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But when the crowd looked over, all of them frowned.

Was this guy for real? These were disciples of a sect, not to be trifled with. And he, on the other hand, his appearance was downright outrageous.

A bowl of piping hot soybean milk in one hand, a thick, long, deep-fried oil fritter in the other.

Lin Fan had not expected to find such delicacies within the Xuanhuang World as well. Licking and smacking his lips, he was drowned in reminiscence.

When Gong Bingye looked over at who it was, her heart thumped furiously. It was as though the little raisins on her chest started trembling as well. She had not expected the mysterious man to appear here.

Was he here to help her out?

Liu Yiyuan frowned. Was this guy courting death for disregarding him?!? He then tossed a look over at w.a.n.g Hao.

w.a.n.g Hao nodded, stepping forth with a look of arrogance, "What? Scram aside!"

Lin Fan’s eyelids twitched as he sidestepped w.a.n.g Hao, entirely disregarding the latter’s existence, and walked forth in between Gong Bingye and Liu Yiyuan.

Taking yet another mouthful of soybean milk, he could feel his tummy getting full. He then handed the bowl over to Gong Bingye. "Have you had breakfast? It’d be a pity to waste this half bowl of soybean milk. If you’ve yet to have eaten, you can have this here."

Lin Fan was only teasing her jokingly. After all, he had already drunk more than half of it. Thus, the bowl already had a ton of his saliva.

For any girl, let alone such a peerless beauty, it would be so humiliating to drink up so much of another’s saliva.

"Not yet, thanks." The initially stressed face of Gong Bingye loosened in relief as she took over the bowl from Lin Fan, much to his shock. Her soft, pet.i.te lips touched the bowl ever so gently, with such an alluring mannerism, as she sipped the flavor within slowly.

Lin Fan’s heart took a leap, and he couldn’t help but praise himself. Could Gong Bingye have been attracted by his peerless charisma?

Everyone who was watching was extremely puzzled as well. Just who was this man? He seemed to have a far more than an ordinary relationship with the Gong Family’s mistress.

Gong Bingye was the mistress of the Gong Family, and didn’t head out of the house usually. But now, the Gong Family was in dire straits. Thus, she had to hold the front against the outside world. But even then, there was no way she would just accept the half-eaten food of any random man.

Lin Fan was left thoroughly speechless. His initial plan was to hold it in front of Gong Bingye and wait for her to reject before slurping the remaining soybean milk in one mouthful.

At that time, this c.o.c.ky guy would definitely ask who he was. He would then smash the bowl angrily on the floor before turning to face that guy!

But now that his plan had gone haywire, goodness, where was he to find his tempo now?

Gong Bingye had an idea of her own. Ever since her father pa.s.sed away, the Gong Family was in dire straits. Even if she had to find a companion, she should at least find someone whom she could be attracted to.

Even though this mysterious man’s actions were weird, but at least, Gong Bingye didn’t entirely detest him.

As for the feelings aspect, that could wait. They could slowly groom their feelings over time.

But by the looks of it, this mysterious man was not a l.u.s.tful man, and therefore could not be easily attracted by her gorgeous looks. Thus, she could only work hard on her own to look for a companion.

As the mistress of a big family, whether or not she headed out, she would probably have ended up with someone she had never seen before in her life. Even though she could control her freedom somewhat now, she still couldn’t be so selfish for the sake of the Gong Family.

"Who are you." Liu Yiyuan asked coldly.

"You want some oil fritters? It’s still warm." Lin Fan took his half-eaten oil fritters up to Liu Yiyuan’s face.

"Impudent!" The disciples crowding around Liu Yiyuan had wanted to step up to teach Lin Fan a lesson, but they were stopped by Liu Yiyuan himself.

"I’ll ask you one last time. Who are you." Liu Yiyuan’s eyes flashed violently. This man before him was being way too brazen.

"Oil fritter?" Lin Fan smiled widely, entirely disregarding Liu Yiyuan’s question.

"Audacious moron." Liu Yiyuan was incensed. Covered with a red glow of True Energy, his palm flew towards Lin Fan’s chest.

Direct hit.

Liu Yiyuan let out a cold laugh. But it was gone in an instant as he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

"Aren’t you a little rude, junior?" Lin Fan patted off his chest gently.

All the vagrant martial artists in the crowd were dumbstruck as well. This man was evidently a master. Even though they did not know his cultivation base, they could feel the intense strength of the True Energy in Liu Yiyuan’s palm strike.

Liu Yiyuan’s face turned serious as he stumbled a few steps back. His eyes gleamed. This guy was obviously no weakling to be able to withstand his strike so easily. Everything aside, this was a man he could not match up against.

