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The flames which shot up from the boundary surged up to form an impenetrable firewall, tearing away at the ground as well, caging Fiery h.e.l.l like a tsunami.

Lin Fan raised his head to look at the skies, and saw that there was no way out anymore. The once clear skies were also encompa.s.sed by this fiery cage, as the heat waves slammed onto them like the tides crashing onto sh.o.r.es.

Lin Fan’s face was extremely shocked. This was like being inside a b.l.o.o.d.y volcano! At the same time, he finally understood why the b*tch Xuan Yunxian had gone to hide herself nervously.

Stinky b*tches! How could she not inform him after realizing what the situation was? Did she just want to watch Yours Truly melt in these flames?

Lin Fan surveyed his surroundings, trying to look for a place where he could seek cover.

Even though Fiery h.e.l.l was a forbidden ground, some disicples came here to train up. If that were the case, then there should be places to hide and tide this through.

Otherwise, if something like this were to happen to them from time to time, who could survive this sh*t?

Lin Fan leaped rapidly forward towards the center of it all. His eyes focused, determined to find a suitable hiding spot.

However, none of the beasts who were covered in flames seemed to be worried at all. They were all raising their heads towards the skies and howling, as though they were welcoming something.

The moment these beasts caught sight of Lin Fan, they pounced towards him furiously, their eyes gleaming with bloodl.u.s.t.

"Head aside! Yours Truly has no time to play with you guys!" Lin Fan did not know if his Eternal Demon Body could handle the attacks of these things. Even though the flames were bright red, some mysterious black flames were flowing within a few of them. Lin Fan did not dare to risk his body with this unknown flame.

If he could not withstand it, wouldn’t his death be too tragic and helpless?

The moment one of the beasts reached him and attacked, Lin Fan waved his hands and desecrated it immediately.

‘Ding…congratulations on defeating precelestial upper-level beast.’

These beasts did not have a high cultivation base and were of not much use to Lin Fan’s experience. Thus, he did not pay them much heed as he hurried to the center of Fiery h.e.l.l.

Lin Fan’s eyes gleamed as he caught sight of a cave on a wall.

At lightning speed, Lin Fan sped and entered it immediately. The cave extended upwards, as though it was created for the sole purpose of dodging this fiery torrent that was happening.

The fourteen Sand Bandits had been faithfully awaiting the return of their honorable sir. But no matter how long they awaited, there was no trace of sound coming out from within the forest. Just when they were about to use their imagination to imagine what was happening, the ground beneath them vibrated violently.

Sha Dulong and the bandits looked in the distance with an astonished look. The skies were flushed red from the flames, and a heat wave pa.s.sed by them.

Everyone was stunned, wondering just what had happened.

At Xuanjian Sect’s campsite, Liu Linfeng had long been retrieved back. He didn’t suffer much bodily harm, just that his mind seemed to be in a daze. It was as though he had tons of stuff he needed to come to terms with.

Just then, the skies changed color and Fiery h.e.l.l vibrated, attracting the attention of Xuanjian Sect.

"What’s happening over there? Why’s Senior Sister not back yet?" One of the higher-ranking disciples of Xuanjian Sect asked with an apprehensive look.

Just then, a slightly older woman walked out of the campsite. Looking at the skies which seemed to be burning, she frowned.

"You guys come with me. The rest of you, guard the campsite." Immediately afterward, she flew into the skies, leaving a rainbow behind her towards Fiery h.e.l.l.

Lin Fan camped within the cave, patiently waiting for the fire torrent to pa.s.s by.

This place was deserving of being called a forbidden ground. Giving such surprises from time to time, impressive indeed!

Out of the seven locations in the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’, the first was already so imposing. He wondered what the rest would be like.

Lin Fan decided that he would hide a little longer even after this fire torrent had pa.s.sed. That b*tch was way too vicious, she would probably not rest till he was dead.

The cave started to heat up as the temperature rose rapidly.

Lin Fan wondered what the rocks of this place were made up of. Even after he pushed his finger at them, he didn’t even leave a single scratch. Even though he did not exert his full strength, had it been any normal rock, it would have turned into dust with his push.

A forbidden ground was a forbidden ground indeed. Even the rocks here were so high cla.s.s.

Just then, a red light appeared at the entrance of the cave. A series of hot air rose up, as though it was trying to penetrate into the cave.

But, the red light disappeared instantaneously as quickly as it came.

Lin Fan waited for a long time, wondering what was happening outside. The flames that rose up at the boundaries was simply way too majestic.

Suddenly, a loud cry pierced into the skies, bringing with it boundless authority.

This was the cry of a wild beast.

And this cry was so strong that it seemed to pierce through one’s heart, bringing shivers into it.

Lin Fan moved down along the tunnel sneakily, hoping to catch a glimpse of what sort of beast it was to give off such an imposing presence.

Approaching the entrance of the cave carefully, Lin Fan took a quick peek at his surroundings. When he found out that the crazy b*tch wasn’t around, he let out a sigh of relief.

But when he saw what was ahead of him, he was dumbstruck.

From within the lava river which divided the Fiery h.e.l.l into two rose a bird-like beast spreading its wings.

Head of a goose.

b.u.m of a kilin.

Neck of a snake.

Tail of a fish.

Scales of a dragon.


Lin Fan stared in bewilderment. During his life on Earth, he naturally had some knowledge of these auspicious creatures. But he had never ever seen one in real life.

Those spread out wings were broad and glorious, extremely breathtaking. The four tails of the phoenix were burning with a boundless flame on each of them.

Lin Fan gulped. This was the bird-like creature Sha Dulong was talking about. To think that it had taken residence within the Fiery h.e.l.l.

Just by looking at it, Lin Fan had lost all will of resistance. Just by the sheer size alone, the beast had him intimidated. That imposing aura of it sent down waves of authority, shaking the hearts of anyone present. Who would even think of anything more?

A group of people stood on a peak some distance away. Looking at the scene unfolding within the Fiery h.e.l.l, they were all pretty shaken up.

"How could an Ancient Beast still exist…?"

"A phoenix who had been through Nirvana four times…"

"An unkillable and indestructible Ancient Beast…!"

The group of people from Xuanjian Sect stared at this, chills shivering down their spines. They came to look for an item in the Fiery h.e.l.l, but they had not expected to see an Ancient Beast present. Furthermore, it was a phoenix who had been through Nirvana four times.

The phoenix was one of the Ancient Beasts. From birth, it had been through Nirvana once, thus the formation of its tail.

Each time it went through Nirvana, it would grow one more tail.

And the phoenix before their very eyes had four.

At that moment, the skies changed. A force seemingly able to break through the Heavens encompa.s.sed the entire Fiery h.e.l.l. From the skies, a black vortex appeared. Within the vortex, a whip with a golden glow swung out.

Feeling this repressive aura, everyone’s faces could not be more terrible. Against it, all of them had the intention of cowering down in their hearts.

Who was this? Was this person going to try to capture and tame the Ancient Beast?

Lin Fan was looking at everything with his jaw agape as well.

Everything… Every single thing just seemed to be getting way more outrageous.

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