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"Senior Brother, we’re leaving just like that?" A disciple asked indignantly.

"What else can we do?" Liu Yiyuan no longer had the haughty att.i.tude he had earlier. He was now scratching his head and sighing furiously. He had not expected things to change as such. He had truly hit a roadblock now.

"Senior Brother, could that be a fake token?"

Listening to this, Liu Yiyuan laughed mockingly, "Would YOU dare to use it if it were given to you?"

The disciple bowed his head down in shame. Indeed, he would never dare to use it. The crime of being an imposter was unforgivable.

No matter what, Liu Yiyuan was an inner sect disciple of Huodao Sect. He could easily tell the difference whether that token was real or fake. At the same time, he need not try again to know that he was definitely unable to match that person’s true strength.

Even though he did not use up all his strength in that palm strike, it was still a powerful strike. As an inner sect disciple, of course, he practiced Huodao Sect’s truest skills. That strike was infused with a flaming molten fire. A n.o.body could definitely not have taken that with such ease.

"Even though the map is now gone, we must still head over to take a look for ourselves." Liu Yiyuan’s purpose this time round was to search for a treasure in an abandoned forbidden ground.

Liu Yiyuan did not know the nature of this treasure. And that was exactly the reason why he was curious about it, because he knew nothing about it.

They had obtained the cow’s skin treasure map under a chance occurrence. Even if Liu Yiyuan wanted to usurp the entire map for himself, it wasn’t possible. After all, ten plus disciples were present at the scene. The only way to do that was to kill all of them and keep the treasure map hidden.

But if he were to do that, before he even got to the treasure, he’d be killed by the sect first.

"Senior Brothers, wait up!" w.a.n.g Hao ran over from far away. He had finally gotten into a sect. How could he give up this golden opportunity just like this?

Liu Yiyuan looked at w.a.n.g Hao from afar, frowning with scorn. "Go, make him scram."

"Yes, Senior Brother." One of the disciples nodded his head.

Even though Huodao Sect wasn’t the grandest sect, it was still in the dreams of many to enter a sect. Therefore, why would they randomly accept a trash? As an inner sect disciple, Liu Yiyuan just happened to be the chief invigilator for the entrance exam. He knew that w.a.n.g Hao came from the Mo City, and it just so happened that Mo City was pretty darn close to the place indicated on the cow’s skin treasure map. Hence, Liu Yiyuan had only wanted to make use of w.a.n.g Hao. After all, traveling out of the sect required expenses as well.

But now that things had come to this, Liu Yiyuan no longer had a use for w.a.n.g Hao.

Mo City…

Lin Fan was ecstatic as he kept the token back into his storage. To think that the plain looking Peak Master token he had thought to be useless turned out to be so useful.

Not only did he rob the other party dry, that guy didn’t even dare to let out a single fart! Amazing!

Lin Fan stood there. Once again, the feeling of being admired by the ma.s.ses was amazing as well.

The heads of the w.a.n.g and Song Families had intended to come and watch the Gong Family’s predicament and jeer them on. But now that things had come to this, the both of them were experiencing turmoil of their own within their hearts now.

They had clearly heard what this man had said. Glory Sect. THAT Glory Sect!

Since when did the Gong Family have such a connection?!? And furthermore, he’s the what? 11th Peak Master or something of Glory Sect? Even though they did not know what it meant, but judging by the looks of how that kid from Huodao Sect was scared s.h.i.tless, they garnered that he must be quite a somebody.

In the end, both heads left quietly on their own. They were starting to fear for their respective futures.

Gong Bingye looked at Lin Fan’s back view and felt a jolt in her heart. In Gong Bingye’s eyes, Lin Fan’s figure seemed to be ever larger right now.

Gong Bingye knew of Glory Sect. That was a supremely huge sect. Even sects were graded by power. If that were the case, comparing Glory Sect and Huodao Sect was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Gong Bingye did not feel like retreating because of the mysterious man’s ident.i.ty. In fact, it made her feel like conquering this man, or perhaps even keep him by her side.

