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What an arrogant fella!

Not only was he feminine in his demeanor, that action of flicking his finger was gentle and tender, sending off a girly aura.

Liu Linfeng was a disciple of Xuanjian Sect. Now, the entire Xuanjian Sect was made up of females, and he was the only male disciple within it. Growing up there since he was a boy, naturally, he was groomed accustomed to the mannerisms of women. Today, he wouldn’t even leave the sect without rouge and makeup.

"Liu Linfeng, why are you here?" Lei Yifeng asked curtly, as though he wasn’t too pleased with this person before him.

Glancing at Lei Yifeng, Liu Linfeng laughed, "Why not? Does this place belong to Daozhong Sect?"

"Hmph!" Lei Yifeng snorted coldly.

Lin Fan was quite displeased at this point. Come on now, he was holding a robbery here! Why were these people ignoring him? Could it be that people these days weren’t even afraid of robberies anymore?

Or were they implying that he did not have what it took to be a robber!

Lin Fan coughed gently and stepped forward, "Please pay attention, guys. This is robbery time. Please cooperate."

How could people these days be so careless! Even standing right before a group of bandits and they could be chatting as though they had got nothing to fear! This left Lin Fan completely speechless!

Especially Sha Dulong and the other bandits who had hideous and scary faces, one should already be scared witless just by looking at them!

But now that this group of people were acting so nonchalantly, Lin Fan couldn’t take it anymore. Hence, he had to give off gentle hints to remind these guys of the current situation.

Furthermore, with the unique aura that Liu Linfeng was giving off, Lin Fan had a good mind of giving him a good round of training. After all, there were few that he would take an interest in training up.

The moment Lin Fan opened his mouth, Liu Linfeng’s sharp eyes frowned gently, "Get lost! Killing you guys would dirty my sword!"

Just then, Liu Linfeng’s aura expanded rapidly. It emanated around him with a mixture of the Yin and Yang Sword Will. The forest seemed to have frozen still as well in the presence of his aura.

Against this aura, Lei Yifeng and Xing Yueyu, along with the other Zhongdao Sect disciples, felt somewhat uncomfortable as well.

The disciples were cursing within their hearts.

Liu Linfeng was doing this on purpose, repressing them down with his aura. Furthermore, the path of his cultivation was one of the strongest Sword Will in this world.

None of their cultivation bases were as high as Liu Linfeng’s. Therefore, they could naturally not withstand this aura. Beads of sweat were dripping furiously from their forehead, but they could only grit their teeth and hang on.

Taking a step forward, Lei Yifeng stood in between his juniors and Liu Linfeng, as though he was blocking the aura for them.

"Don’t go overboard!" Lei Yifeng warned sternly.

Liu Linfeng glared at Lei Xinfeng, then shrugged his shoulders. He then turned around to Lin Fan and the bandits, "I’ll give you guys three seconds. If you don’t scram within this time, then you bear the consequences on your own."

Liu Linfeng stared at Lin Fan and the bandits as though they were mere ants.

Lin Fan was about to explode by this point. He had not expected this man before him to act so imposingly with a repressing aura. Looking like a girl, Lin Fan could let that pa.s.s. But to think that he would give off such an arrogant aura!

"Insolent! Watch how you’re speaking to my honorable sir!" Sha Dulong took out his saber and barked threateningly.

How dare this man be so insolent in front of Lin Fan! He was just courting death!

Even though Lin Fan himself did not say anything, as his underlings, they could not just sit still and let this pa.s.s by.

Right at that moment, Sha Dulong felt his heart clench. It was as though an aura had locked itself onto his heart, and he froze as though he had fallen into the depths of h.e.l.l.

"Annoying." Liu Linfeng glanced from the side of his eye, dashing with his sword tip pointed towards Sha Dulong at lightspeed.

Sha Dulong was frozen at this point by this. Even though he wanted to dodge, the sword was extremely fast like lightning, and it was as though his body was rooted to the ground and he couldn’t move.

