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I tried putting the inner thoughts of the MC in italics per a previous suggestion. Might or might not continue doing this.

"What did he say?"

"Garbage, he actually dared to say we're all garbage."

"d.a.m.nit, we are the outer sect examination disciples of the Holy Demon Sect. As long as we pa.s.s the examination we'll be able to become disciples of the outer sect. This mere sandbag dares to speak to us like so, detestable."

"Which one of us isn't a dragon amongst the people and a descendant of n.o.bility. This mere sandbag actually dares to humiliate us like so. Calm down apprentice-brothers, allow me to teach a good lesson to this ignorant fool."

Right now this group of outer sect examination disciples were completely angered. They didn't think that one of the lowliest people in the sect actually dared to talk against them, he was practically seeking death.

And right now after hearing this person's words that attracted so much hatred, those sandbags also all shed tears of grat.i.tude in their heart.

"Big Bro…"



Lin Fan stood there, watching that person who walked towards him, "Kid, you're too presumptuous. Even though I won't take your pathetic life, I'll have you understand that being arrogant is not right."

Even though these outer sect examination disciples hadn't learned the martial arts of the Holy Demon Sect, to the average person their own strength was impressive. Even though it wasn't at the level of cracking metal and splitting stone, they could still smash apart a tree the thickness of a bowl.

"Ah…" This outer sect disciple prepared to teach Lin Fan a good lesson let out an angry shout, his legs took stance and he attacked with full force.


Lin Fan looked at this person in front of him, the corner of his lips revealed a slight smile.


This guy really is a bit better than the guy from before, not bad, not bad.

"Well well, and you guys didn't believe me when I called you guy's trash. Soft and weak, can you try harder." Lin Fan stood there, brushing his chest in contempt.


"Kid, don't be too arrogant, atatatata…." Right now this outer sect examination disciple refused to believe his attacks didn't work.



At this moment, this outer sect examination disciple's hands were shaking. He breathed heavily and sweat was also falling drop by drop from his forehead.

"What's wrong, can't go on?" Lin Fan smiled looking at this guy in front of him. Not bad, not bad, gave over 100 points of experience, even though his attacks at the end were weak and powerless and didn't add much experience, the attacks at the front were still okay.

Right now this outer sect examination disciple lifted his head looking at Lin Fan, there was some disbelief in his eyes. Is this guy made of f.u.c.king steel.

"You…" Seeing this guy before him being so arrogant, this outer sect examination disciple was overwhelmed with indignation, but he couldn't do anything. Afterwards he roared out loud, "Apprentice-brothers, kill him…"

Lin Fan was waiting precisely for this moment, LV5 of the 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 had to depend on the help of these guys. Wonder exactly how many levels this 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 has, right now there's already no feeling when these outer sect examination disciple's. .h.i.t me, if I were to madly level up this 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 to LV100 then wouldn't I be invincible.

"Haha, come on you trash, use all of your strength." Lin Fan laughed out loud, immediately countless fists rained down on Lin Fan's body.

"Kid, don't be too insolent."

"Today we'll have you know our power."





At this time, seeing a guy who didn't even give any more freaking experience when punching him still taking up a spot like he was actually doing something, it instantly made Lin Fan displeased.

This guy was entirely taking up the latrine but not taking a s.h.i.t, afterwards Lin Fan kicked him aside while he was caught off guard and made room for other people.

Looking at the experience of the 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 constantly soaring up, Lin Fan's heart was very ecstatic. Sure enough, with more people the experience also rose faster.

Seeing Lin Fan being beaten by a group of people, those sandbags in the surrounding slumped down on the ground were also extremely grateful in their heart.

"Big Bro, go in peace, we'll definitely regularly think of you after you die."

"Sob Sob… How come I feel like crying so much from watching, from now on you're our Big Bro."

Right now the outer sect examination disciples were vigorously beating Lin Fan, every punch was full of strength.

"Kid, who told you to be arrogant, today we'll beat you until you beg on your knees."

"Hmph, dare to talk against us, if we don't teach you a good lesson today you really won't know the immensity of heaven and earth."

Right now to absorb force even better, Lin Fan lied down directly on the ground with his face facing down. Based on Lin Fan's justification, regardless of toes or fingers, as long as he received a strong enough attack it would all be able to increase experience.

Soon… Soon.


There's still 150 points of experience, please don't fail me.

In regards to after advancing to LV5, wonder if the attack of these guys can still add experience for the 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》.

Originally at LV1, these outer sect examination disciples could all give me 10 points of experience with every hit. With the increase of the level, the experience also became smaller and smaller. After reaching LV4 it was just straight up increasing by 1-2 points, sometimes there was even no f.u.c.king experience. Looks like after this level rises up I'll have to change methods.

"Holy s.h.i.t… Who kicked my a.s.shole…"

"Hey, don't go too far or else I'll turn on you."


"Ding… 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》levelled up to LV5."

"Ding, satisfied activation condition for The Strongest Upgrade System, entering adjustment mode, will fall unconscious for 24 hours."




"Entering unconscious state, The Strongest Upgrade System conducting full activation mode."

At this moment Lin Fan was completely unconscious, Lin Fan was really looking forward to The Strongest Upgrade System's features after fully activating.

Right now on the scene, the outer sect examination disciples were already dead tired. They were very angry at this sandbag who dared to provoke them, presumably he was probably already dead by now.

"Everybody stop, I think this guy's dead."

At this time a relatively muscular outer sect examination disciple shouted red-faced with sweat dripping down from his forehead.

"Huh, he's not moving, I think he really is dead."

"Even a bull probably wouldn't be able to stand all of this."

Right now a disciple went forward feeling for Lin Fan's breath at his nose and immediately exclaimed, "Huh, he's still breathing, he's not dead."

"Is this guy a monster, not even dead like this."

"Hmph, it's getting late, three days later is the outer sect examination. We still need train properly and go all out."

"Let's go…"

When these outer sect examination disciples left the training ground, those sandbags who were hiding far away the whole time hurriedly walked over.

"Hurry up and carry Big Bro back to heal."

"Big Bro is a true man, I Dog b.a.l.l.s the 2nd have never admired anyone in my life, only this Big Bro of mine."

"What can these outer sect examination disciple's do, they still have to attack in a group to be able to defeat Big Bro."

"Big Bro has definitely trained the 《t.i.tanium Demon Body》 to the third level, those prodigies of the outer sect are nothing more than so."

"Cut the c.r.a.p, hurry up and take Big Bro back."

"Right, you've got to hold on Big Bro…"


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