Since ancient times, heroes have always loved beautiful women. And the reverse was also true, as beautiful men would often find themselves attracted to the heroes.

Even if there was no foundation for their feelings right now, there was no fear. After all, feelings could easily blossom as time pa.s.sed.

Lin Fan stood there without moving. He had to let these people in the crowd fully appreciate his masterful appearance. After all, he had no choice but to reveal his ident.i.ty earlier on.

Looking at the fearful look of the ma.s.ses, Lin Fan felt a deep-rooted sense of satisfaction as well.

Lin Fan turned around and looked at w.a.n.g Hu, who was lying on the ground, and he headed to him immediately with a frown. Muttering to himself, he continued, "Seems like the wound is deadly. He is on the brink of death. But do not fear. Yours Truly can naturally guarantee your safety."

Upon hearing this, the crowd looked at one another in amazement. They could definitely tell the severity of w.a.n.g Hu’s wounds. After all, the ground was all filled with blood. Naturally, the wound must have hurt him pretty deep internally.

Lin Fan took out a pill.

This was one of the healing pills Lin Fan had cultivated out of boredom. Naturally, it was of a pretty decent quality, unable to be produced by just anybody.

"This Jiuxue Pill should be able to take care of your wounds." Even though Lin Fan’s voice was not booming, he made sure it was loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear.

Now, amongst those vagrant martial artists mixed within the crowd, some of them had been around and had heard and seen things. So, they had got some sort of inkling as to what this Jiuxue Pill was, and they exclaimed.

"That’s the Jiuxue Pill?"

"What! Isn’t that the mystical pill which could supposedly heal any sort of wounds?!?"

"In the marketplace, a pill like that would be extremely priceless!"

"To think that the pill this man just casually took out would be the Jiuxue Pill!"

Listening to these praises, Lin Fan was ever more elated within his heart. After all, this was the type of stuff he liked to hear from these audiences.

Looking at Lin Fan, those impressive features of Gong Bingye began to soften. At the same time, an inexplicable feeling began to spread through her heart.

The feeling seemed to tell her that the man before her seemed to be…intoxicated within these adorations from the crowd.

Gong Bingye chuckled. She had finally made clear some things she was uncertain of earlier.

"Sir, this is a Jiuxue Pill here. But the Gong Family now has nothing…I’m afraid we can’t afford this." On Gong Bingye’s face revealed a look of distress.

Lin Fan had intended to feed w.a.n.g Hu this pill. But upon listening to Gong Bingye’s words, he hesitated slightly. Could this pill truly be worth this much outside?

Even though the medicinal herbs required for this pill were slightly more than average and some of them were more valuable than others, this pill couldn’t be THAT precious now, could it?

But coming to think of it, he had no way of comparing the prices or knowing about such stuff back in the sect. But, since Gong Bingye had said so, Lin Fan just chuckled with a face of nonchalance.

"Doesn’t matter, it’s just a pill. I can easily cultivate a new one."

He achieved two meanings with this single sentence. Not only did he show off his gracefulness of not caring too much about the Jiuxue Pill, it also told the world that the pill was cultivated by Yours Truly.

Indeed, the moment Lin Fan finished his sentence, the audiences were filled with wows. As though she had confirmed the theory within her head, Gong Bingye revealed a smile as well.

After Lin Fan fed the pill to w.a.n.g Hu, he walked over to Gong Bingye and held her arms.

"Follow Yours Truly inside."

Gong Bingye’s face flushed as her heart thumped like a little deer which had lost its way.

‘Isn’t he being too…hasty? I’m…I’m not ready…!’

The vagrant martial artists in the crowd chuckled as well. Seemed like the Gong Family was going to firm its place in history right at this very moment.

For those vagrant martial artists who knew about the Gong Family’s situation, they shouted with cheers and happiness for the Gong Family.

Indeed, giving birth to a female was no less than a male these days. Gong Family’s deceased head…he gave birth to a good daughter indeed.

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