This man struck without giving any warning just because he was displeased.

"Don’t be brazen."

Sha Dulong had thought that he was about to die. But at that very moment, the incoming force stopped. The sword was caught in between two fingers, stopping still in the air.

"That’s good. Since you presented yourself here, then I’ll rob you along with them." Lin Fan said casually. Even though this Liu Linfeng wasn’t weak, he still wasn’t Lin Fan’s match. What a pity!

Liu Linfeng was dumbfounded. He had not expected his sword to be stopped so easily, let alone by just two fingers.


A sword flashed within Liu Linfeng’s pupils. He twisted his wrist, wanting to slice off Lin Fan’s fingers. But no matter how much strength he exerted, his sword refused to budge.

Lei Yifeng stood at one side silently, his heart thumping furiously within. He knew of Liu Linfeng’s strength. In fact, he may not even be a match for Liu Linfeng. Even though he was an irksome guy, Lei Yifeng had to acknowledge his strength nevertheless. But now, this man before him could easily stop Lei Yifeng’s sword, with just two fingers.

This was terrifying!

This difference in strength was like heaven and earth.

Who WAS he? He couldn’t just be any ordinary bandit now.

"You guys better wise up and get your sh*t together! Otherwise, I’ll slice all of you up!" Lin Fan flicked his finger onto the sword tip, sending a vibrating shockwave down into Liu Linfeng’s entire body.

Liu Linfeng stumbled back quickly, his face entirely stupefied. He couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Looking at these guys and their insolent behavior, Lin Fan understood one thing; he had been too kind. If he weren’t fiercer, these guys might really take him for a pushover.

Lin Fan took out his Eternal Ax and slammed it on the ground.

A domineering aura was exerted onto the entire crowd.

With Lin Fan’s outburst, Liu Linfeng started to shudder slightly. That farce he had put on to appear stronger seemed to be breaking down in front of Lin Fan, as his fragile heart took a double take.

"Senior’s strength is extremely powerful. I’m sure you shouldn’t be doing something like this, right?" Lei Yifeng said cautiously. He was extremely alert now. This man’s strength was beyond his expectations.

"What nonsense are you rambling on about! Men on the left, ladies on the right! Hold up both of your hands behind your heads and place all your valuables on the ground before you!" Lin Fan’s aura was exploding by this point. He gave off the perfect impression of a peerless bandit this world had never seen.

Sha Dulong and the other bandits looked at Lin Fan, their looks of shock slowly turning into admiration and awe. This man was the bandit of all bandits! This was the real way one should be conducting a robbery!

Thinking back at how they used to do it…man, they seemed like amateurs now compared to him. With just one single sentence, Lin Fan has managed to shock the entire place, leaving them with nothing to resist against him. Impressive indeed!

"Don’t touch anywhere inappropriate!" Liu Linfeng’s chest was huffing and puffing, somewhat indignant. Looking at this, Lei Yifeng headed up to restrain Liu Linfeng. No one should lose their lives over a moment of impulse!

"Senior Brother…!" Xing Yueyu stood alone at one corner, her face looking terrible as though she could cry at any moment.

"Everyone squat down!" Lin Fan roared.

Everyone squatted down immediately. Xing Yueyu’s tears were br.i.m.m.i.n.g in her eyes. She had not expected things to turn out this way in the expedition.

Before they had even done anything, they were robbed along the way. This was a terrible feeling!

Looking at these once haughty disciples, the fourteen Sand Bandits could not help but grin as well.

‘Look at this. Disciples of a sect, squatting down helplessly….’ They had never seen such a scene for themselves.

"Get to work." Lin Fan flicked his robes, announcing the start of the confiscation exercise.

Lin Fan looked like a ruler upon the ma.s.ses, standing with hands behind his back while looking at these rows of squatting disciples.

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