But Liu Yiyuan was not afraid of this guy. After all, he was a disciple of a sect.

"You seem to have a strong cultivation base, sir. Well, I am an inner sect disciple of the Huodao Sect. If this kind sir truly wants to stand up for this lady, I would implore you to reconsider your choice." Liu Yiyuan said coldly.

Suddenly, a lightning fast palm flew rapidly to Liu Yiyuan’s cheeks.

"Huh? What sect? Could you repeat once more?" Lin Fan placed his palm on his ear and leaned in.

The jaws of the vagrant martial artists in the crowd dropped wide open.

They had not expected this man to strike just because he wasn’t pleased with what he heard. And to think that he humiliated this Huodao Sect disciple using the most humiliating way: a slap across the cheek!

Seemed like the seeds of vengeance were definitely sowed immediately. Liu Yiyuan was an inner sect disciple of the Huodao Sect. Therefore, his position was highly regarded. Now that this man had humiliated such a person, he was definitely in for it!

Liu Yiyuan gritted his teeth and looked at this person. Pointing his finger, he stammered, "You…you…! I…I am an inner sect disciple of Huodao Sect! You dare to…you…! Good! Very good…!"

Lin Fan swept his robes from his shoulders down with both hands repeatedly, looking at this guy in disdain. "Oh! Oh! Huodao Sect inner sect disciple! Oh!"

"YOU…!" Liu Yiyuan stared at him, entirely incensed. The disciples around Liu Yiyuan all stood stupefied at this scene, shocked at what was happening.

"You said you’re an inner sect disciple? What’s there to show off? Eh? What’s this?" Lin Fan said in disgust. He then took out a token and waved it in Liu Yiyuan’s face.

On that simple token was a carving of mountain peaks etched within it. Above those peaks was a single word: ‘Glory’

"Eh? What’s this eh? Eh? Eh?"

"Yours Truly is the Master of Glory Sect’s 11th Peak: Nameless Peak. Goodness, even Yours Truly is embarra.s.sed to take this out to flaunt. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, and a little inner sect disciple of G.o.d knows what pariah Huodao Sect dares to behave so audaciously over here as though you’re truly a somebody!" Lin Fan continued to wave the token in front of Liu Yiyuan so as to allow his dog brain to fully take in this new information.

When Liu Yiyuan saw for himself the carvings and the word on the token, his face turned pale as a sheet. He recognized this token. This was the token that only belonged to a Glory Sect Peak Master. This was printed on the records of every sect out there. And even though Huodao Sect was a sect, compared to Glory Sect, it was practically nothing.

And to think that he had angered a Glory Sect Peak Master…!

Everyone in the crowd was flabbergasted at Lin Fan’s words. Especially at the mentioned of Glory Sect, all of them were in awe. The name rang like thunder in their ears. Who hadn’t heard of Glory Sect! It was a big sect!

Looking at Lin Fan’s back view, Gong Bingye’s expression changed as well. To think that this mysterious man was a disciple of Glory Sect…and a Peak Master at that…! This…!

"SO! WHAT’S A KID LIKE YOU BARKING ABOUT? You wanna bet that even if your Huodao Sect’s Grand Master were to appear before Yours Truly, I’d peel his skin off for you?" Lin Fan did not know what the Huodao Sect Grand Master’s cultivation base was, but anyone could bulls.h.i.t. After all, no one would know the truth anyways.

Liu Yiyuan was stammering speechlessly in front of Lin Fan. That enraged heart of his was now filled with extreme terror.

"Yours Truly does not wish to waste any more of his saliva on someone like you. Now, I’ll hold on to these things on you for safekeeping. You go back and ask your Grand Master to head over to Glory Sect to find Yours Truly. I have a good mind to interrogate him on how he educates his disciples." Lin Fan did not wait for Liu Yiyuan to continue as he ripped the latter off of all his storage rings. He then stretched his hands into Liu Yiyuan’s robes to see if he could find anything valuable.

"Sir…this…!" When Liu Yiyuan saw Lin Fan pull out a treasure map made of cow’s skin, his face changed.

"What this and that! I’ll keep all these. Ask your Grand Master to come retrieve them from me!" One look at Liu Yiyuan’s face and he knew that this was bound to be a goodie. Therefore, he did not give Liu Yiyuan a chance to explain and just confiscated it upright.

"Alright, alright. Move on now. Don’t make Yours Truly get angry." After confiscating the items, Lin Fan waved his hands.

Liu Yiyuan was looking extremely nervous. He wanted to speak up, but looking at who it was, he swallowed his words back inside.


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