked through the skies as a group of people landed.

These were the disciples of Xuanjian Sect.

They had all witnessed the scene that had just happened. It was impossible for any of them to not be shocked by it. The appearance of a top ten beast had already gotten them into disbelief, but the appearance of the vortex was even more shocking than that.

The aura of that vortex did not feel like it belonged to Dongling Continent, or any place in fact. It was way too strong. So strong that none of them could even feel like resisting against it.

Xuan Yun frowned. Even though peace had returned to Fiery h.e.l.l, her heart had yet to subside.

She was an elder of Xuanjian Sect, and her cultivation base was of a Greater Celestial. Even though she was not the strongest in Dongling Continent, her presence was never to be scoffed at either. But the pressure that came from the aura beforehand had even her feeling a sense of death within it.

If she were the target of that black vortex, she probably wouldn’t have lasted even a second.

She had to head back and inform the other sects. This was the first time something like this had happened in Dongling Continent.

A mysterious power which did not belong within Dongling Continent had appeared. And it appeared in Fiery h.e.l.l. Perhaps its objective was the Ancient Beast.

And just then, from within the now silent Fiery h.e.l.l came a sound.

Xuan Yun’s expression grew alert as she looked around. But upon seeing who it was, she was filled with joy.

"Yunxian, are you alright?" Xuan Yun hurried ahead.

The other disciples revealed a wide smile of relief on their faces as well. They had thought that Yunxian might have perished here.

Xuan Yunxian’s expression was stoned, as though she had just gone through a trauma. Those lost eyes of hers were frantically looking around, as though she had lost something.

But gradually…she revealed a look of disappointment.

"It’s alright." Xuan Yunxian shook her head.

The only thing on her mind was the last image she saw.

That man’s face, and his final words.

When the flames surrounded that man, she felt her heart tighten. And when she witnessed the man using all his strength to seal up the cave for her, she felt a momentary suffocating feeling.

She had never thought that she would experience this feeling in her entire life.

"Yunxian, it’s good that you’re alright. This place is too suspicious… Let’s get out of here." Xuan Yun realized that something was amiss with Yunxian and thought that the shock of the battle must have gotten to her.

Not only Yunxian, even she herself was feeling the lingering fear of that battle.

Xuan Yunxian took a final look at the place, her heartstrings pulling at her. Eventually, she nodded.

On that beautiful face of hers was a look of sorrow.

Halfway down the mountain…

The fourteen Sand Bandits had been apprehended by Lei Yifeng and his disciples. When Fiery h.e.l.l was bustling, Lei Yifeng had headed in this direction. b.u.mping into the fourteen Sand Bandits, Lei Yifeng naturally captured all of them since he was still burning with hatred for them. The fourteen Sand Bandits were all squatting on the ground, hands covering their heads from behind, looking terrible.

Now that they did not know where their new leader was, they were easily captured by these people. Looking at one another, perhaps this was truly their end now.

"What are you doing?" Xuan Yun, who was pa.s.sing by, asked.

"Senior Xuan, these people had robbed us! And their leader was the man who had harmed Brother Liu Linfeng!" Lei Yifeng replied.

Xuan Yun looked at these 14 Sand Bandits and frowned. "The nature of these men are impure and evil. Kill them then, so that they can no longer harm the ma.s.ses."

"Yes." Lei Yifeng nodded his head. But just as he was about to strike, Xuan Yunxian spoke up.

"Let them go." Her face was calm.

Lei Yifeng stunned. "This…"

Xuan Yunxian did not reply. She snorted, expressing her displeasure.

Lei Yifeng shuddered in fear. He then replied hurriedly, "Yes…!"

But Lei Yifeng did not understand why Senior Xuan had wanted him to release these guys.

"Your leader has pa.s.sed away. You guys head on your own ways." Xuan Yunxian told them. She could naturally tell of their impure natures. In fact, countless people must have died at their very hands. But since their leader had saved her, this was the least she could do.

"What…?!?" Sha Dulong let out a face of disbelief. But he could tell that the other party wasn’t deceiving him. Eventually, he let out a sigh. Nodding to his fellow brothers, they left the area.

"Yunxian. What was that all about?" Xuan Yun asked, puzzled.

"Senior Sister, I would have died in the Fiery h.e.l.l if not for their leader." Xuan Yunxian replied quietly. But her eyes gave off a look of sorrow.

Xuan Yun looked at Yunxian and did not pursue the matter.

Within the lava river, Lin Fan looked at these flames. Diving all the way down, he did not expect Eternal Demon Body to be this strong. Was this what everyone meant by being immune to both heat and cold?

As the heat brushed by his body, they could only be trans.m.u.ted to small amounts of experience points. Even though it was little, this still seemed like a good place for gaining experience to Lin Fan.

The idea of leveling up using the Heaven and Earth Smelt had crossed Lin Fan’s mind. But it was simply unbearable. The pain of it was equivalent to having to chop off his little manhood. If it were not a matter of life and death, he would choose not to experience that pain ever again.

On the other hand, it was so comfortable within this lava river, as though he was in a hot spring.

Lin Fan’s physical body state was pretty darn strong by this point. A lava river like this was no problem for a Greater Celestial master as well, but that was only because they had boundless True Energy within their bodies as support for it.

Therefore, for a body like Lin Fan’s to exist was simply incredibly rare.

Just then, Lin Fan spotted a soft, red glow flashing intermittently at the bottom of the river, as though something was lying there.

Lin Fan was excited immediately. Using all his strength, he dove towards it hurriedly

His objective to come to Fiery h.e.l.l was naturally to search for the treasure indicated within the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’. This Fiery h.e.l.l was so b.l.o.o.d.y huge and yet there was no indication of the exact location on the treasure map.

He had expected to stay in this place for quite some time.

But based on the actions of the gigantic arm just now, Lin Fan was sure that it was about to grab something within this river, just that it was stopped by the phoenix. By the looks of it, the treasure should be somewhere here.

The deeper Lin Fan went, he found out that this river seemed to have been part.i.tioned and divided by something. Losing his attention for a split second, he tumbled all the way down to the bottom.

Raising his head, he realized that there was a glow of light above him preventing the river from flowing down. He could still see the flow of the river as though he was looking through a screen, but yet not a single drop of lava came down.

Incredible. This was incredible indeed.

Looking at his surroundings, this place seemed to be underground, and he could not feel any pressure from within.

Looking at his bare a*s, Lin Fan took out a fresh set of clothing from his storage to put them on. He then headed forth to continue exploring this mysterious place.

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