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By this point, Lin Fan had an urge to cry. Of all things, why did he have to rob others? If he hadn’t robbed anyone, he wouldn’t be in possession of this treasure map, would he?

And now that he was a*s deep in danger. What was he to do?

The aura surrounding the altar was gradually getting stronger as the holy aura around it diminished bit by bit. From within the altar, a black mist began to float out as well.

"Out…Your Majesty is heading out…!" The black mist started taking the shape of a human figure, but there was no physical self as though it was all smoke. From within the figure, a pair of sharp eyes glared at Lin Fan fiercely, causing his heart to thump furiously.

Lin Fan retreated a few steps back, looking at the black figure nervously, "What do you want!"

"Che…che…!" The voice of the mist was cold and dismal, wrecking Lin Fan’s nerves even further.

"You…wait up!" Lin Fan searched in his storage sack frantically, eventually pulling out a token. "Hey, hey! Take a look at this, eh? What’s this? Yours Truly is the Peak Master of the 11th Peak of the world’s greatest sect, Glory Sect! If you dare to try anything funny, I guarantee that you’ll be sure to regret it!"

Lin Fan truly was holding back the urge to cry. To think that he would have to one day flaunt his authority to an evil spirit in the hopes of it being scared off and letting him go.

Just then, Lin Fan realized that the spirit seemed to be taking a slight pause. With this, he gathered up more courage and continued, "Actually, we can be pretty good buddies, you know! Look at you, freshly breaking out from your seal, you must be really unfamiliar with the world right now! With me around, I’ll be sure to get you up to speed real quick! Alright, alright, let us look for a nice teahouse later when we arrive at the city and sit ourselves down for some serious talk about how we should continue with life from there on, shall we?’

By saying this, even Lin Fan felt that he himself was talking like a r.e.t.a.r.d. But of course, he secretly wished that the spirit before him was equally r.e.t.a.r.ded.

But sad to say…he wasn’t.

"Che…cheche. To think that you would have such an ident.i.ty as well. Your body, your everything…Your Majesty wants it all!" The spirit laughed coldly. As though he grew wings, the figure enlarged and swooped towards Lin Fan.

"What! I even gave you so much face, and yet you wouldn’t take it! Do you think that Yours Truly is a weakling to be pushed around!"

Lin Fan turned his fear into rage. Since there was no way of absolving this issue, the only way was to fight it.

Gripping his Eternal Ax tightly, Lin Fan cut down multiple times in the direction of the spirit.

"HAHA! You can’t escape me!" The spirit laughed as it dodged them all. The face that was formed on the figure was extremely predatory. It was very pleased with this pray it had found.

"Tidal Push, thirteen folds!"

Lin Fan was bursting and ready to go. Gathering his True Energy, that palm strike containing thirteen folds strength from Tidal Push flew furiously towards the evil spirit.

Tidal Push was one of Lin Fan’s melee skills, and he had not used it for a long time. But at this life and death junction, he had to give it his all, pushing all his skills towards this thing like a tsunami.

But it was all to no avail. None of them had any effect on the evil spirit.

The pitch-black claw of the spirit swiped through the void right in front of Lin Fan.

‘Ding…Eternal Demon Body. Experience points +500,000.’

"That’s a strong physical body you got there... Not bad, not bad."

As the claw struck Lin Fan, not only did his Eternal Demon Body gain experience, five long wounds appeared across his chest as well. From those five wounds, his blood was beginning to flow out, mixed with the dark aura as though he was infected by it.

Lin Fan was breathing heavily by now, hands clutching his chest as he stared at the evil spirit with caution and rage.

"You have forced my hand." Lin Fan looked at the evil spirit with bloodshot eyes. This was the second time in his life he had felt this helpless. The fighting strength of this evil spirit had way surpa.s.sed Lin Fan’s expectations, way, way, way surpa.s.sed.

As the figure floated above Lin Fan, those eyes on its face let out a look of mockery.

Now, just like one could not constantly pull his hair up to make himself seem taller, one could naturally not kick his b.a.l.l.s with his own legs. But at this juncture, Lin Fan was ready to break that myth. Even though the process would be arduous, it was nothing compared to dying here.

‘b.a.l.l.s Kicking…’

Lin Fan roared, arching his right leg awkwardly towards his crotch area.

Swinging a hook arc with power…

Lin Fan knelt on the floor in agony, feeling surges of pain rising through his body.

"Is that self-mutilation?" The evil spirit encircled Lin Fan, laughing continuously.

Lin Fan bore with the pain and stared at the evil spirit. He then retrieved a Biggra from his storage sack and consumed it.

If it came to viciousness, Lin Fan could be more vicious than anyone else. When he wouldn’t even spare himself the pain of ball kicking, who could compete with him?

Back in Saint Devil Sect, when he had stolen his own peaches, Lin Fan could say that he regretted that. But now that things had come to this, Lin Fan no longer felt the same regret.

If he didn’t kick himself, he’d have to kneel over to this evil spirit.

Compared to his precious life, this pain was nothing.

By now, Lin Fan was going to reach that explosive state he was hoping for.

The moment he consumed the Biggra, he was pretty much hyperventilating. An immense amount of power surged through his entire body, as though he was ready to break through day and night.

"Eh?" The spirit called out in surprise. The man he had taken as an ant was undergoing a change.


Lin Fan’s eyes were flushed red. He waved out the Eternal Ax, and the startling speed caught the evil spirit by surprise as he barely dodged it.

Lin Fan swore that if he still couldn’t defeat the evil spirit with this, he’d acknowledge that this was his fate.

Bearing this immense pain, all he wanted to do was to increase his fighting strength. If this option still failed him, there was nothing else he could do anymore.


The black mist dissipated and reformed into the human figure, but somewhat unstable now. "What did you do exactly?"

Lin Fan was in no state to speak at all. In fact, the pain was so unbearable he was only keeping himself sane just through sheer willpower.

Ax after ax, he swung the blows towards the evil spirit. This explosive strength was about to rip the void apart as the entire hall started vibrating as well.

The spirit’s figure constantly disappeared within the void to dodge.

"Checheche. Even though I do not know what method you used to increase your own strength, a pity it’s still not enough. The voice of the spirit came from all directions.

The look of shock on its face initially had disappeared, as it regained the look of mockery.

His true body had decomposed after these 1000 years. Hence, he was in search of a physical body. This man before him fitted all the requirements he wanted.

"Come, show me your strongest strength! At that moment, your body shall belong to Your Majesty!" The spirit said with a hint of excitement.

Lin Fan was pretty helpless by this point. This spirit was simply too strong. No matter how he tortured himself, there was no way he was going to beat this thing. Seemed like he had kicked his own nuggets for nothing.

Was this the day he was going to perish?

"Big brother, please give me a chance. I will no longer act with so much bullsh*t in the future!" By now, Lin Fan had surrendered. The effects of Ball Kicking were gone. He had also expended all the energy gained from Biggra. He had nothing left.


The figure encompa.s.sed Lin Fan like a cage as streams of black mist and entered Lin Fan’s body through his nose.

If one gazed long enough into the abyss, the abyss would gaze at one as well. The bullsh*tter had finally met with some real sh*t.

‘I’m dead…’

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