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"Senior Brother, do you reckon that he’ll be alright?" Xing Yueyu asked apprehensively. She was still immersed in the mood of being robbed. This was the first time she had encountered something like this.

Back in the sect, she was always protected by her Senior Brothers. But now that she was out on an expedition and encountered such a shocking affair, it was quite an experience for her.

Indeed, just like the Senior Brothers had said, only when one was out of the sect could they experience a different sort of life. They were right.

"He should be." Lei Yifeng said. But frankly, he wasn’t too sure of that himself as well.

Even though Liu Linfeng was somewhat irksome, the relationship of their sects was pretty fine. In the past, one of the ancestors of Daozhong Sect had married one of the ancestors of Xuanjian Sect. Even though thousands of years had pa.s.sed since then, the two sects had maintained this harmonious friendship and relationship.

"Eh, Senior Brother…look at that!" Xing Yueyu pointed over to a big flag hanging majestically in the distance.

Lei Yifeng raised his head and looked over. Far in the distance, above a mountain top was a flag blowing along with the winds.

Lei Yifeng pondered for a moment, and he came to an exciting realization, "Hurry, let’s head over! That’s the flag of Xuanjian Sect! They would only plant that if they had set up camp or base somewhere!"

Within the sinful and mysterious forest…

A series of cries could be heard ringing from beyond.

"What are you doing! Let me go!" Liu Linfeng was deep in struggles. But by now, he realized how small he was in the face of all this. That death grip on his heel was unbreakable as the man continued to drag him into the deep parts of the forest.

Looking at Lin Fan’s imposing back view, Liu Linfeng was only filled with fear. Coupled with the dead silence of the forest, everything seemed even more menacing.

"I am a disciple of Xuanjian Sect! My Master will not let you off!" Liu Linfeng was on the brink of tears. At this moment of despair, he was in regrets. Why did he choose to act so arrogantly earlier on?

Couldn’t he have just camped in silence within the trees? Why did he have to come out? Now that he was wrapped within all this, how was he to get out of it?

Suddenly, Lin Fan came to a stop. Surveying the surroundings, he nodded in approval. Not bad, a quiet place it was. Pretty far from Sha Dulong and the rest as well. This way, n.o.body should hear any screams or shouts from here.

Saint Devil Sect was expanding smoothly. However, even though he had two talented geniuses, Mie Qiongqi and Tian Yu, this was far from enough.

Even though Lin Fan felt that Liu Linfeng’s strength was pretty low, what he was interested in was Liu Linfeng’s ability to wield the Yin Yang Sword Will.

Although this Yin Yang Sword Will wasn’t fabulous right now, Lin Fan knew that if this man were to continue cultivating it, he would be able to unleash an extremely powerful Sword Will by the time it had reached a certain stage.

Greater Celestial Cultivation Base, understanding the Energy grid lines, controlling the Energy grid lines… Within these grid lines existed Yin Yang grid lines as well. If he could control such grid lines, then his powers would definitely not be that low either.

Today, even if he had to be harsh about it, he would definitely train Liu Linfeng.

The moment Liu Linfeng felt the grip on his heel loosen, he stumbled backward immediately, retreating as fast as possible.

"Don’t come any closer! My Master is nearby!" Liu Linfeng claimed frantically.

Lin Fan looked at Liu Linfeng with a calm expression, holding a black whip in his hands.


The whip cracked as Lin Fan swung it on the ground, swinging up mud along with it.

Not bad, this was a decent whip indeed. Ever since Lin Fan obtained the side profession of being a Trainer, he always brought a whip wherever he went.

Just in case.

And the moment Liu Linfeng caught sight of the whip, he was scared out of his wits.


Liu Linfeng did not want to think about anything anymore. Turning around, he broke into a run to escape. But with the flick of his wrist, Lin Fan’s whip curled like a snake towards Liu Linfeng’s direction, coiling around him and pulling him back.

"Do not worry. Yours Truly does not seek your life. You must remember, this is all for your own good." Lin Fan said naturally.

