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Next Day…

Lin Fan rose pretty early in the morning and brought Sha Dulong and the other bandits along to shop for necessities. The journey was going to be a long one, and he did not wish to be in a situation where they lacked anything.

Coming out of the sect to train was one thing. But to starve themselves despite being able to afford it financially? That was batsh*t insane.

No matter what sort of conditions one lived in, one would always seek to improve their quality of life.

And now, Lin Fan had an important task at hand. He had to look for Gong Bingye for a good talk, to enquire where she retrieved the Supreme Being Token shard from.

Gong Family…

Gong Bingye had fainted for an entire night. After she woke up, she was even more infuriated as she recalled what had happened.

That pure, chaste body of hers had been defiled just like that! And not only that, after enjoying the curves of her body, the other party still dared to deny any wrongdoing! She was about to explode from the indignance of it all.

Early in the morning, Gong Bingye washed up. She was indeed beautiful, like a lotus flower breaking through the water surface. Lifting her long, black fringe, she looked at her beautiful face in the bronze mirror. Stretching her jade, smooth hands, she gently caressed that captivating face of hers.

The burden of the entire family hung on Gong Bingye’s shoulders, and it was sometimes so heavy she could barely breathe. She too had hoped to be able to find a companion to lean on, but she could never do it.

‘What a detestable man.’ Looking at her fragile self within the mirror, Gong Bingye took a deep breath. Her face looked resolute once more as she pushed open the doors of the house, facing the new stress this new day would bring about.

w.a.n.g Hu was the leader of the black soldiers, and at the same time, chief housekeeper of the Gong Family. Even though his position was relatively high, he did not slack around. For the sake of the Gong Family’s rise once more, he too worked hard from dawn to dusk daily without a single break.

w.a.n.g Hu’s family had always been the chief housekeepers of the Gong Family. Therefore, now that it was his generation, he too had to upkeep their honor of serving the Gong Family for their lives.

With the death of the Gong Family’s head in the death desert, there was no one strong to hold the fort. As such, the other two families were taking advantage of it to push forward their own powers. Therefore, w.a.n.g Hu knew that he had a heavy responsibility to contribute to the Gong Family as well.

The Gong Family’s mistress was just a young maiden. By right, she should be enjoying her carefree life just like any other youth at her age. But for the sake of the Gong Family, she was always busy as well without any time for herself.

"Mistress, it’s not good! Many disciples of the sects have come by Mo City and they are currently lowballing our six beasts at our shopfront in the marketplace!" w.a.n.g Hu shouted as he rushed over hurriedly from the marketplace.

This was a serious matter to w.a.n.g Hu. Even though some of these disciples may not have a high cultivation base, they had various sects as their backing. If one were to offend them, who knew what sort of consequences would there be?

"Are they disciples of Glory Sect?" Gong Bingye frowned. Mo City was just a small city, unlike some of the major ones. Therefore, disciples of other sects would rarely come across this place. The only people Mo City attracted were various random and vagrant martial artists.

Even though these martial artists did not have a high cultivation base, they gravely required these postcelestial beasts for their own varying purposes.

"No, they aren’t. From the looks of it, there’s a fire emblem embossed on their clothing." Even though w.a.n.g Hu was the chief housekeeper of the Gong Family, his knowledge of the outside world was limited. After all, he had only lived within Mo City for most of his life. Therefore, he had hardly seen any other disciples from other sects.

"Let’s go take a look." The thing that Gong Bingye feared most was disciples from other sects causing trouble for them at the Gong Family’s shop. After all, they could not afford to offend these guys.

From Gong Bingye’s perspective, these sects were major players in the world, with extremely strong capabilities. Even if they were to send a single man, that man could alone annihilate the entire Gong Family.

And now that things had come to this, if they could bear with it, Gong Bingye would rather take a step back and endure it. Back when her father was alive, she did not know how he would deal with these matters. Therefore, now that it was up to her, she could only face it herself.

