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The Heaven and Earth Smelt was still burning fierily. However, the Smelt was still under Lin Fan’s control after all. He did not dare to activate its full capacity. If not, he’d be ashes in an instant.

Slowly but surely, his physical body’s temperament was improving with time as well, despite the unbearable pain. But what Lin Fan could not take was the mental turmoil. It wasn’t anything fit for humans to be undergoing.

The spirit belonged to the Yin side, while the power of cultivating from the smelt belonged to the Yang side.

Lin Fan was just waiting to see how long this spirit could endure as well.

The spirit was wailing within his consciousness, but Lin Fan was not any better off. His eyes were burning red, as this pain was truly intolerable.

Lin Fan’s entire body was flushed red as well, with his veins all popping out. His hands were gripped so tightly that his fingernails had dug deep into his palms, dripping blood all over the floor of the smelt. However, due to the heat within the smelt, every drop of blood was instantly evaporated as well.

This pain was unimaginable, one which Lin Fan hoped that he would never have to go through ever again. But he would not have done this if he had not been pushed this far by the spirit. Taking over his body was one thing Lin Fan would never agree to, even if he were to die in this smelt.

"Stop! I’ll stop possessing you! Please, just stop it!" The spirit was frantic by now. It realized that it only had 2/3 of its initial self left. If this were to carry on, it would truly disappear from the face of this Earth.

"Sure, come out then!" Lin Fan huffed heavily. His vision was blurring as well. If this was to continue on much longer, he might not be able to withstand it himself as well.

"Leave this place first. Once we’re outside, I’ll leave you." The spirit was no fool either. There was no way it could just leave Lin Fan’s body here right now.

"Hmph! What if you turn back on your word once we get out? Out you go now!"

‘" Don’t worry, Your Majesty’s words are like gold. I do not make empty promises." The spirit’s voice was grim as well, showing off how bad of a state it was in right now as well.

"Hmph! So, you’re implying that Yours Truly would lie to you as well? Yours Truly is the Peak Master of the 11th Peak of Glory Sect! Would I lie to you?’

"No, once we leave here, Your Majesty will leave you immediately. If I don’t, you can enter back into this place at any time."

Lin Fan was sharp as well. This Heaven and Earth Smelt was not a tool for attacking. The only reason why he could enter this smelt in the first place was because he was its master. If he got out of this smelt and the spirit decided to kill him straight up after leaving his body instead of possessing him, wouldn’t he be dead meat by then?

Lin Fan squinted his eyes and roared, "Yours Truly only discussed it with you out of my kind heartedness! But to think that you would reject my offer? That’s an insult to Yours Truly! Alright then, Yours Truly will drag you down with me even if it means death! We’ll see!"



The power of the smelt rushed through Lin Fan’s body like a tidal wave.

‘Ding…Congratulations on leveling up ‘Eternal Demon Body.’’

‘Ding…‘Eternal Demon Body’ Level 15.’

Even though Eternal Demon Body had leveled up, his physical body state had yet to level up, implying that he wasn’t at his limits just yet.

At the same time, Lin Fan was only activating a small fragment of the Heaven and Earth Smelt’s true power. If he were to increase the power up a tiny notch, he was sure that there would no longer be any screams as they would both turn into ashes.

"We’ll both harm each other! Let’s see who’s afraid of who now! Yours Truly has given you enough face with my preposition. Since you rejected me, let’s both die here!" Lin Fan said cruelly.

The resolute look on Lin Fan’s face did scare the spirit a tiny bit.

It had thought that it was getting a bargain for getting such a fabulous body. To think that things would come down to this.

"Alright, stop. Stop! I give in! I’ll come out!" The spirit was fearful by now. This was a lunatic, a lunatic who chose death rather than letting it possess himself.

Lin Fan was actually really fragile by this point. The mental turmoil was practically driving him nuts. He didn’t even want to lift his finger if he could choose not to. But in front of the spirit, he must still put on a strong front and not let any weakness pa.s.s through.

"Faster!" Lin Fan hollered.

Lin Fan had the upper hand now. If the spirit wanted to continue existing, it had to play by Lin Fan’s rules.

"You have to swear that if Your Majesty were to come out, you cannot go back on your words!" The spirit hesitated. Under the pain of the smelt, it eventually relented with this statement.

"Alright, Yours Truly swears that I will not go against my words!" Lin Fan said with a straight face.

"Alright, Your Majesty shall trust you."

Just then, a puff of black smoke blew out from Lin Fan’s nose as the figure reappeared before Lin Fan.

The figure no longer had the same imposing aura it had before. With the destructive power of the smelt, the figure was only around half the size it initially was.

"In Your Majesty’s entire life, I’ve never met a human who is more hateful than you." The black figure floated there and lamented disappointedly.

Unable to possess this body was the regret of a lifetime for this spirit.

"Hmph." Lin Fan snorted coldly. Lin Fan did not want to say anything more to this spirit. ‘Trying to possess Yours Truly? If I don’t kill you, I swear that I won’t be considered a human anymore.’

"Alright, it’s time for you to fulfill your end of the promise. Let Your Majesty out."

"Sure." Lin Fan laughed coldly and towards the entrance which swung open as he approached. The spirit followed tightly behind him.

But just as the spirit was about to exit as well, the entrance swung back closed, locking it within.

The moment Lin Fan exited the smelt, he collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily in deep breaths. He then took out a fresh set of clothes from his storage and wore them.

"Hmph, you wanna compete with me as to who is more vicious? Yours Truly is 1000 times way more vicious than you can ever be!" Lin Fan continued snorting.

"d.a.m.n you! You went back on your words!" The spirit yelled from within.

"Moron! Based on your intellect, I can tell how you’ve been sealed for 1000 years. What a fool!" Lin Fan said in disdain. Even though this BOSS was powerful, its intellect was pretty low. But then again, the measure of one’s intellect was determined when one was still in one’s mother’s womb. Thus, one could never blame anyone for it.

The spirit screamed at the top of its lungs within the smelt, "You’ll die a horrible death for this! How dare you go against your words!"

"Hmph! Your death is worthy of something. After all, you’re the first person who could push Yours Truly to this state. Take honor in that! However, that’s the end of your path!" After this experience, Lin Fan was even more clear. The world outside was fraught with dangers. If one didn’t have what it took, all one could do was to be pushed around by others.

Lin Fan flicked his robes, hands behind his back and looked at his smelt sternly. Anything that dared to behave so insolent in front of Yours Truly could only deserve one end: disappearing entirely from the world.

"Let me out! I’m the king of spirits!"

"Your Majesty carries the greatest treasure in this world within my body! So long as you let me out, I’ll give you whatever power you seek!"

Gradually, the voice of the spirit began to diminish. Finally, a voice of boundless hatred came out, "You’ll regret this. Your Majesty curses that you meet with a terrible death!"

Listening to the spirit’s curse, Lin Fan was not bothered in the least bit. He finally waved his hands.

‘Heaven and Earth Smelt, smelt.’

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