He then took out some leather straps and hung Liu Linfeng up on a tree.

"What…what are you doing…!" Liu Linfeng was extremely horrified. He was praying within his heart for salvation.

"Master!!! Please come and save me!"

Lin Fan swung the whip a few times in his hands. Not bad, he was pretty used to the feeling of this whip by now. On his face revealed a big, wide smile.

First, he had to adjust the level of shame. Perhaps he should start by hanging him bare.


A loud crack of the whip rang through the air as the whip aimed for Liu Linfeng’s clothes, seemingly growing eyes of its own. The moment the whip touched Liu Linfeng’s clothes, they split apart on its own.

Lin Fan was stunned.

Other than the rouge that he was keeping within his clothes that fell off, something else was startling.

Liu Linfeng was wearing an…an undergarment!

Furthermore, it was pink in color!

Lin Fan was so stunned that he yelped in shock.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. Seemed like this time round, the target to train was not so easy after all. But he should have expected this from someone who could wield the Yin Yang Sword Will. This person should have been far from ordinary to begin with.

After continuous thinking and research, Lin Fan had come up with various ways of training someone. Since things had come to this, he might as well try some of them on Liu Linfeng.

Lin Fan’s expression changed. That calm face of his turned extremely stern in an instant.

When Liu Linfeng met this gaze of Lin Fan, he felt a new chill shiver down his spine. From Lin Fan’s eyes, he saw whips dancing within.

"What do you think about following Yours Truly from henceforth?" Before he started the training, Lin Fan had to state the objective and theme first. This was for the other party to start preparing himself mentally. Finally, after a thorough training, he could then conform the other party to him.

"Impossible!" Liu Linfeng yelled.

The moment Liu Linfeng replied, Lin Fan grinned. This was the reply he was waiting for.

"Wild Whips."

Lin Fan was not a demented man, but for the sake of Saint Devil Sect’s future, he could only resort to such techniques.

"NO…!" Just then, the air was only filled with the long whip’s dance. Whip after whip, they landed on Liu Linfeng’s body, leaving marks of inerasable shame. These deep red marks were deeply embedded in that snow white skin of his.

Liu Linfeng was wailing sorrowfully. Even though every whip was inflicting a lot of pain on his body, there was also an unspeakable sense of shame encompa.s.sing his very body.

"Will you follow Yours Truly?" Lin Fan asked again.

"No!" Liu Linfeng was sweating from head to toe. Those crystallized sweat dripped all over his snow white body. Under the reflection of the glaring sun, he was sparkling like diamonds in the skies.

At least such perfect skin did justice to all that rouge that he was always using.

"Alright then. Ultimate Hidden Skill: Air Flower Style Whipping."

Lin Fan was ready to unleash his ultimate ability. This was the strongest skill for him as a trainer. With this one move, Heavens and Earth would move, humans would cease to exist, and the world would no longer have any morals to speak of.

Air Flower Style Whipping consisted of merging one hundred and eighty-eight different moves into one.

Back then on Mie Qiongqi, he had only used 20. He would use 30 this time round on Liu Linfeng. Hopefully, this man would able to bear it all.

One whip to the a.n.u.s…

One whip to coil around his manhood…

After G.o.d knew how long, Lin Fan let out a breath of relief, gently wiping the sweat away from his forehead.

"Will you follow Yours Truly?"


Looking at Liu Linfeng who was curled up on the floor, Lin Fan walked forth helplessly and patted his head gently. Giving a long sigh, he continued, "Hais. While the whip touches your body, the pain is inflicted in the heart of Yours Truly. One day in the future, you will truly realize that this is all for your own sake."

After more than thirty minutes of training, Lin Fan finally had this wild horse submitting to him. To Lin Fan, there was still much, much more that he needed to do to fully understand this side profession of being a Trainer.

Within the forest, a white figure appeared, floating like a ghost.

"Thief! How dare you harm my disciple!"

Just then, a soft yet sharp roar erupted beside Lin Fan’s ears.

Lin Fan raised his head and took a look.

His face changed.

The other party’s fighting strength was way too high.


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