Gong Family’s shopfront…

A sizeable crowd had gathered in front of their shopfront. And right at the entrance, a group of men clad in white with a fire emblem on their clothing were bellowing arrogantly.

"It’s your Gong Family’s good fortune that I have my sight on these six beasts! You guys had better know what’s good for you and make do with this amount of money!" shouted one of the men within the group. He had a fire emblem etched in the middle of his forehead, and his eyes were thin and long as he raised his head arrogantly.

The shopkeeper’s face was extremely troubled. These guys were definitely out to make things difficult for him. After all, how could they expect to take all six beasts with just this amount of money!

Lord w.a.n.g had gone to look for the mistress. Why wasn’t he back yet!

"Shopkeeper Liu, my senior has already spoken up. You dare to defy him? After all, I’m a resident of Mo City. Naturally, I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt because of your defiance. You know that, right?" A man who was standing beside the haughty man with a fire emblem spoke up.

This man was the Young Master of the w.a.n.g Family within Mo City. He had joined a recruitment exercise sometime earlier. He had not expected himself to get lucky and be spotted by a sect to be taken in as an outer sect disciple.

To him, this was a great fortune that had fallen upon him from the skies. He did not understand how he could have been chosen. After all, he knew for a fact that his cultivation base was low and his innate potential was also not that high.

But eventually, since he couldn’t figure it out, he convinced himself by telling him that the sect had a keen eye for talents.

"Senior Brother Liu, let me do the communicating over here. These common peasants here do not understand the strength of Senior Brother Liu. Please let me educate them." w.a.n.g Hao said excitedly, hoping to please his Senior Brother.

Of course, as a new member of the sect, there should have been no way w.a.n.g Hao could have known any Senior Brothers or anything of the likes. But somehow, this Senior Brother managed to get his sight upon w.a.n.g Hao. Furthermore, he even proclaimed them to be good friends, and said that he would accompany w.a.n.g Hao on a trip to the Mo City. w.a.n.g Hao could not have wished for anything better. Hence, he agreed immediately. He then hurriedly planned an itinerary and headed back quickly to Mo City.

"Yes." Liu Yiyuan nodded his head.

He wasn’t too interested in these six beasts actually. But he was in the midst of training up a certain skill which would receive a huge boost with the help of the essence blood of these six beasts.

"Shopkeeper Liu, this is my Senior Brother. He is an inner sect disciple of the Huodao Sect. If you do not wish for anything untoward to happen to the Gong Family, it would be wise of you to accede to his requests. Otherwise, I do not dare to guarantee your safeties." w.a.n.g Hao said threateningly.

"Young Master w.a.n.g, I cannot make the decision regarding this! Our mistress is coming. Please discuss it with her!" Shopkeeper Liu held his stand.

"Gong Bingye?" The moment w.a.n.g Hao heard about the Gong Family’s mistress, his eyes glinted with thirst. Regarding Gong Bingye, he had long set his sights on her l.u.s.tfully. But back then, the Gong Family’s strength was way too strong. Especially when their previous head was alive, there was no way he would have dared to do anything to her. But now, things were different. He was now an outer sect disciple of a sect! Perhaps it was even time for Gong Bingye to look up to him!

Recalling Gong Bingye’s captivating features, w.a.n.g Hao was getting excited. But suddenly, w.a.n.g Hao froze. This Senior Brother of his was well known for his thirsty l.u.s.t towards girls. What if he was to take a liking to her upon her arrival?

He had just joined the sect as an outer sect disciple. How would he dare to s.n.a.t.c.h his Senior Brother’s woman?

w.a.n.g Hao thought about it, but sighed reluctantly in the end. After all, his future was more important than a mere woman.

Liu Yiyuan stood at a side, smiling evilly.

Regarding these ant-like peasants, he could not give a sh*t. Everything he was doing now was just child’s play after all.

"Gong Family’s Mistress is here!"

A voice shouted from within the crowd.

As to the Gong Family’s predicament, these guys were at a loss as well.

After all, not a single one of them could afford to offend disciples of a sect for the Gong Family …

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